Nail’s Eden @ Midpoint Orchard

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Be prepared to spend $66 onwards
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  • Average skills
  • Friendly Therapists
  • No hardselling
  • Tea might be served during off-peak periods


  • Place is a little small and dimly lit

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August 28, 2013

The waxing was sloppy

HORRID, and no, I’m not exaggerating!

they had advertised a special groupon waxing voucher at a decent price so I bought it.

called in advance to book the appointment. After much negotiation, they were able to give a date 2 weeks from my call. also mentioned that they donot have a waxing bed, so it would be in a lounging chair. i figured a lounging chair should be ok so I said yes.

I reach there and discover that this supposed lounge chair is literally in the middle of their TINY storage room where they keep all their mani/pedi/waxing ingredients.

The whole experience was immensely awkward with barely enough place to move even! The waxing was sloppy at best, with me having to point out several missed spots , leftover wax areas.

The girl doing my waxing was flexing in all odd corners to try to reach my arms and legs.

When I told the shop about the problem, they’re like the voucher is valid for another 4 months and our waxing room will only be avaialble 2 months from now, so come back later.

Such terrible service! They should clearly mention these limitations when advertising the voucher. Never again!


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December 07, 2012

Skills wise is so so

went to do my nails there couple of months ago.. I get to know them from groupon.. when I reach there on time , am kind of disapointed because they told me there isn't space for me because one of the customer was late and hence I have to wait for 1/2hr . they could improve their door.. instead of sliding they should make it push/pull. in the end one of the manicurist was friendly and chit chat with me to make me cool down. Skills wise is so so. I bought a package there will go back and do like next week ? Will update if their service did improve or not. (:


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January 21, 2011

Nail’s Eden – Singapore Top Nail Painting Services

Sitting inside the shop – Nail’s Eden, the dim lightings, soft music and the cosy environment really make me relax, able to peace out my mind from my hectic schedule. The pretty shop owner treats me nicely, despite first time meeting me, treating me with drinks and pastries.I sat behind the scene, escape from views of the customers. I’m able to clearly hear their conversations, gossiping with news and the latest trend in town. There were a total of 4 beauticians working tonight, excluding the lady boss. They gave me a kind of “happy family” feeling, which makes me want to come back more often if I’m their customers.The beauticians would serve warm tea, chat and make sure the customers have a unique scene of belonging as part of this “happy family”. No wonder this is the only shop that are still operating at this hour (it’s 11:01pm)!


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