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  • Friendly helpful therapists who give great service!
  • Emphasis on using healthy, non-toxic beauty and nail products including Scotch Naturals, Mavala, Maria Galland, SukiSpa, Luzern laboratories
  • No-Machine, No-Steaming Facials
  • Their quality products are generously applied (no scrimping!)
  • All-inclusive rack prices
  • Spacious comfortable place


  • It is not very convenient to get to Upper Thomson
  • As seats and nail therapists are limited, it is difficult to hold a group nail party here
  • Not all therapists are fluent in English

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Loving It


November 27, 2014

Extremely unhappy!

Extremely unhappy!

I bought a groupon voucher for 3 times mani/pedi and have gone twice. Am trying to space the sessions out more widely as I am currently pregnant and it may not be ideal to go for nail services so frequently. The only reason why I chose this salon in the first place was because they claim their products to be pregnant-friendly. Called to ask if I could redeem my last session with them but staff was very inflexible and insisted that the expiry date has passed. She requested that I wrote in formally to the management to seek approval for an extension. My point is, if the company is so inflexible in extending the deadline for customers, the basic courtesy is to call up customers who have balance sessions left to remind them that they have to redeem their sessions before they get forfeited. Feel really short changed and angry now because I have paid $72 for 3 sessions but now it is equivalent to $36 for 1 session, which is much more expensive that other groupon deals out there. The price paid is totally not worth it given the location of the salon and its old and tired-looking facade and equipment.

The company should reflect on its service and attitude towards customers.


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Missy A

April 12, 2013

Very detailed manicurist

Visited Nourish Naturally outlet at River Valley recently. It is part of a hair salon and along river valley. If you drive, you can park outside the salon or take a bus - the bus stop is right in front but no train station nearby.

The service was ok. I opted for a full manicure topped up for gelish and baby touch pedicure. I found the service was good and the therapist Valerie was very detailed enough. The service was slightly longer than what i have expected perhaps due to my request. Color range was ok though i thought could be more.

Would i go away? Not sure yet - as i personally prefer a stand alone manicure / pedicure shop. It was a bit noisy for me (with the chatting from the salon patrons and noise from hair blowing / washing). But the prices are reasonable so i might still visit again...I paid $90 in all for everything including manicure + gelish top up + pedicure.


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Blog Review

August 10, 2011

Love the colours!

finally found time to use the Groupon deal that baby bought for me way back in Feb :X

booked the appointment to be after exams so that it can be a thorough pampering 

the place was kinda far though :/
for someone living in the west going all the way to upper thomson for mani & pedi~
got to take 2 different buses and about 45min on the road to get me there

i was the only customer this evening 
got the whole place to myself! hehe~
love the long windows that allow a wide view to the outside 

Jasmine started with my feet 

choosing colour!
its always hard for me to decide what colour i wanted
& i tend to go towards the safe colours like red, nude etc – BORING!

no more pictures for the next hour after this cause Val came to do my hands at the same time
i got the whole place + 2 staffs tending to me, bliss or what? lols

did exfoliating and had massages on my arms and legs 
love the organic vanilla soya lotion Val used on me!
i still smell of vanilla now. lols
& it was my first time doing paraffin treatment
was amused by the hot wax and they were amazed with my high threshold of pain. hahas
anyways, the treatment was shiok to the max! ^^
wanna do it again but the original price for this treatment is $106 :/
like abit too expensive hor?

asked Val to help me recommend colours for my nails and we settle for purple themes 

matt purple toes~

& shimmery purple nails 

love the colours!
Val is super nice and i am kinda tempted with the packages they offer :p hehe~

maybe for the next nail colour, i will go for green ^^


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Blog Review

April 01, 2011

Overall it is quite a good experience

Just last week, I went to Nourish Naturally which was located along Upper Thomson Road for a full manicure and pedicure session that uses Mavala products. (Ling had bought it through Cozycot spree some time back but last minute her mum could not make it so I went on her behalf..Thanks Aunt~)

Ling had described the location of the shop to me so I roughly know where it was located.. just a short walking distance from Long House Food Court. (When I reached the place, I realised it was just a stone throw away from my favourite ice-cream parlour- Icekimo where one can find homemade ice cream in local flavours such as Teh Tarik and Bandung ..Oppss.. better don’t digress!)

Nourish Naturally was just a small shop space located on the 2nd level as shown in the above picture..

The staff were very friendly without doing any hard selling of products/services.. They were telling us that they were so busy lately as many customers had bought full mani/pedi session from Groupon spree.. The response was overwhelming that that cannot meet the demand, meaning customers may have difficulties booking their appointments.

Nourish Naturally uses mainly Mavala products as the staff told me that it is what makes them unique; Mavala nail formulas are developed without toluene, camphor, added nickel..and Mavala hands and foot care programme is based on natural ingredients. (but they do carry OPI nail polishes on their shelves due to demand/request.)

My nails were short so I did not opt for those striking reds… and in the end, I chose these 2 colors…

Overall it is quite a good experience and the staff (Lynn and Valerie) were friendly and experienced. $24 for full mani/pedi at Nourish Naturally is very worth it! Ok, next time if you see Nourish Naturally having full medi/pedi promotions for first-time customers, can try coz its definitely worth your moolah.. (The usual price of their full pedicure itself is $38, 6 sessions for $180)


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Blog Review

September 16, 2010

I found a new beauty spot that is totally awesome

I found a new beauty spot that is totally awesome! Thanks to Joanie!
It’s Nourish Naturally and it’s at the nice quaint row of shop houses along Thomson (before Thomson Plaza). And as the name suggests, they have a great range of natural and organic products and beauty treatments for some serious pampering time. If you have a “no-nasty” approach to your beauty products, you’ll be happy to find out that they use tons of organic, paraben-free, and SLS-free. Even for their manicure and pedicure, you can opt for non-toxic range from Mavala which is free from Tolueue, Formaldehyde, and Dibutyl Phalate, Collophane, Camphor, Parabens and animal ingredients, all of which could be harmful to our health (they do have the normal options like OPI too).

Joanie brought me there for the awesome luxurious pedicure with special treatment from the Organic Spa range that not only smells so damn divine (I was kinda salivating cos it smells good enough for me to eat it), but it left my super dry, parched and scaly legs soft and totally hydrated. And the result is pretty long-lasting cos even after I showered, my legs still feel very hydrated (and yes, I did wash properly okay!). And the place is lovely too cos it’s on the top floor of the 2-storey shop house with a big glass window you can look out. It’s a perfect place for a girlie catch-up.

And Joanie swears by their facials, which uses Maria Galland product. The first time she had her facial done, she was so impressed that she texted me immediately saying “I just had facial and OMG, I’m seriously glowing”…haha…looks like their facial is the next thing I’m gonna try…but that day, I bought some kick-ass beauty serum from them and it’s called the Jyunka Miracle Fluid (only distributed and sold in beauty salon but it’s developed in Japan). I’ve kinda read about it in some Hong Kong magazine but never got to try it until now. It costs a bomb (argh!!!) but you use only ONE teeny drop each time and it’s a pure vitamin C cocktail that works on giving you glowing supple skin, reducing wrinkles and spots. Joanie swears by it too and I did read some raving reviews about it before, so I relented and bought one. I’ll write about it a little later cos I’ve only been using it for about a little more than a week. So far so good…great potential I must say…Click here to check it out

Anyway, Nourish Naturally is definitely worth checking out for all the beauty buffs out there! You’ll love it as much as I do…Click here to find out more….And NO, I’m not paid to write this…I truly like that place!


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