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Want to get your Korean style fix after work but can't find a decent Korean stylist in the CBD area?

We found just the right salon for you in Icon Village!

Located just 2 minutes away from Tanjong Pagar MRT, On Hair Korean Hair Salon is founded by one of our favourite Korean hairstylists of all time: Justin. Highly demanded back at his previous salon, Justin is all-round Korean stylist who is really good with Perms, Volume Rebonding, Korean-style haircuts, and even hair colours

Knowing how little time we Singaporean ladies have for maintenance, he is always looking to help customers design hairstyles that don't just look good - they are easy to manage as well.

That's the reason why he calls this salon On Hair. His vision: to help ladies in Singapore achieve effortlessly chic hairstyles that look on point, all the time.

He is not working alone though. Justin recruited the gorgeous and highly talented Chloe Jung, a rising star stylist from a celebrity salon back in Seoul. Chloe has styled for numerous models who has walked down the runway for Louis Vuitton, Prada and Fashion Week back in Seoul. In fact, she even had experience doing makeup and styling for celebrities as well.

That explains why Chloe has such a good sense of the newest Korean trends and a reason why her perms and colours have been really well received in Singapore as well.

Beyond stylist skill, we love how service here feel particularly personal compared to most other Korean salons. There are only 2 Korean stylists here (no assistants) so you'd be happy to note that they will attend to you from start to finish without throwing you to someone else. As they dedicate sufficient time to you, the eventual hairstyle also tend to exceed expectations as they are able to focus their attention solely on you.

To add the icing on the cake, Justin has even procured the LG styler to keep your clothes fresh while you get your hair done as well as a special seat recliner for hair wash to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Despite its premium location, strong stylist skill and personalised service, prices here are surprisingly reasonable with perms+haircut prices below $400.

Add length (Med) - $30 Add length (Long) - $60


  • Anchored by highly skilled and experienced Korean hairstylists Justin and Chloe
  • Justin especially has been in Singapore for many years and hence understood Singapore styles really well
  • The same stylist will attend to you from start to finish
  • The founder has even specially procured a LG Styler to keep your clothes looking fresh
  • Exclusive promotions make prices here value-for-money
  • Conveniently located near Tanjong Pagar MRT
  • Cheap $3.21 per-entry parking after 5pm


  • There are only 2 stylists stationed here now so you should book early to avoid disappointment
  • Regular prices are a little high for haircut-only services
  • Prices for perms here do not include haircut

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