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Be prepared to spend $20 onwards
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  • Use of organic hair products
  • Discounted deals available online
  • Great ambience
  • Friendly hairstylists


  • Organic hair products used may not be suitable for everyone
  • A little hardselling is observed
  • Quite a bit of surcharges added on their coupon deals!

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Loving It

Dianna Olivia Lim

November 30, 2017


He is soft spoken with good skills. Chinese origin guy. What is missing is the element of Code of Ethics! I asked for perming and checked the price before confirming my appointment. I ended-up with a string of service charges, very detailed on items I was not told. Puk! He broke a bottle on my scalp, another one on my hair... more and more. Not enough! He start with my shoulder massage said is Lymph drainage! In a hurry to flush dry my package balance: from $1163 now left $663.00 Not forgetting I paid $50 cash for the 2 tiny unknown tonic!

What is missing is the Code of Ethics!

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August 19, 2015

Wouldn't recommend my friends

I brought my mom to trim her short hair at Organic Professional at Kent Ridge.

As a local, based on their standard, salon image and hairdresser, we can judge how much we can expect to spend. She was approached by a young hairdresser, without telling haircut price, he proceed to cut my mom hair, fine. Based on their website and base on my judgment , I expected to pay $30+..

After he washed her hair, he applied a hair treatment on her scalp without asking if she wanted the treatment or even checking if she might be allergic to it! Hair cut soso, anyway just a trim, and cant expect much for this kind of salon. TO MY SHOCK, , he charged $45 and receipt stated LONG HAIR. At first I didn't want to be fussy over the additional $10. .I called the salon, this is what they replied,

Sorry we have increased price 1 to 2 weeks ago. The price is not updated yet. Sorry. U meant that my hairdresser never tell u the price before hand? Opps sorry. U meant receipt stated long hair and your mom hair is short? Opps sorry. U want we give u $5 voucher.

I called to give feedback not beg. I'm not even sure if the price change is real since your cash machine is not updated with the new price! Even I go hawker, they not only displayed price, they asked whether big or small bowl and made the pricing very clear.

Wouldn't recommend my friends to come here.

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October 27, 2014

The result is a disaster

Please don't ever try cutting your hair in this salon. I went to cut my fringe at the Kovan outlet this evening. I told the hair dresser that I don't my fringe to be too short and straight and she proceeded with cutting. The result is a DISASTER. It took less than 2 minutes and she did not even check if the fringe is properly cut. I was kind of upset that my fringe is so short, one inch above my eyebrows level and I don't dare to ask her to continue trimming. During that few minutes, she kept emphasizing that I have oily scalp. She used the machine in the salon to show me how bad my hair follicles are. Then she tried to sell me their treatment package. I told her that I was in a rush and went off. During the dinner, my friends asked if I cut the fringe by myself. They commented that it's badly cut. So crooked and looks weird and untidy.

Arrgh. . I've to live with this hairstyle for at least the next couple of weeks, till my hair grows longer.. it's already too short to be trimmed by another stylist..

I regretted stepping into this salon. The hair dresser is too unprofessional.


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Blog Review

September 09, 2014

Scalp and hair treatment at Organic Hair Professional

It's been 6 months since I did my last hair treatment, and I tried the scalp and hair treatment at Organic Hair Professional. Haha.. No photos for this post as I forgot to take photos lol..The scalp treatment is really quite comfortable and I think it's quite worth the money. The hairdresser will first use the Pear Wood Exfoliating Gel to exfoliate the dead skin cells, dandruff etc. on the scalp. I thought this is quite a good product as I felt my scalp quite clean after using it. Next, the hairdresser will use the scalp care shampoo to shampoo my hair with some massage on the scalp. Scalp felt cool and refreshing and I felt so comfortable with the scalp massage. After that, the hairdresser will rinse off the shampoo on my hair.Third step, the hairdresser will spray oxygen and hair tonic onto my scalp with some more scalp massage. I enjoyed the scalp massage, it's so comfortable. Then, I will have to wait for 15 mins before washing it off. While waiting, the hairdresser gave me a neck and shoulder massage which was again, so comfortable.

Last step of the scalp treatment is applying this hair tonic onto the scalp. I have bought this hair tonic before, it is very expensive but it didn't help much with my hair thinning problem.For the hair treatment, the hairdresser will first apply protein cream on my hair and use the nanomist machine to spray some distilled water mist on my hair to give my hair moisture. Then, I will have to wait for around 15 mins before rinsing.After blowing dry my hair, the treatment is done! The scalp and hair treatment took me 1.5 hours. In my opinion, I love the scalp treatment much more than the hair treatment. I felt my scalp cleaner and more refreshed after doing the scalp treatment, but I do not find my hair smoother or more moisturized after the hair treatment. Most importantly, the scalp treatment includes massages which makes me so comfortable!

For my hair length, I spent a total of $198 for the scalp treatment and the hair treatment. If both treatments were done separately, the scalp treatment cost $108 while the hair treatment cost $150.If you have experienced any nice hair/scalp treatment at any salon, please let me know! I wanna try them out! Hopefully, I'm able to find a treatment that is really useful in solving my hair thinning problem.


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Blog Review

October 07, 2012

It was an awful experience


I have not coloured my hair since last year, because of the damage that I think it would do to my hair as my hair ends are already quite dry. However, since I was sick of the ever-accumulating grey hair and with an upcoming wedding dinner this month, I decided to opt for an organic dye job.
Organic Hair Professional salon was my #1 choice as I have seen it around and while surfing for the address online, I chanced upon a good deal on Qoo10. $48 for haircut and colour, just the one I need.

I redeemed the coupon the next day upon purchase and the whole job took 2.5hours even though on the e-ticket, it was stated as 90minutes. I added an additional $20 due to one of the clause stated in the e-ticket that if I want to cut it under a certain length, an additional charge applies.

The salon design is common, with black as the main colour. There were 2 kinds of seats, one which faces a full-length mirror and another one which has a table. I was directed to the one with a full-length mirror which has a small side table that has to be shared with the person sitting beside me. Imagine a small table to be shared with 2 persons, with bags, spectacles, drinks and magazines. How silly!

In the end, due to the inconvenience, I only manage to read 1 magazine as the guy beside me placed his spectacles on top of the stack of magazines.

The senior stylist, Kiss is from China and is approachable, friendly, talkative and uses lots of realistic examples in answering my questions. For the very first time, I was told that my scalp is sensitive and red, as well as experiencing a mild case of hair loss even though I have healthy thick hair. It sounds contradicting to me.
He took an effort to show my scalp using their salon’s hair machine but the picture is not very clear, though it does show that my follicles are clogged which could be the reason for the hair loss. ( I attribute it to the Yadah Shampoo )

He recommended that I blow-dry my hair everyday, instead of letting it air-dry as wet hair breeds bacteria which may lead to clogged follicles. I am not used to blow-drying my hair everyday but perhaps for the sake of the health of my hair, I may attempt to try and see if there’s any improvement.

I was served a pack of mineral water, only after an hour in the salon which was abit long, I felt. I don’t get a choice but its better than none.
I actually forgotten about asking for the brand of the organic colour dye, however Kiss kept emphasizing on their products using organic certified ingredients, for at least 3 times, even though he was not able to share the % of organic ingredients in the hair dye job, just that its ammonia-free and less drying.

By using organic hair dye which contains as few parabens and harsh chemicals as possible, as well as being formulated from a naturally derived basei, it does not contain ammonia, hence the hair isn’t left feeling brittle and dry, and the scalp doesn’t feel irritated and sore.

And because I wanted a colour to cover the greys, darker colour was recommended to me. I suddenly felt like an auntie. Its the first time that I stepped into a salon to get my greys covered. I personally felt that the end result was quite black and looked abit unnatural, almost like Faye Wong in one of her shampoo hair ads. No doubt the hair feel silky smooth and shiny but I wished that the colour can be slightly lighter instead of being so dark.

And the hair dye stings badly. I don’t get that kind of sting on normal colour dye but then again, it could also be because I have a sensitive scalp that day. Kiss used too much strength on my hair too, from the way he coloured my hair to washing the hair.

The tea-tree shampoo he used on my hair was minty and sting too. 6 hours later, after the sting from the hair colour and the shampoo, I could feel that my scalp is sensitive and raw than before the salon job. Then again, the fault could be really due to my sensitive scalp. Still, it was not a pleasant experience.

There is no hard-selling though Kiss did try to recommend shampoo and conditioner to me however he just back off once I decline his offer.

The haircut wasn’t that fantastic, just medicore and because my hair is a glossy black, it looks thick and unnatural, at least in my opinion. However, I like that it covers my greys quite well, I just dislike the sting it comes with it.

The biggest peeve I have, is that I have a difficult time shampoo-ing my hair, because when its wet, my hair is just hard and with lots of kinks. It is like a clump of cheesy pasta that clumps together. I don’t understand why as I have never experience anything like that before. The shampoo goes into the hair but I cannot wash it cleanly, like normal. The kinks and the hardness get into the way. You feel like pulling more hair as you tried to wash the hair. That resulted in big dandruffs on the first day after the dye job because I believe it was the result of the shampoo still being in the hair. It was just horrible. Terrible. Disgusting.

For the next few days, I tried washing it with more water, adding on more conditioner. It was slightly better during shampoo-ing but the kinks and hardness never go off. I dread shampoo-ing every single day. It was like a tug-o-war with my hair because I need to use more strength to get rid of all the shampoo residue from the hair, yet wet hair is at its most brittle stage so it dropped more easily.

I have read several good reviews on Q0010 before proceeding for the deal. However to me, it was an awful experience, to say the least.
On dry hair, it is very soft and shiny. Very slight kinks at the ends but no hardness. My fingers can run through my hair easily, until the ends.

While I really like the idea of a hair salon which uses organic ingredients, it just doesn’t seem to work well on my hair. Its been more than a week but I have yet to see an improvement on my hair. I dread shampoo-ing. Really. First time in my life.


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I am in same situation - gray hairs + sensitive scalp and thought of dropping by Organic Prof for color but after reading your review, think i better not

Sep 28, 2013


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