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  • Good nail painting skills
  • Refreshing Nail art
  • Friendly nail therapists
  • Affordable nail services


  • English is slightly accented

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September 06, 2013

Really rough process

I was at Passion Nails for gelish removal yesterday and I did not have a good experience with the salon. I was indignant about how I paid $40 for the previous classic gelish manicure and yet I still had to pay for the soak-off despite the voucher stating "free redeem soak-off". Moreover, the removal process was done in a rush, with my nails being soaked for less than 5mins before the gel polish was being scraped off. It was a really rough process because the gel polish had not weakened adequately to be scraped off. Immediately after I left Passion Nails, I went to another nail salon on the same level to do gelish and the therapist told me that my nails still had alot of gel polish which had to be removed!! This makes me very upset because I paid money for substandard service at Passion Nails and I will not go back again.


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