Porcelain Face Spa @ Cantonment Rd and Orchard Gateway

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Be prepared to spend $99 onwards
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  • Effective and Thorough Extractions


  • Painful extractions (not for those with low pain tolerance!)
  • Much pricier than other salons!

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October 09, 2015

Skin has calmed down

I had a really bad breakout that wouldn't go away, and i was getting desperate. My friend chanced across this promotion they were having (this was in mid 2014?) and I did one Quinessential and then went back for an Oxyrevive. My therapist, Michelle, is highly recommended. I eventually bought a package there and I really liked her. (They were always full so whenever I had to change my appointments I got the other therapists, so I really felt the difference in the way they handle the extraction process) She was very thorough, and pleasant to speak to. When you're in that much pain, you will appreciate the chirpiness! Not going to lie, the extraction is really quite painful, but the marks go away very fast and my face is really smoother the following week. I liked that you can do the facial at Cantonement Road - rather discreet among the shop houses; and the cosmetic aesthetic ones at Orchard Gateway, which was really convenient for me since I work in the CBD.

My skin has since calmed down, but I give full credit to the team at Porcelain for helping me stabilise my skin condition. Having said that, they did increase their prices by quite a bit, and their promotions aren't very worth it anymore. I tried to recommend the place but everyone got turned off by the price.

Update: My last visit was in February 2015

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