Reds Hairdressing @ Takashimaya Ngee Ann City

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Be prepared to spend $85 onwards
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  • Experienced hairstylists
  • Refreshments provided
  • Stylists share tips on hairstyling
  • No hardselling


  • Results of hair services not always "amazing"
  • Salon is perpetually busy
  • Poor phone etiquette at times
  • Poor customer service at times

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April 10, 2017

Thankful. Worth every cent

I used to frequent the REDS at Suntec many years back before I got married and got so busy with my kids! Since I no longer worked at Suntec, I settled with my neighbourhood salon as found myself having little time to think about giving the necessary care for my hair. Any mother would understand this. Anyway, I reccently enrolled my kids to an art class upstairs and decided to pop by their outlet at Takashimaya at the basement whilst waiting for them to end.

So thankful with the decision. I'd forgotten how it actually feels like going to a 'proper' salon, spending some me time getting a 'proper' treatment! The consultation, the tea & biscuits, the massage during the hair wash, the blowout.. Sounds silly but it feels so incredible to pamper yourself, walking out of the salon with that spring in your hair and your step. As a person who is meticulous with her spending, I found it to be worth every cent and minute of my time. Much needed hair rejuvenation for me.

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March 09, 2017

Professional & Efficient!

I took a chance with REDS since I worked nearby and needed a cut & treatment desperately. I thought it was a good risk since they are a reputable and established salon brand - I heard from colleagues that they sponsor big events like Singapore Fashion Week and Fashion Steps Out. I asked about the price and different 'tiers' of hairstylists over the counter and found out that they are a group of experienced senior stylists (no juniors). This really put me at ease. Despite the salon being full house that night, they managed to squeeze me in. I found their service most suitable for me and felt comfortable from start to end. They were attentive towards my requirements and provided me with tips on how I can better care for my hair. It was refreshing being attended to with sincerity and no hard selling! What worked for me was that they were efficient. No pretentious treatments, they ensure you hair is cut and styled in an efficient manner which works perfectly for me as I have a busy schedule to upkeep. I have made an appointment to get my hair coloured next month. Hoping the experience will be equally good & efficient!

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January 24, 2014

Business scam

Walked in to REDS at Taka today, randomly picked a guy called Sam, he said my hair have a lot of wax so tell me I need to wash away the 'things' first, and then started to shampoo my hair.etc. after the haircut, they charge me $98 !!!!!! They said it was the scalp treatment which cost $55. The stylist never ever mentioned the word 'treatment' to me before. The cashier ask the stylist to clarify and he just kept quiet'! They initially offered a 15percent discount, but I refused to pay because it was never told to me I was doing a treatment. They then willing to waive off the treatment fees. Making the customer undergo such pressure so that we do not need to pay what we did not ask for is a straightout business scam! I am bringing this up to CASE for sure to protect all of us consumers


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December 01, 2011

Fed up with Reds Salon @ Takashimaya

Tonight (Thurs at 8.05 p.m.), I went back to Reds salon. The receptionist was rude. I asked whether there would be a long wait to cut my hair. She and another girl at the counter did not even look up even after I had spoken.

When one of them looked up, she said, “Huh?” in a rude tone.

I have had it with receptionist women as well. Untrained, uneducated, most likely foreigners. All they have is a head of large hair. It amazes me why I don’t just tell them off right then and there.

It’s because I don’t bother telling off such people. They are of a lower…level. In other words, unrefined, coarse. Their world is small, their view is small. What is there to argue with such people?

I realize the salon looked empty, but I did not know it was near to closing time. There was no need for her to behave in that way.

Reds Salon, you need to train your front line staff and hairstylists.

Oddly, the only thing good about Reds (so far), is their hair-washing ladies who are pretty, polite, friendly and down-to-earth.

Even at Jcut, the hair-washer was polite and her skill excellent.

Tonight, when the rude receptionist asked whether I had a particular stylist I wanted and I said no, and she said ‘Celia’– I said “don’t want Celia”.

So, gave me another stylist.

I didn’t know her name at first, but she seemed busy and frowned while walking about. Not a good sign, but she was called forth and accepted the job.

Led me to a chair where she asked how I’d like mine cut. I told her and she said Ok. She’d get someone to wash my hair first, because right now, it’s too “messy” to see a style.

The word “messy” jabbed me a little.

Shouldn’t a hairstylist have better public relations than saying a customer’s hair is “messy”?

Looking in the mirror… Ok, admittedly, my hair is quite messy, because of what Mr Paul Tan @ Jcut did to it previously.

After the wash and dry, she returned later with apology because she had been attending to a man to my right. She was handling 3 customers at the same time, including me.

I said it’s Ok.

Her cutting was Ok. not much styling, done fast. In between, she went back to the man on my right and came back with apology again.

Again, I said it’s Ok.

When she was done, we went to the back to get my hair rinsed out. I had wanted to ask for her name earlier, but thought to ask later.

She was still rinsing my hair, when I asked, “What is your name?”.

Instead of replying, she walked away, telling a girl to continue on me, because she was very busy.

I think she heard my question, but still, just walked away. I said it loud enough while she was still rinsing my hair.

The excuse would be she was in a hurry and so didn’t hear the question. But I don’t think so.

She has a keen sense of hearing.

#1: I was surprised she knew I had been to the salon before, that this wasn’t my first time, and she pointed to the receptionist counter, saying she heard. The only thing she could have heard, was my comment that I didn’t want Celia. But at that time, she wasn’t near the receptionist counter but hovering around behind.

#2: she was cutting my hair when she suddenly added her comment to what a woman said in the background, when I had not heard any raised voices.

So, she definitely heard my question while rinsing my hair. But chose to walk away. I only asked so that I could name her, if I should require her again next time.

After the young hair-washing lady took over from her and completed the job, I went back to my seat. The hair-washer followed and I asked what was the name of my stylist. She said Rita and spelled it.

Later, I picked the namecard. Rita Ho. She had sounded like a Hong Kee with a Hong Kee accent.

Displeased with her. Displeased with Reds all over again since Celia.

Mm. Fine, take it that she did not hear me.

The haircut alone is Ok, no special scissorings or whatever, the back was done rather well. $42.80…

Mm…. (hungry)….

No, I’m still displeased.


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September 22, 2011

Why does Reds Salon have such a weird practise

Having enough of the effeminate stylist’s yo-yo emotions, my friend went to Reds salon at Tampines Mall.
It was an impromptu decision.
He walked past the salon, knew he needed a haircut and walked in.
Picked a random hairstylist who wasn’t happy that my friend didn’t want his hair shampooed.
Made a small fuss.
When the haircut was done, the hairstylist used a hairdryer to blow the cut hair away.
Plus, pulled open my friend’s shirt collar and aimed the hairdryer nozzle in.
That meant quite an amount of cut hair at the collar went all the way inside.

We thought the problem lied with the emo hairstylist.
Then, my friend went to Reds Salon at Ngee Ann City.
Different hairstylist, but same badass attitude.
That’s not all.

The hairstylist also pulled out the shirt collar & aimed the hairdryer nozzle in!

Why does Reds Salon have such a weird practise???


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July 14, 2010

birthday treat...

By the time I reached Takashimaya, it was already 6.15pm, so it was straight to the directory, look for Reds and headed straight to Basement 2 where the shop is located, went in and told them I wanted to do digital perm. Since it is my first time, I was game to try any hairstylist and give myself a surprise. I was assigned Lionel Tan.

Lionel had a very clean cut look with shot cropped black hair and neat spectacles, black shirt and black jeans. My first impression? He does not look the least like a hairstylist at all! I thought he was a customer! LOL. At first, I was a little apprehensive. He looked more like an accountant than someone in a fashion industry. I expected to get a hairstylist with funky, wierd hairstyle with a bold hue of hair colour, which was quite typical of hairstylists in Reds.

So I told him I wanted to look like a Japanese girl with the type of curls you see in those Japanese magazines. Lovely. But in my heart, I just crossed my fingers that my curls will not turn out a disaster. And guess what, I walked out a satified and happy customer!!!


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September 07, 2006

today - reds hairdressing, takashimaya, basement 2, rita ho

*moby steps up to reception counter to ask for haircut…receptionist leads him to station*

hairdresser, rita ho (rh): so how you wanna cut your hair ah?
moby: i want a new style…i’m in sales, so i want something modern and professional…but not too messy. i need to take a lot of the sides, and a bit off the top. can?
rh: ok loh, if you insist…
moby: huh?
*rh walks away to chat with another customer*

*pregnant shampoo girl (psg) comes to wash moby’s hair…psg has no strength to massage moby’s head. moby sian already.*
psg: please wait a while for rh…
*moby gets extremely bored, and waves to psg*
moby: can i have a magazine to read please?
psg: ok… *hands moby “female” and “her world”*
moby: …
*rh turns to chat with the receptionist*

*rh comes back*
rh: so how you wanna cut ah?
moby: basically, just cut the sides short and a bit off the top.
rh: you want your sides sloped?
moby: err…i just want the sides short…
rh: short can have slope what!
moby: i leave it to you loh…i’ll let you decide…
rh: you say one ah?
moby deep inside: knn…you’re the hairdresser what.
*rh proceeds to snip in silence, while moby tries to read articles about wives complaining about husbands fucking hookers during their honeymoons*

rh: ok. wait for the girl to rinse hor. *prances off to yet another conversation with some other person*
moby: so fast?
inexperienced-looking shampoo girl (isg): come, i wash for you.
*moby gets rinse and goes back to seat*
isg: you want gel?
moby: err…normally i use wax.
isg: ok… *gets wax, comes back, slabs on a few gobs of the crap, and commences to try and style moby’s hair.*
moby: what???
isg: why? you want it messy?
moby: sigh. yeah. ok. *resigns to the fact his haridresser doesn’t give a shit, and that he just basically had his first really fucked up haircut experience*
isg: ok! *happily pulls at moby’s hair with apparent delight and nonchalance*
moby: sigh.

*rh magically reappears*
rh: how?
moby: can i see the back?
*rh glares at moby, grabs a mirror, shows moby the back for exactly 3.29 seconds before returning the mirror to the rack*
moby: err…ok loh.
*rh shows moby to the payment counter, tells the receptionist the amount owed, and struts away without even looking back or saying thanks and goodbye*

fucked up. this was the worst experience i’ve ever had in a hair salon.

rita ho, you suck. i’m never going back to your place…in fact, i’m never going to ANY reds hairdressing ever again. i am willing to break my rule of forgiveness for you and you alone.

and please don’t give me that crap about “oh, think about how the hairdresser feels”…fuck you! she’s in the service industry…if she can’t be polite, then at least be civil. i don’t need to go there again.


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