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July 17, 2022


Upwelling and bad service. Hair turned out fine though. Not recommended (Review not yet verified)

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Agent A

March 05, 2020

Disastrous Perm

When I arrived, Jerry asked me what I want to do with my hair. I told him I would like to go for a perm and tried to Google and show him the style I wanted but he said no need and He knew. Prior that, He tried to sell me a better “product/ perm” at $300 but I rejected and naturally He wasn’t too happy. Thereafter, without asking, he trimmed my hair way too short and with many many outer layers - I wasn’t too happy as layering is not needed for perm hair and for those who perm regularly would know heavy and Long hair is the basis for good perm.

Throughout the whole session there I had 3 different ppl handling my hair, each with their own style. Unsurprisingly, my hair turns out the most disastrous of all time. The curls are severely dry and my ends are brittle it could not be save even though I pile my head with hair mask. During the session, I spoke to a lady beside me And both of us was sharing our bad encounter with each other. One of hairdresser asked if we were friends. (We replied no) and she requested us to stop talking for multiple times as our chatting are “interrupting” their work. What’s has it going to do with our small talk?

I don’t understand - how absurd! Halfway into the perm process, Jerry sprayed an Unknown product onto my hair which looks sticky and smelly. He quickly realised his mistake andabout the mistake and they all had a good laugh about it before bringing me to wash it off - how Rude! Today I went back to them with a to show them the job that they did to my hair - my hair is in a mess, dead and dry but the first question he asked was - HOW MUCH DID I PAID? AS PER THE FACEBOOK PROMO or TOP UP?

After that He went on by blaming me for not knowing how to handle the perm well. So do I as a customer deserve this just because I came specially for the promo and did not Allow the salon to up sell me? Now all he could do is to try to save my hair with treatment And announcing to his colleagues loudly that I’m here to do “EXTRA” Who needs your extra treatment if you did a decent job?

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This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.