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Be prepared to spend $20 onwards
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  • Located in Central
  • Often have deals online


  • Need to walk about 7-10 min from Tanjong Pagar MRT
  • Need to top up for good looking perms!

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November 10, 2014

Service was horrendous

Service was horrendous. Bought their promo service from Groupon for either a rebond or perm service. I understand that some people might think that I shouldn't expect so much from buying a service cheaply but isn't that the point of putting for vouchers on Groupon to promote your company's good service? The male stylists ended up burning my hair and have excuses that it's normal when doing a perm (I did a digital perm) knowing that I never did one before so he decided to take advantage of that to cover his cock up. My hair was fried. Burnt. Frizzled and I had to chop as much as a can off. Horrible horrible salon with stylists not knowing what they are doing and passing off lies as good service. Highly recommend everyone not to patronise.


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November 26, 2013

Once bitten, twice shy
Okay well let’s say for one I’m actually really stupid and i took the risk ok so yes I’m partly at fault. Also, I might just be one of the unlucky ones and I’m not saying each and every customer like me went there happy and excited but came back being so fed up or what not.
then again the hairdresser promised me 3 months of curls so yes I’m still blaming him and the salon altogether, fucking untrustworthy.
I swear too much
I shall just explain everything. Basically my mum got me a voucher from for a hair rebonding/perming service at Salon Envy which is located at 46 Peck Seah StreetTanjong Pagar. The voucher was below $50 and she got one for valere and another for me. Firstly the voucher did not state that hair that was rebonded cannot be permed secondly it didn’t state that it was cold perm and not digital perm. Yes I did not ask before going but shouldn’t they at least state that it was a cold perm and that not all hair types can be permed???
Reached there at my appointed time which I think was 2pm………. or 2:30 I can’t remember but ya was obviously pretty excited (yet a little nervous) since it was gonna be my first time perming it! The service was honestly pretty good but when we were being attended to by the hairstylistshe told us that valere’s hair cannot be permed as it had been rebonded before like 1 and a half year back. Obviously shockedI said something like “I thought minimum time period was 6 months and the perm would be fine for her hair?” and he responded “oh this isn’t digital perm it’s cold perm” and I literally “HUH? COLD PERM?” I was actually pretty disappointed already but since we’re actually there and the voucher was already boughtI decided to just try it since he said that the curls would last 3 months at least and it does sounds not bad right? They also refunded so I think my mum can spend the money on other items on Groupon or something not very sure. AnywayI had poor valere waiting for me for about 2 and a half hours that day.

I left the salon like this and yes I thought it was really pretty

but within a 2 hours it turned pretty straight… more wavy I suppose?

When I reached home my mum’s first comment was “wa confirm by tomorrow gone” and yeah because when I was home it literally look like I braided it to let it dry and then remove it

This isn’t the worst part. The worst part is after bathing. I wasn’t supposed to wash my hair for 2 days after the perm so yup I used a shower cap avoiding water when washing my face or whatnot. I guess I was hoping for the curls to set it wishing it’ll be pretty after washing it for the first time but guess not. Look what it became after drying. May I add that I actually did use hair mousse but it just stayed dry and STRAIGHT and just in a horrible condition. SO FED UP

For the next few days it also remained looking like this when it’s dry. It only looks curly when wet but when it dries it looks exactly like the photo above…. horrible.
I’m not trying to smear the shop’s reputation and as I have said maybe I’m just one of the unlucky ones or perhaps my hair texture does not suit cold perm that I really don’t know but I would say I dare not step into Salon Envy anymore. Once bitten twice shy.


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October 27, 2013

Her skills wasn’t top notch but she was attentive

It is always a bet when you are purchasing from Groupon or any other deal sites. I would usually do a search to see if I can get any review from customers before purchasing them. There will be times that there are no reviews but the location is so near to where you are… and thus this is a chance you’re giving them.

That chance happened to me and I decided to place my bet on Salon Envy as I needed to touch up my roots. I always hated having grown out black hair against my light brown dyed hair. I believe a lot of you would agree with this. I proceed to make a booking and purchased the deal with for $58 soon after. It includes hair colouring with a 2-Step Hair Repair Treatment (worth $280). It was a rather good deal.

Ambience: ★★★☆☆
Overall Service: ★★★☆☆

Before: You can see my dark hair roots sprouting out
On the appointed day, I entered the salon and was the only customer then. Seeing that there wasn’t any other customer in the store can be quite nerve wreaking. It usually means 2 things, either you’re early or it’s bad. I can’t back out now so I sat in the chair and prayed that everything would turn out smoothly. People started streaming in when I was half way done with my hair. It wasn’t super crowded it was a good number to make me feel comfortable.

A China lady attended to me the whole time and I did finalised my hair colour with her feedback. She was friendly and her feedback were useful. For the whole time, she didn’t try to hard sell me anything and I really appreciate that. I hate it when people tries to hard sell me while I’m trying to enjoy the service.

Her skills wasn’t top notch but I do like her because she checks on my hair like every 5 minutes to ensure that the colour was absorbed properly. She can be a quite rough on hair combing but I’m fine with that as long as the final look was what I looked for.

After: Love the dark look
After the whole hair session, I was actually very pleased with how my hair looked like. I chose a dark ash brown and it turned out the way I wanted to it. She also ensures that there isn’t an odd patch between my black hair and the blonde ones. The treatment was wonderful and it leaves my hair smelling like chocolate for about 3 days (had to resist eating my own hair). I don’t know the brand that they used but I like how soft my hair felt after the whole treatment.

I didn’t take a shot of the price list but you could call them to check. All I remembered was that the price for their services are rather reasonable and affordable. Would I go back there? I would, if you had to ask me so. They lived up to their Groupon service and I hope it continue to stay that way


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