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  • Bloggers often rave about Hair Colour and Hair Treatments at Salon Vim
  • Friendly Professional hairstylists who takes the effort for a thorough consultation
  • Fast to introduce latest hairstyle and hair colour trends
  • Spacious Stylish Environment
  • Good Scalp massage during hair wash
  • No hardselling
  • Beverages and snacks provided


  • One stylist may attend to a few customers at one time
  • Technician may be the one doing a lot of hair colouring / perming / rebonding especially if salon is busy.
  • Sometimes, waiting time can be long even if you've made an appointment
  • Salon Vim is probably not our first choice for haircuts in Singapore
  • There is a skill difference between different stylists so choose one that best suits your needs and budget

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Loving It


October 13, 2022

Very Disappointed with Hairstylist, Gary Chew

My haircut turned out uneven, one side is shorter then the other side. He didn't check the cut. Just cut halfway and went to attend to two other clients and he didn't come back to take a look. His assistant gave me a wash and told me I can go because he is in a meeting. Very irresponsible, still claimed he is the boss of the company. (Review not yet verified)

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.


July 11, 2020

One time is enough

Review for Ivan

Decided to give them a shot after looking at all the influencers' posts and their own IG posts. Looks good, doubt their service can go wrong despite the rocket sky prices. I had a good stylist from other salons whom I supported over the years, unfortunately bad attitude got over the stylist and the customer -stylist relationship went sour which was a major disappointment if my former stylist managed the situation professionally and tactfully. With the old stylist gone, gave Ivan a shot for hair cut, was pleased with it. Second time came back and was convinced by him to try perm and colour showed him photos of how the curls I want. I specifically emphasised I only wan loose curls and even showed him photos. Came out so-so (too curly and the hair colour was worst). Selected a bright colour that I had to deal with for the past 7 months. the worst part was after the first perm, I told him looks very thick , need some trim. Came back and it was close to CNY, the salon managed to squeezed a slot for me. Could tell he wasn't really happy I came back from minor trims (to be honest I would not want to make a second trip at any time unless I can't stand the turnout). While the heaviness of the hair came from the bottom, he actually overly trimmed the middle part of my hair. Making the top part of the hair looking thinner and the bottom heavy. two months after the perm and cut, my hair began to look out of shape. After posting photos and negative reviews, they waived out the hair cut fee but requested that I remove the posts and photos. I was expecting Ivan to see me personally to address my concerns and explain why he overly trimmed my hair . But no. Maybe I am not an influencer or don't look like someone who will spend a huge amount of money on salon services every month. I had to trim off my curls and shorten my hair so that I start from ground zero with straight hair and the shape of my hair still looks like crap as it will take more a few more months to have full straight hair. Thanks to my terrifying experience with them, I am so scared to perm my hair again.

Review verified with Receipt

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Joanne Ang

November 26, 2017

Sitting in the salon for close to 9hours

Visited mi the salon (a brand new concept introduced by salon vim) on 25/11 and realized that it was the worst decision i have ever made choosing a salon. After seeing so much highly raved reviews about the salon, i decided to give it a try.

I was being introduced to a female senior stylist, straightening and perm was suggested. I told her that i would want to look good as my best friend's wedding is nearing(me being the maid of honor) and some experiences i had with the previous salon. She ensured me that i would definitely look good under her 'magical hands'. Never did i know that the beginning of my nightmare begins. During the process of straightening, she did not make sure my hair was 100% dry before using the straightener. Can you guys imagine how much smoke and damage i saw right in front of my eyes? Being a consumer, i decided to trust her bcos i did not go through any professional training on hair services. She THEN again ensure that i will definitely look good under her 'magical hands'

After the 1st horror, she started perming my hair. She told me i just have to be patience and not to worry too much bcos she was not done with my hair YET. But after then 2nd chemical process and drying of my hair, my hair looks like DOG FUR and it looks FAR OFF from the pic she has previously shown me. She mentioned that i have to do straightening AGAIN. I went ahead with it bcos my hair looks like shit and i would really want to save it. Imagine the damage done after the straightening and perming, 3rd chemical process was being introduced. To my horror, the 3rd time straightening did not help but my hair got ruined even further. The senior hairstylist then mentioned that the chemical was not strong enough and suggested to straighten my hair for the 4th time. She AGAIN ensured that i would still look good under her 'magical hands' Imagine me being devasted by looking at the 3rd outcome and her telling me that i have to straighten my hair again. She started saying that it was a miscommunication btw me and her which made me really pissed with her 'professional advise'. Straighten, permed, straighten again and YET straighten again was her professional advise. Ivan Kan and Gary Chew then came to my rescue.

My 4th straighten process was done by them and at least they made me look like a human again. Ivan was really professional and took over her 'shit' to rectify my hair. Can you guys even imagine entering the salon with long hair but leaving with a short, thin and haywired hair? Moreover, this processes made me sat at the salon from 1pm to 9.30pm. This was closed to 9hours. This whole episode taught me that not all hairstylists who work in a high raved salon are professionals. And guys, please choose your hairstylist wisely.

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April 22, 2017


I've been with this salon for years and so far I've had no issues - hair always looking gorgeous after.

So earlier this year I decided to go for a Colour change and I made a decision not to go back from then onwards. As usual, the day started with a haircut, colour and treatment. Paid about $450 for the bill so there was I contented with my pretty looking lavender hair.

5 days after the colour changed! It faded. I had my friends and colleagues to confirm that the Colour faded so that I won't be making a fool of myself when I approach the salon. So the lavender faded, i had slight ash grey hair.

I called up the salon and had the stylist to talk to me and he said yes the Colour will fade to ash grey.

Fine. I refused to argue further. Who the heck would want to pay freaking $450 for a hair Colour that will last for only 5 days?!

So,I remembered the company policy had a 10 days grace period. If the customers are not happy with the Colour within 10 days, we can always go back for a touch up. I was disappointed and pissed. The salon affords to sponsor so many bloggers and yet can't afford or don't even have the courtesy to offer me something in return.

Review not yet verified

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Pam May

February 15, 2017

Fair doesn't mean Grey not Brunette

Review for Ymond

I went to Ymond to have highlights redone as they had gone quite yellow. I wanted to be fair but not yellow.

I came out 3.5 hours later a grey not fair, as he screwed up the coloring. I went from a yellow blonde to Grey with ash purple streaks.

To try to correct it, he put in darker Grey. Next day I had to go back to get it fixed now I am a brunette. Do more time wasted.

I advise all Caucasians to go elsewhere as I even gave him a picture of what was required, this was not my first visit, it is my last. His excuse was that "ash colouring on Asian hair results in blonde highlights". I am not Asian nor is my hair.

Be warned ..Ymond nods & say yes to indicate he knows what's required but when he is handling so many clients at once, he makes mistakes. Worst thing is I still had to pay for his mess.

I have been in Singapore a long time & have seen stylists come & go... I will never recommend Salon Vim.

Go elsewhere. They are just not that good.

Review verified with Receipt

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Dominique Chan

January 18, 2017

Texture Control Anti Frizz + Double Treatment

Review for Timen Ngooi

Costs: $574 (including 7% GST, both treatments are on promotion as well) This was my second Salon Vim visit ever since 2016 where I was assigned to Senior stylist, Timen. I wanted to look for a hair treatment that could help in my EXTREMELY thick, unruly, and severely damaged hair due to frequent bleaching and colouring. During my first visit in 2016, I was introduce to their Keratin Treatment which was great, it made my hair softer but I have to say it did not do anything to the frizz. This was understandable because my hair was beyond hopeless. However, I am more than grateful that Timen patiently use a hair iron to style my hair after washing even when the salon was about to close for the day. The service was impressive as he take his client's hair pretty seriously even if its late at night. I decided to visit the salon again a few days back when I realise I could not take my massive frizzy hair anymore and thus I seek help from Timen because of the positive experience I have during the first visit. He concluded that I should do the double treatment first to strengthened my hair, then followed by the Anti Frizz treatment to give my hair a better texture and frizz-free locks. I did the hair treatment on a Saturday so the salon was pretty packed. Timen has to attend to a few customers at the same time so he has his assistant, Max to assist me with my treatment. Despite being busy, he still came over to constantly check on my hair. The Anti Frizz involves a texture service where my hair was straighten to make it less puffy. The ironing process was definitely dreadful as my hair was VERY damaged and frizzy. Despite the fact, Timen and Max actually patiently pampered my hair and after hours of hardwork, my hair turns out almost completely FRIZZ FREE AND SMOOTH!!! I am very overwhelmed by the results because I really don't believe that any treatment could do my hair this justice. I have to say Timen was very genuine and honest with me as well when I address certain issues with my hair. Even after a few washes, my hair remains amazing and I have receive MULTIPLE compliments about my transformation! Thank you Timen and Max! I'm definitely impressed.

Review not yet verified

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Jean S

November 27, 2016

Disappointing Outcome and Horrible Service

Review for Ivan

I went to Salon Vim - 313 on Friday and showed Ivan a picture of the perm I wanted. He took about 3 mins to explain to me the difference between tousled waves and S curl. I raised my concern on dry and frizzy hair so Ivan suggested undergoing a pre and post treatment to address my concern. After much consideration, I've decided to go with S curl (refer to picture attached)and the 2 treatments. Ivan then proceed to trim my hair. It costs me $70 for the less than 5 mins trim. After the trim his lady assistant did all the treatments perming washing and blowing (he just disappeared). The lady assistant tried to blow the top part of my hair straight after the perm. I didn't bother asking as I thought it is the usual blowing (I came to realised after I washed my hair the next day she is trying to cover up the frizziness and curlyness that she had accidentally applied the chemical on. PS I did not perm the top of my hair). Ivan then came back to apply serum on my hair show me the back of my hair and say good bye to me. The permpre and post treatment and the trim cost me $517 (after discount). Our leading stylist spent less than 20 mins with me. Fine. Since the outcome is still acceptable (Refer to second picture). I washed my hair the next day and I got a shock to see my $517 hair (refer to third picture). With reference to Salon Vim webpage if consumers are unhappy with their hairthey are able to go back within 10 days. So I decided to go back to look for Ivan to see if he is able to fix it. Ivan saw the condition of my hair and suggested for me to straighten the top part of my hair. So I asked him\"I've already spent 500 plus for the whole hairdo and I need to spend another 200 plus to fix it?\" He told me that's the only way as perming and straightening are 2 different kind of service (trying to cross-sell me). So I started questioning why is my hair curly and frizzy at the top? He tried to push away the responsibility by saying \"we did not perm the top part of your hairyou came to the Salon with a little frizzy hair and natural curl\" (I didn't know that I came to the Salon with a S curl on the top of my head and I didn't know that my natural curl grew after 2days; I had rebonded hair 4 months back). So I asked him how do you know if your assistant accidentally brushed the chemical on TOP of my hair? He said she wouldn't (he is not even there the whole session) I guess he couldn't stand my questioning so he pulled out a few strand of my hair on the top only and say that he can do it for me for free. Should I be happy to get the few strand of hair straighten for free? (Don't be surprised. It is just the top part of your hair near your parting). I told him it's ok and left the salon (what's the point of having a half fuck touch up?) I received a call after 10 mins. Ivan told me that after discussing with his boss he will straighten the TOP PART of my hair for free. YES TOP PART of my hair only. I did not go back and I never will. Is that the correct way of doing business? When your customer's hair is ruined (frizzy) after perming her hair you will just get her to spend more money to straighten it. So what if your customer's hair is dead flat after straightening? Do you get her to spend more money to perm it?

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.


June 08, 2016

An underwhelming experience and over priced salon

Cost: $800 +
My Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Service Utilize : Texturizing treatment + Colour and Bleach
Service Staff : Senior Stylist Kenji
Level of Contentment: Utter Disappointment

I was extremely excited about getting my hair done at this Salon after seeing some pictures of customers who had engaged their services. Below is my honest feedback of the entire experience.

Review of the following Services

Texturizing Treatment ( Cost : 400+ ) :

My Hair was in better condition before the treatment than it was after it. DO NOT RECOMMED THIS TREATMENT.

Colour and Bleach (Cost : 300+) :

Upon my Initial consultation I state my desired outcome and was promised the rose-gold colour that I had desired. My visit to the salon was with that objective as my regular salons are unable to do that colouring.

The Stylist counter proposed a pastel pink which I was ok with. He started work on my hair and after some time had passed he propose a different shade of pink on my hair as my hair condition was not as good as he had thought. We agreed on a rose-gold look that we felt would be suited and that I was extremely excited to try. After some time had passed he revised it to a different pink shade – which was ultimately not met by him.

I expressed my frustration at how the colouring does not have any pink in it and was not what we agreed upon. Initially he tried to convince me that the colour is what I had requested for and upon challenging him to look at the last picture that we had agreed upon He countered with apologizing and offering to re-do my hair the next day. However at this point I was extremely upset and disappointed at the integrity level of the stylist and felt that he wouldn’t be able to salvage my hair. Therefore I decline.

The colour effect on my hair is really no different from any HDB shop that you can do your hair at.

Service Levels

My initial experience was positive due to the friendliness and efficiency of the receptionist who guided me to my stylist. However it went downhill quickly and despite my visible displeasure little assistance was rendered by “higher management”. At the price that I paid I expected much better service especially since they take down customer name and contact number prior to leading you to your seat – but NO effort have been establish to contact me.

A truly disappointing experience!

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Miss J

February 01, 2016

Over-hyped sponsored reviews

Review for Eddy

Will be giving an unbiased review as a first time customer after visiting Salon Vim today. Received a call few hours before my appointment and the receptionist asked me if I could come in half an hour earlier than my scheduled time. I agreed and reached the place on time. In the end, I waited for 20 mins together with 4 other customers before it's my turn, which I think it's understandable given the busy period of the year (CNY), but felt that they should have just let me stick to the initial timing without me having to wait. Was seated down and randomly assigned by a senior stylist named Eddy. The first thing I observed was that I wasn't served any drinks or snacks while other customers had them. Tried to accept the fact that they were busy scuttling around and forgot about me on hindsight, but the receptionist who was in charge of serving refreshments for customers took glances at my empty table several times yet made no attempt in serving me still. Okay fineeee...Then came to the hair part. Before visiting the salon, I read several reviews and noticed a particular website of a sponsored blogger with pictures of her hair in pink colored streaks. Read that she didn't do any bleaching on her highlights based on her reply to one of her readers, so I was pretty interested as I didn't want to do bleaching. Showed Eddy a photo of her hair, but he gave a poker face and told me that I can't do that kind of highlights without bleaching. Asked him to show me some color samples but he only brought in one L'Oreal album (I believe they have other hair color swatches as well 'cos I've seen them on sponsored reviews). To be honest, he doesn't seem enthusiastic in providing alternative solutions other than just telling me that I can only try red highlights despite me asking for other color options. Of course I can only have red right, 'cos you only showed me one hair color album which means that I only have limited colors to choose from. Wasn't really satisfied settling down with red but I didn't want to argue with professionals, so I just let him do his job. Anyway, color turned out okay but highlights were mostly hidden so that means i need to really flip my hair to make them more visible. Prior to coloring, I also told him I'll be cutting my hair shorter (previous hair length was medium), so I would expect him to cut before coloring so I could be charged the price of short length instead of medium length. I guess the general practice of most salons is that they tend to color your hair first regardless of whether you will be chopping your hair off so that they could charge you the full price. I feel it's pretty deceiving in a way. Haircut turned out acceptable with no major complaints, just that he didn't make any initial responses despite me telling him my hair preferences for a couple of times. Feel like I'm talking to a robot -.- Overall, I was charged for almost $200 for just some normal highlights and haircut, which I find it pretty expensive for a sub-par experience.

Guess the sponsored reviews are really over-hyped.

Review approved by Beauty Undercover

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Dear Miss J

Thank you for visiting Salon Vim! We are sorry to hear that your first experience with us wasn't amazing. We have noted your feedback on the various areas and will work on them to ensure that you can have a better experience with us the next time around.

Firstly, we are sorry that the refreshments took some time to come! Although the salon was busy, we could have been more attentive and served you drinks on time!

Secondly, we would also like to clarify about Yina's hair colour. It did not require bleaching because Yina's hair had gone through numerous bleaching in the past. Her hair is therefore light enough to skip bleaching to achieve the pink streaks. Bleaching is however required for most of us! Sorry for not clarifying in Yina's post itself and causing the confusion!

As for the haircut, it is standard practice to colour first before we cut. This is because most of our stylists do wet cuts before following up with a dry cut. Therefore, hair should be washed before the haircut. However, it is optimal to colour hair before a hair wash as the layer of natural oils will minimize hair damage from the colour chemicals and also protect your scalp! Therefore we usually colour the hair immediately, wash off the colour and then begin the haircut.

Finally, Eddy can be a little reserved at times but that is no excuse for giving you any less than a stellar experience. He would like to apologize for not fulfilling your expectations and has promised to improve himself in the areas raised.

Thanks once again for taking the time and effort to share your experience!

We hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future!

Warm regards

Team Salon Vim

Feb 01, 2016

Salon Vim

Registered User

Blog Review

February 12, 2015

Why pay so much and get your hair done by assistant

I know as CNY is approaching, everyone starts to do book appointments for hair, nails etc.Around mid-jan or slightly before mid-jan I was already like okay, I need to book all my appointments, if not there won't be any slots left.I read that a lot of people get their hair done at Salon Vim and best thing, they do fancy colours. So I called their 313 outlet and booked an appointment on 11 Feb 2015.

When I reached, I was served by a lady at the reception. She was friendly. She then brought me to my seat and asked if I would like some water and brought magazines for me to browse. I thought their service was not bad. She also asked if I would like a Junior stylist, Senior stylist or Leading Stylist and told me the difference in price applies to hair cut only. Obviously I would choose the Leading Stylist then. I was only there for a hair dye and have no intention to cut my hair.This is when I was wrong.. I waited for about 15-20 minutes before I was served. Like seriously.. I sat there waiting and waiting.. "When I went to Next Salon for a hair cut, not more than 5 minutes later, the hair stylist would come out and greet me and told me to wait for a while so he could finish another customer. I wouldn't mind waiting then, at least I feel my presence is acknowledged.

"However, it doesn't apply to Salon Vim. Come on, manners matters. You should acknowledge your customer, not make them wait blindly.Then, the hair stylist came. We discussed what colours I want and all and I need to bleach the highlight part of my hair for the reddish purple/purplish red. Apparently, the colour I like requires 2 colours to be mixed together. He then chose for me a base colour to go along with the highlight colour that I preferred.The colour I want for my highlights.This is how I want my highlights to be.The hair stylist then came back with bleach. He starts to section my hair and apply the bleach where it is needed. Then he asked an assistant to prepare for him the base colour. I thought he will be the one who applies it, but NO! Its his assistant. I was like fine, just a base. The assistant starts applying applying and applying. When it is coming to the end, there wasn't enough dye. Instead of getting more dye, she take the hair that doesnt have enough dye and start rubbing it together with others that has dye on. Like seriously.. How ex can your friggin' dye be. It kills you to take abit more dye for my hair?! What's wrong with you?!I was quite pissed. I decided to wait and see the end result first before I say anything. I just felt like getting out and not bother anymore.Times up! Time to wash the hair dye and bleach off. Yes, done by the assiatant as well. Then, she blowed dry the part of hair that is required for the highlights only. Then the hair stylist came and check on the bleach part. Then I thought,"Maybe he only does the highlight parts cos its more difficult as you need to section the hair." NO! He checked that the bleach part was okay and told the assistant how to mix the dye and he is gone. The assistant then starts applying the dye without much sectioning and no use of aluminium foil like how you usually does highlight. She just left my hair dangling at the side. I quickly messaged a girlfriend as I was freaking out. My girlfriend told me when she did hers at a neighbourhood salon its done that way also. COME ON! I'm not in a neighbourhood salon!

Then, the hair stylist came to check and it was okay and the assistant wash off the dye for me.Talking about shampoo-ing, the first round when she shampoo she didn't use much strength to scrub. I thought this kind of salon would have scalp massage during shampoo-ing, but they don't. Second round of shampoo-ing, she basically just was the highlight parts. Using anymore water for the rest of my hair will kill her.After rinsing, it is also the assistant who blows dry my hair. After that, I had to sit there for awhile to wait for the hair stylist to be free to check my hair.Then, he asked if this is the colour I wanted and all. I said yes but in my heart not really. I wished it was slightly more purple. But heck, I just wanted to get out of there.S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y-!Why bother asking me to choose Junior stylist, Senior Stylist and Leading Stylist?! 90% of the work is done by your assistant?! So before you book an appointment with Salon Vim, read the reviews! Why pay so much and get your hair done by assistant! You might as well head to a neighbourhood salon at a much lower price! I paid a total of $286+ for Colouring, Bleach and the Highlight colour. SO NOT WORTH IT AT ALL!I'm never ever stepping into Salon Vim anymore!


Credits: Review obtained from a blog.

Pls read the full review here: http://mystical-luxe.blogspot.sg/2015/02/review-salon-vim.html

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Blog Review

November 15, 2014

Absolutely loved my haircut!

Review for Ymond


My hair was really getting too long and hay-like and I was really bored of having the same old hair style for 4 years now already. Shaun has been hearing me whine and whine about wanting to get my hair cut, and finally set my heart on it (still quite scared I would regret my decision then).

So I called up Salon Vim for a hair appointment, because I heard so many people talk about it, blog about it, so I really wanted to try out their services. I didn't really know which hair stylist to go for, so I only told them which level of seniority I preferred when I got there.

The stylist that served me was Ymond (interesting name!), and I have seen his name come up in many of the blog posts that I read through before deciding to get my hair cut here. So I felt pretty safe in his hands. I kinda told him what style I was looking for, using pictures from the internet.

(Sorry for plucking these pictures without permission!)

I wanted something that would not take too much fussing around every day but still look alright. I also decided to dye my hair because my roots were showing way too much! Ymond also recommended some nice highlights! I feel like I always just go along with whatever people recommend to me, which can be good or bad. Luckily, it was good this time round!Let the chopping begin!

Ymond was super efficient, like right after we decided what length and stuff he just took out his scissors and started snipping away. I didn't have time to say good bye to my hair. This photo was right after the roughly snipped it to the length that I wanted.Dyeing my hair in progress. I didn't see Ymond much, after he finished cutting my hair, as he handed over the dyeing process to his junior. The stylist started with the highlights, using some 'wave method' that Ymond was talking about. Then he proceeded to dye my base colour.

It was a really long and boring process and I was glad that the time to wash off the dye came because that's when I get to lie down and get a nice head massage and thorough wash of the hair!

 I love how the ends curl inwards, but I know I can never achieve it on my own at home. I need to learn I need to learn! Meanwhile I shall try to keep my hair in this state for as long as I can. The actual colours are more obvious here (you can see the highlights too). Shaun absolutely loved my haircut and kept saying that he told me long ago that I should have went back to short hair earlier. Okay fine, now I did get my hair cut short!! Thank you for waiting the 2hours for me, I know it was a very long and tedious wait.


Review obtained from http://zoezuoyi.blogspot.com/2014/11/cut-dye-salon-vim-313.html

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Blog Review

September 29, 2014

Hair Experiments

Review for Eddy

You may now call me Princess Unicorn Cotton Candy Rainbow Dragon. (Official hashtag: #princessunicorncottoncandyrainbowdragon)

I finally dyed my hair a few colours of the rainbow. It was after a few botched attempts throughout the years:That was back in 2012 where Stacy and I camped out in her dorm room with aluminum foil and rubber gloves.So I decided not to be cheap and went to an actual Salon to do up my hair after googling: "ombré hair dye Singapore salons". Salon Vim came up cause it's apparently a favourite haunt of bloggers. (Read: sponsored)

I was really skeptical and wanted to go to my original salon, InVogue, which is amazing for rebonding. They always give me soft waves rather than flat-ironing my hair and I can watch movies in the pretty, mint-green salon.

But I was really itching to get my hair done and this review convinced me: Beauty Undercover."Salon Vim, one of only 5 Loreal Professionel Flagship salons in Singapore, scored high marks for impeccable service, use of quality hair products, satisfactory perming, colouring, rebonding results and spacious stylishly designed salon @ 313 Somerset."

So I called them up an arranged for an appointment on Sunday at 12pm. I was late. But it was okay.

IPad in left hand and iPhone in my right, I sat down and prepared to get pampered. The lovely English-speaking (very important! My Mandarin is so bad.) assistants sat me down and offered me milo, green tea, water, coffee, plonked magazines down and asked me if I wanted a stylist or a senior stylist.Let me interrupt the retelling of my experience to explain how important this is to me.

You see, everytime I go to a "posh" salon - that is, one that is not under a HDB flat - I always end up paying more because they pass me to a senior stylist. Which is good and all that, but I'm quite poor and I'm sure plenty of the stylists, junior or not, are great at their job! That's why I really appreciated getting asked this question. Save me money. Ho Ho ho. I smiled gratefully, asked for a stylist and they gave me green tea with crackers. *sighs with contentment*

Eddy Lim, my stylist came over and helped me out with what I wanted. I initially wanted Irene Kim inspired hair: The Korean-born Seattle model is amazing by the way. Her Instagram: @ireneisgood

But Eddy pointed out that her hair had a clear, distinct break between her brown and her bleached and rainbow-ed hair. "It won't look good." He said in Mandarin. Yes boss! He suggest a more natural look with more highlights. Something not too nuts. He also said that if I went all Irene Kim I'd have to bleach my hair three times. THREE TIMES! No problem. Let's go with just one round of bleach. My pocket cannot take the stress. Hahahha.Then he whipped out the Manic Panic palette. Wah. I really like Manic Panic, because it's vegan and it's a conditioning agent which means my hair would be treated with tender loving care. But on the other hand.. Manic Panic is a temporary dye! You can buy it super cheap in Australia (go to Price Attack) or at this store. But I figured it works like eyebrow plucking. Go once, get it perfect then maintain it on your own. So if my colour fades, I'll touch it up on my own or go back to Eddy for more colours! Eddy showed me a couple of inspiring photos (he even googled for me. So nice!) We settled for turquoise, purple, blue and red. We couldn't do light colours cause it would have required me to bleach more. So the process started.

Head felt super heavy, also was late for DramaFest. That made my heart heavy. :( Eddy bundled the top of my hair cause he wasn't going to dye that part of my hair. He wanted to keep the look more natural. Taadaa. Eddy and my soon to be amazing hair. You'll never see me with yellow hair ever again by the way.

My boyfriend also came by to give me some awesome noms before rushing off to meet his friend. Everyone, Har Cheong Kai burger from Everything With Fries is DA BOMB. Then four hours into the hair job, "we do big curls okay?" OKAY.

End result: Damn nice the colours!

See it looks way too awesome. Very natural! Next time, I tackle pastels. Today I am Princess Unicorn Cotton Candy Rainbow Dragon. (PUCCRD for short.)


Review obtained from a blog.

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September 26, 2014

Most disappointing hair experience

Review for Ivan

I'm generally not one to write reviews but felt compelled to do so as my visit to Salon Vim this afternoon was likely the MOST DISAPPOINTED Hair Experience of my life, especially after all the many sponsored bloggers raving about the experience here. Clearly, they must have had one completely opposite of mine, as a regular paying customer.

Let me explain. I made a booking to do keratin hair treatment & hair colouring with Salon Vim at the 313 Somerset branch.

Everything seemed promising at first. Receptionist was friendly, led me to my seat and offered me a drink. As it was my first time, she asked if I would like a junior stylist, senior stylist or leading stylist (the most senior out of the 3). I chose the most senior one - the leading stylist.

Ivan was assigned to me. He was friendly at first, patiently explaining to me what the treatment would be like and helping me choose a hair colour when I couldn't decide which to go with, although I would have preferred more advise from him on what would suit me, due to his expertise in the area, instead of simply showing me multiple colours.

Unfortunately, the good pretty much ends there.

After discussing with him my options for the next 10 mins, I saw him for a total of 15-20 mins IN TOTAL for the rest of my visit. This was despite my spending almost 4 HOURS at the salon that afternoon (12.45pm - 4.30pm). 90% of my treatment and colouring was done by his assistant, while he disappeared to some depths of the salon which I never saw. Don't get me wrong, she was nice and decently capable. But if I am paying more than $600 SGD i do not expect a hair assistant to do 90% of the work. 50%, up to possibly even 60-65% would be tolerable for me but 90%?!?!?!?! Give me a break.

I have to say though, my treatment and hair colour turned out decent. It wasnt anything i was going to rave about to my family or friends thats for sure, but it wasnt terrible either. Again, I expected better for $600 SGD (after discount).

Also, would like to urge everyone to CHECK THE FINAL PRICE before you proceed with your cut/colour/treatment. I was quoted $125 for colour and $300 for keratin treatment for chest length hair over the phone, and the amount billed was $175 & $380(Their advertising brochure states the prices as $95 up and $250 up respectively).

While I understand that this is subject to change slightly, a 25% MARKUP without any warning upon consultation is unacceptable.

Please also note that the price they quote DOES NOT INCLUDE GST. This meant that the final amount I paid for my colour and treatment was ($187.25 & $406.60) $593.85 SGD.

On top of this, they charged me an additional $10 for a wash & blow (which i assumed would be included in the aformentioned services) After all, wow do you expect to treat/colour my hair without washing & blowing it?

Thanks to google, I managed to find a sponsored blogger who could be quoted to receive a 15% discount on the charges. But after the products I bought to keep my hair in shape, my total was still back to $600 SGD.

All in all, a very disappointing experience for the price paid, service received and after reading the many rave reviews.

Hopefully, my experience was the exception and not the norm, but judging from the other candid reviews from regular consumers and not 'sponsored bloggers' who had similar experiences to mine, it seems not to be the case. I urge you all to clarify the price beforehand and to decide for yourself if its worth paying that much money.



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Dear Claire, sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience. May I know whether you visited Salon Vim on a weekday or weekend?

Mar 11, 2015

Salon Vim

Registered User

Carel Wong

July 21, 2014

Salon Vim is not as good as you think

Review for Ymond

I went for a perm afte reading all the bloggers' courteous words. I was naive. I chose to a senior hairstylist, paid for the senior price and expected him to be experienced however, my hair was damaged with frizz after perming. And the hair stylist blamed it on my bad hair. I ended up cutting away 4 inches of damaged hair, and sat 8hrs at the salon. I had to pay $210 for rebonding, $135 for color and $140 for treatment to salvage the beyond repair hair. And worst still, the hairstylist didn't showed any remorse and just gave me three free samples of anti damage hair oil. I paid close to $500 for a lesson and fried damaged hair. WHICH I THINK I SHOULD NOT EVEN PAY A SINGLE CENT!!!!

Don't trust bloggers, they are sponsored to write courteous words.


If you managed to read my post out of the hundreds other posts, congrats!

Like my title says, Salon Vim is not as good as what you're reading from the bloggers' posts. The bloggers are way too courteous.

Not long before, I was like any other naive girl reading blogs and Instagram, fascinating over the bloggers and their beautiful long shiny healthy hair. #salonvim is viral. This hashtag caught my eye & so I decided to try it out myself, being vain.

I chose 313 Somerset outlet because I noticed all the senior hair stylists are based there. I made an appointment with Ymond Chin, a senior hairstylist mind you. I walked in the salon on 16th July 2014, Wed at 1230hrs with great expectations.My plan was to do a roots rebonding, curls at the ends & get an ombre dye.I arrived punctually, was showed to my chair and served a cup of drink & a pkt of biscuit. I've read bad reviews that some waited 15-30mins for their stylist. Lucky for me, Ymond came up to me in about 10mins. I explained my wish to him & showed him other bloggers' hair that I wanted. He said OK & everything started.But shit, just after the perm, the curls clips were removed, hair was washed, we realized my hair was fried. I think fried is a good word to describe. It was so frizzy, dead and lifeless.. I was saddened. Then Ymond told me it was because I had previously rebonded my hair many times that spoilt my hair.Like wtf, every women out there rebond their hair as many times as me ok!Plus Salon Vim uses Loreal products. It's meant to be good ok.And, him being a SENIOR stylist, he should know that my hair would be fried beforehand instead of saying it after perming has been done? I paid for the knowledge, experience and rank of a senior hairstylist for no reason?Ok, he then suggested to straighten the curly ends. So we went ahead and again it failed. It was too frizzy and damaged. He had no choice but to snip it away. Ok, so we snipped about 2 inches off, until the length of collarbone. I still held the hope to dye my ombre hair color.But again things failed. He snipped off all the frizzy ends until my ear length.My heart dropped. Literally shattered and heartbroken. Disappointed because I never knew this would happen when I entered this highly recommended salon.Even after cutting my hair short and doing a treatment, I still went home with a frizzy damaged hair.The best description of my hair = PUBIC HAIR. Yes, look below and you can imagine how frizz and damaged my hair was when I left the salon with a broken heart at 830pm. Mind you, I sat for 8hrs.What's worst was Ymond only said a word "sorry" at the cashier, gave me three anti-damage repair oil sample and then told me the price he's gonna charge me.$210 for rebonding$135 for color$140 for treatment7% gstAnd 15% discount because I quote a blogger name.In total I paid $470Like hello, I have to pay for the treatment because he fried my hair?I didn't got any further discounts because my hair was fried?I know some of you would say I'm stupid not to fight with them and not pay a single cent. But I was too tired and upset and I was actually afraid to argue back...Went back and my colleagues laughed at new hair. They even told me to write in a complaint so I type an email to them and Ymond called me up to offer compensation. He say he's willing to refund me $170 (dk for what), give me a free treatment and coloring.After all that has been done and how damaged my hair is......Nothing can bring my hair back.

I can only say... $500 买个教训

Never be so naive anymore and trust reviews because they're sponsored.A closer pic of frizz.. But this is day4 of my new hair hence the split ends are improving

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Blog Review

June 06, 2014

Amazing Head Massage

Review for Lilian

So I decided to do a review on Salon Vim. Decided for a haircut at 313 outlet, requested John Tham since he is so popular among the bloggers unfortunately, he will be out of SG so i chose the most available stylist scheduled on next day afternoon and settled wit Lilian. Was quite scared so I went to google about her, found some bloggers' reviews but still.. skeptical about it.

Went down at 3pm, customer service at the counter is alright, asked for my name and asked if it was my first time there. Assigned me to the seat and asked me what drinks do I want, passed me a couple of magazines to read as well.Before I could read finish the whole magazine, it did not take long before Lilian showed up. She asked what do I want to do with my hair, so I told her..After the haircut, she gave me a light hair wash and a good head massage. Felt amazing actually. Later on, she blow dried my hair and gave it a little curl in which I cannot do it alone :( This is how it looks like from the back:Went toilet and took a front view immediately and sent to my bf.. LOL..

Spent $50 for the haircut, and another $50 for their membership. I could use the $50 inside the membership for hair services except wash and blow. I find it worth it since I can get further discount if I recc a friend or additional discount during birthday month.The down side is, the counter girl told me they have finished issuing the card so just quote my hp number will do. I am quite worried that the next visit I go, they will take back their words.Till then, shall review again...


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Blog Review

March 21, 2014

Overall Pretty pleased with the service

Okay basically I went into Salon Vim and asked the senior stylist what he could do for me and I told him of my concerns (that I was afraid my hair would get fried and I didn’t want colours that would wash out to look like “Ah Lian” gold..) and that he could feel free to come up with colours that would suit my skin tone because I was just lost at it…

He looked and thought for a good minute and advised what he would do for me and I agreed. Total it took about 5 hours… from 5:30PM to 10:30PM.. we were so late for our dinner gathering. *blah*

And the price tag…… a whopping $400+ for mine. *faints* I only went bcuz they did not have pre-CNY charges and that I had a 10% off for using my colleague’s member discount. But I only realised the discount was not applicable to alot of things after the service was done.

Overall I was pretty pleased with the service and the colour results tho my only concern was the price.
If you ask if I’ll do it again, wel….maybe yes maybe not… Its kinda like a fashion thing where I’d like to try once but not exactly wanna have vibrant-neon-coloured hair all the time.. You see when the neon colours washes off, it reveals the bleach colour which is somehow not the trendiest type of colour (some how its abit like our old school secondary-school-cheap-bleach-colour kind-of). So yea, maybe……


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Blog Review

February 08, 2014

I totally love love love my new hair

Review for Lilian

Got my hair fix last week and got requested for a review by my FB friends and so here it is.

{This is not a sponsored post, I paid}

I have been pondering how how to fix my hair for it was driving me insane with the fact that its just a blah… no volume, just poor messy coz I’m trying to grow it out. Though of curling the korean way like this, so sweet right? Then I thought sweet is not I am looking for this season. So I search around for colours instead.

Wanted something ash colour for its a cool tone and will suit me much

Though hard and its like shoulder hair length needs more pop than that right? Okie I mean in my opinion la. So googled more and love love love this!

But I swear this is too over right wahahah. Spoke to my stylist and she search around for some colours but it seems meh. So after everything, I scrap all my ideas and went straighten just to tame my natural curls. My curls are only manageable when longer so its back to straight and blah hair. Eventually my mood got stagnant, like all my creative juices were blocked. I look into my wardrobe and didn’t get inspired to mix and match them. Bought new clothes and it just didn’t happen, then I knew the hair patrol needs to intervene. LOL

Googled and got Salon Vim high on the bloggers list and read alot to fiqure that this is worth a try. It’s at 313 which is just opposite my office, makes it so darn convenient to just run in between my makeup/skinacare classes. I got stylist Lilian and she suggested to bleach half my hair. Ya like omg.. I was just think of streaks but nevermind went again with her suggestion. So it was a 3 hours or so ordeal, came with a $400 price tag. Does price and service tally? Nope in my opinion, I had the same cup of green tea for 3 hours. Nobody bothered to top it up or at least check. My last hair treatment at Century Sq at $235 got me nice hot drinks top ups, its not the drink that mattered, Is just about asking. The magazines that was placed on my table was not my preference and I didn’t touch it for 2 hours and well, nobody bothered about it. The last time I paid $400 for my hair, I was a Queen.

But I must say I managed to do their popular Prive treatment and it rocked man! My hair felt fuller coz its a moisture treatment, will recco that if you have the budget. I didn’t do any cut for I was waiting for my hairstylist to be back from UK, would still prefer her. Stylist Lilian and assistant stylist was awesome with no hard selling, I went in knowing that it will not be cheap. Lilian calculated everything with me during my consultantion and we did have a long consult for the colours we should use.

I may give this place 1 more try for touchup .

{But I must comment that the receptionist are just pure cmi. Its like you have nice hair and nice service, then when its time to paid… you feel like how did I ever bother coming in here? Paying $400 is alot of money to get that crap attitude. Anyways, they need to fiqure out that training aspect coz having skills and good product is not everything now. I basically left with a NIL feel good factor, which I think is sad. I had to quote one of our mummy blogger name to get a 10%, (she made it like I don’t deserve it , like wth?) Then I gave her MOTHERKAO and she was going on like “mummther, mommth, m… oh there is no such name” you got it wrong. So I quoted blogger name , and she was like no such person. For crying out loud, mother is M.O.T.H.E.R, (okie u can tell I am not pleased). Her face throughout that 5 torturing minutes was just zzzz. To think I had to dig out my gf’s post and prove to her, then her face finally changed and gave me that 10%. On top of that I HAD TO PAY HER that $360+ , buay siong. Oh may I add, no please, no thank you, no im sorry. NOTHING. It was like I was in a coffeeshop talking to someone on my next table. Then finally, at the end she gave me back my Credit card and pass back to me with a low decibel Thank you, with her eyes ON MY CARD. I was just looking at her waiting for that eye contact. NOTHING. If this post ever goes back to the Salon, I just hope they do a proper training.}

Here is some photos of the hair colour. I did ASH whole head (I believe it was 6.1 colour) and added Purple onto my bleached hair (3/4 of my whole head). It looked blueish for the 1st 3 days and eventually faded to the ideal colour(which I know will continue to fade more). The whole head ASH colour faded and became really pretty. The day 3 and day 4 photos are just wash and casually blow thats why its pretty messy. But you can still see its hair glow, please pardon my hair… I have natural curls that are soon to be back!

I totally love love love my new hair, V says I look like Twighlight and Rarity. I don’t know what she was talking about and googled to find these . wahahah.. I certainly do right!

I totally feel lighter and awesome with my new do, oh did I mention I had to buy colour shampoo, colour conditioner, new hair mask, new hair brush just to maintain my new tresses. New meaning in life for the next few months!!


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Blog Review

December 29, 2013

I do like my new look after it’s done but my curls didn’t quite last till the 3rd day

Review for Gary Chew

As always, what I usually do during the day of my birthday is to get a new hairdo. This year I decided to try the salon all the top bloggers are raving on, Salon Vim. Booked an appointment with one of the directors, Gary Chew. He is nice, friendly and sociable.

Despite the rave created by all top bloggers, I was disappointed with the results. Not that the results is bad, it’s just not as amazing as what you would have expect. Overall I did straightening to the first half of my hair followed by curls on the bottom half and 1 color only to complete the look. To be fair, the service was good until the coloring of my hair when I felt my scalp burning after they applied the dye on it. This is not the first time I do coloring to my hair and I have bleached my hair several times before. I did not tell them about the burning sensation though, thinking that I can hold on for only 30mins. After the wash, I was told that my bottom part of the hair is not able to absorb the color because I have previously dyed black before and now I have a lighter upper head compared to the lower part. It didn’t look ugly but just that it did not turned out to be what I wanted. They told me that I could book another appointment 2 weeks later to do highlights to the lower part of the hair to make it look even. Duh! My curls do look great the point I walked out of the salon after the professionals blowing dry them. I have paid $50 more to become a member so I could enjoy the 15% off + 20% since it’s my birthday month, all in all $550 damage to my wallet. In order to not waste my $50, I am going to return for my highlights. Having said these, I do like my new look after it’s done but my curls didn’t quite last till the 3rd day. Maybe it’s because I did not blow dry like how I was taught to do but overall it is not as great as what I imagined. Well, some things you just got to experience it to know it.


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December 20, 2013

Pretty good experience

Review for Ymond

My virgin trip to salon vim was a pretty good experience. The place was almost crowed when I reached there. I went there for cut, colouring and treatment. Since it was my first time, the staff assign me a senior stylist named Ymond. I was intending to change my boring brown hair to red colour so I told him the type of red I wanted. He patiently explained mixing red and brown colour in order to achieve my desire colour. And oh boy, the colour turned out fantastic! Exactly what I wanted. My hair definitely turned out much smoother after the arimino privy treatment. As for trim, I feel it wasn't really worth it as you can just go to any normal salon… Overall, I paid $380. I must say I am really satisfied with my hair colour! Will head back for colour treatment!


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November 25, 2013

Bad ombre

Review for Lilian

I think it is important that you pick one of the more well-known hairstylists to do your hair. I just went to Salon Vim recently to get an ombre done and since it was my first time I did not have any specific stylist that I preferred. I also thought to myself “all the stylists there should be pretty skilled right?” Apparently I was wrong. After showing some photos and telling the stylist clearly of the style that I want she proceeded to dye my hair. I expected her to use some highly skilled techniques to create a nice ombre but after dyeing the base colour dark brown and bleaching the ends of my hair twice she was done. I thought she would add some highlights here and there to create a nice gradiation of the dark colours to light but that was it. The end result was a really bad ombre. It shouldn’t even be called ombrebecause it doesn’t even look like one. There is an obvious “line” between the dark brown base and blonde ends that just makes my hair look as if my roots have grown out so much and I have not retouched them for ages. The total price was more than $350. It was such a waste of my money. I would have been able to do the same thing she did by using some hair dye and bleach bought from Watsons. I am extremely disappointed and will not come back for a second try at Salon Vim @ 313. As for my hair I have scheduled an appointment at another salon to save my “ombre”. So remember if you want to make an appointment there choose a really well-known stylist and not some amateur worker. (my stylist was Lilian)


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Blog Review

September 29, 2013

They are really good at what they do.

Review for Ivan

To celebrate the end of hell week for a good friend and a brand new start at a new work place she’s being seconded to, we decided to make an appointment to pamper our tresses.

I decided on a Kerastase treatment for my permed ends and it turned out really well.

There are many bloggers who are sponsored by Salon Vim and I used to be one of the skeptics who wondered if Salon Vim was what it put itself out to be.

I went there for the first time three months ago and I was convinced. They are really good at what they do.

The service is warm but not intrusive. My stylist – Ivan is such a gentle soul. He listens, he explains, he suggests and he executes his magic.

As always, Ivan did his magic and my friend looked fabulous with a new colour, haircut and softer flowy hair after the treatment. She was very pleased and so was I.


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Blog Review

August 30, 2013

The end result is beautiful ♡_♡

Review for Joyce

To be honest, I don’t really care about what your opinion of my hair is because all I want to do is to have fun with my hair while I can. I mean, why should I take myself so seriously when I still have the time to be young? If I don’t do it now, then when?

I am definitely aware that darker hair colours like brown naturally suit me better (I am, after all, Asian) but I really want to do something crazy with my hair while I can just because I’m young. Once I graduate from poly and start working, I probably won’t have the chance to experiment with colours like blonde anymore.

The last time I did something crazy was when I had my green hair, which I dyed blue eventually (I haven’t blogged about yet :X). I also dip-dyed my hair purple before but I really wouldn’t recommend doing it at that salon because they did not deliver what I had in mind and I felt that I could have done a better job myself :X Anyway, I decided that I don’t want wild colours anymore because they are hard as fuck to maintain; my green hair faded into a mess of green and brown within two weeks.

I wanted to dye/bleach my hair blonde a long time ago but I was really scared of the pain from bleaching and I also wanted to do more research before settling down on a salon since it’s kinda a major decision. After months of thorough research, I settled down with Salon Vim. NOTE: This is not an advertorial and I am in no way sponsored. I called them for an appointment since I read that they are quite popular, and I told them that any stylist will do because it’s my first time there and I have no preference.

Joyce Wan attended to me when I was there and I have to say that she’s really patient and detailed with her explanation! I showed her a rough picture of what I wanted and she broke down the price of everything for me, and informed me of all the on-going promotions. There was no hard-selling and I really have nothing but praise for the salon (except that it was really pricey :X).

After Joyce quoted me a price and I agreed to it, the first round of bleaching began.

My hair was in such a ridiculous shade of orange after the first round of bleaching that Yingying joked that I’m the lion king after I told her I feel like a lion wtf. After washing off the bleach, off I went for a second round of bleaching to get rid of the stubborn blue left in my hair.

As I mentioned that I am actually quite afraid of the pain I’ll get from bleaching my hair, Joyce suggested to only dye the area near my scalp. So, thankfully, the process wasn’t painful and the occasional times that the bleach touched my skin was just itchy and not painful.

After the second round of bleaching, my hair came out yellow -___- Okay I gotta admit that at this point in time, I was really afraid that nothing can save my hair and I’ll have to walk out with this horrible colour HAHA. But Joyce returned with a toner and hair dye and I trusted my hair in her hands.

The end result is beautiful ♡_♡ I’m sorry Joyce, I shouldn’t have doubted you TT___TT (Joyce is the one on the left by the way. She told me that she had blonde hair before too and that blonde is a really fun colour ^_^) She then politely asked if she can curl my hair for me and take photos of it so I agreed to it and gosh, I think she has magical hands.

I mean just look at this. Look at how my hair turned out! It was better than expected :’) To be honest I really wanted to hug her so much for making my hair so wonderfully perfect :’) My hair is so long and thick that at one point in time, three stylists were needed to blow dry my hair but none of them complained and they were all really patient with me.

One thing I get asked a lot is the condition of my hair, especially because I dye my hair colours so often. My hair is still quite healthy and relatively smooth despite everything that I put it through. I’ll just say that I’m blessed with good genes; I would like to thank my parents because both of them have really strong and thick hair :B I wouldn’t recommend anyone to change their hair colour so often though.

I paid a total of SGD $427 for all the services (bleaching twice, colouring, and application of serum before the bleaching) and the membership which lasts a lifetime. I would say that it’s really pricey but their service makes me feel that it’s worth it and I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing so I think you might as well pay more for a reputable salon rather than go to a cheap salon which screws your hair up :X

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Blog Review

August 26, 2013

Overall, really love the color of my hair now

Review for Luis

It was on last friday. I went to Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset to get my hair done.
I’ve never went there before, but a lot of good review from bloggers on how good
their hairdressers and hair treatments that they have,
and now it’s my turn to try it!

After a long discussion with my hairstylist, Luis, I decided on Wine Red color!

The treatment repair the inner part of your hair, and it took less than an hour!
my hair became super soft and doesn’t look dry anymore! yayy!

After coloring, wash, cut, and treatment, here’s the result!

Overall, I really love the color of my hair now, and the treatment is a must try! make my hair look
so smooth. I’m VERY satisfied with the service as well, very proffesional!


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August 18, 2013

I am very satisfied

Review for Fiona

So, after reading many good reviews/seeing prettyyyy hair pictures from sponsored bloggers on Instagram + the fact that they had this 30% off promotion, I decided to get a friend to go with me to do hair treatment at Salon Vim!Also because I’m starting to get frequent hair fall and have tangled hair so often.I used to have smooth smooth hair and have no problems/any issues with tangled hair before so I was feeling really sad. Although my reviews came from sponsored bloggers but I was thinking of trying it out anyway since they have a 30% promo going on. No harm trying.

While making our appointment they asked whether we have any preferred stylists (if i remember correctly) As it was our first visit, they had to assign random stylists to us. From your 2nd visit onwards when you make your hair appointment, can just quote your stylist. I like this idea of being able to use the same stylist because I feel they will know more of what you want since they are the ones who always work on your hair. (btw,my stylist is Fiona and I was impressed by her crazy colored hair from my first visit)

Anyway both of us tried the highly raved Arimino Privy treatment and we were both pretty amazed and super happy after that. First time visiting a high-end hair salon and I am really impressed by the services provided.Except the fact that the receptionists were kind of rude, the stylists and assistants are all pretty nice. We were given a drink (choose tea/coffee/milo or plain water) and a pack of biscuits once we sat down. Had to wait for a little while for our respective stylists and they actually took time to understand what we want and our hair conditions. My stylist recommend the coloring as she also saw that I didnt do much stuffs to my hair before there was a 30% promo going on but my friend is not really interested in coloring and I didn’t want to make her wait too long so eventually I only went for the treatment + cut. Was damn tempted though however it was a busy month at work and I couldn’t afford to take another day of leave in July (the promo ends 31 July) so I had to give up the idea of coloring my hair.
Expressed my concern on my tangled hair which keeps falling. My stylist checked and explained that my scalp was considered healthy and the hair fall is probably is probably due to hair breakage when I comb my hair. (I assume it is cause my hair is too tangled and when I comb through it, I pull and break my hair in the process)

She also asked about my usual hair routine (I shampoo and condition everyday,hair mask once to twice a week). She added that I can buy and use a leave-in condition after drying and before blowing my hair.I quite liked it that they don’t hard sell their products but only recommend products which was not in my usual routine. Thumbs up for that as I have heard that there are some salons which will keep promoting the products in their salon.

Both of us signed up as member and we were both super happy with our smooth smooth hair after that. Mad love pls 5 years since I last colored my hair. Did red highlights previous at a nearby neighborhood salon and my hair because damn dry/damaged and I never ever went back to any salons ever to do any coloring after that. :X Salon Vim really changed my mind and attitude on hair coloring 

Mad happy lehhh!Again they blow dry my hair till veryyy niceeee! My stylist was busier on my second visit though and could only help to recommend/advise the color,the cutting/trimming and at the end blow dry my hair.But I am still satisfied that she took the time to sit down with me and discuss about what I wanted to do and provided her professional knowledge/advise.She also came by from time to time and check on my progress and that everything is okay.

The coloring/treatment was done by another assistant who was really nice also!After coloring she asked whether my scalp feels okay,in the middle of treatment she also asked if I’m hungry etc and she could get me milo/more biscuits if I am.When washing my hair she was also concerned if the temperature is okay for me etc. Double thumbs up and I definitely will be back for future hair treatments.

And now I have ombre hair! Boldest hair color ever but I am very satisfied. Trying not to feel too in love with my color cause it will fade eventually but it always make me mad happy looking at it wahahhaha.Too bad I cant share the picture here.Sorry for the loooong review but I’m so excited and happy after doing my hair treatment at this salon!


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June 23, 2013

First trip to Salon Vim has been great!

Review for Allen

Yesterday I had a hard time convincing myself to get a haircut. Seeing how overwhelming the salons in JEM was made me hesitate, no idea why. So today in town, I’ve decided, TO EFFIN CUT MY DAMN !@#$%^&*( HAIR!

Wanted to enter Shunji but it was…..crowded. Chose Salon Vim instead, and I didn’t regret! It costed slightly more than Shunji Matsuo but meh, I wouldn’t mind paying more for even quieter environment! It didn’t feel as stressful too!

Before hair cut, and I was totally nervous. My heart skips skips skips a beat

Had a good wash and the head massage was awesomeeee.

It was just awkward to be having the public to see my washed hair…. you know that after-I-bath-and-my-unglam-hair kinda feel…. But everything was good. The stylists tended me fast enough, and my stylist Allen had a chat with me over my hair which made me feel much more comfortable and less tense! The lady that blow-dried my hair told me my hair was nice HAHA I was flattered, bc it’s praised by someone professional! How can I not appreciate that comment? Once in a lifetime man.

My stylist also offered to curl my hair a little, and fret not, it’s temporary.

First trip to Salon Vim has been great! My virgin experience in a atas salon. They didn’t promote their products to me, ask me to do this and that, which I’m very grateful for! Instead, they’ll ask things like, ‘Are you doing your treatments today?’, ‘What would you like to do’, and if you wna dye your hair, they’ll give you suggestions! Soooo nice 

P.S: This is NOT a sponsored post. All comments are coming from my personal virgin experience! And do note that I’m a very picky and demanding person when it comes to haircuts and stuff like that! <3


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June 23, 2013

Extremely pleased with the services

Review for Katherine Sia

Read some thumbs-up reviews so I had my tresses fixed at Salon Vim on Thursday! If you’re a constant reader, you’d probably know my last visit to a salon was last year’s Dec @ Cleo Hair! My hair was at its worst condition due to bleaching, so I snap about 3 to 4 inches of my hair away……… Also had some trimming done so that it will be easier for me to maintain them.

See the huge difference? My hair was like some hay (all the frizziness & split-ends eww) and after snapping & doing their Arimino Privy treatment, it’s 100% better. It’s smoother and and my fingers can run through them easily. You can witness the drastic changes in the above & upcoming pictures!

So bff & I went down to Salon Vim @313 around 12.40pm. Took quite some time to decide the Summer colours with Katherine (stylist who served me). I told her I wanted some ashy colours for the base so she suggested Magenta Red for the highlights! She’s a sweet and friendly lady so look for her if you wanna have your hair done! Firstly was to chop off my hair before I do my base and highlights!

had my hair snap off!

all the while I had trouble reaching out for my gongcha LOL

and then my base.

finally got my hand on it

After washing off the colors… Time for Arimino Privy Treatment! I was having fun alone, blowing away the smoke cause it was going all over my face. And the blue led is cool.

Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the services over there. How patient the stylists (who served me) were, how suggestive and caring they are! Not to forget about the results of my hair-makeover, I’M TOTALLY LOVING IT!!! <3 A sentence to sum it up, IT'S TOTALLY worth the price!

If you are interested in having your hair done, go to Salon Vim! They are having the GSS Special from 1st June till 31st July for the listed services below DON'T MISS IT!

Love how they blow-dry my hair, with the tail curling inwards . Beautiful hair deserves to be capture before it's gone!


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May 29, 2013

Quite worth it bcos my hair very nice

When to dye my hair & did some treatment at Salon Vim. It freaking cost $500+!!!!!!!! But ok la, quite worth it bcos my hair very nice. But the picture cannot see clearly.


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May 09, 2013

The hairs are much more obedient now, i’m so glad i could drop a tear.

Review for Fiona

i got the arimino privy treatment done on my hair, it’s a new technique from Japan. yeaps i’ve been good and i listened when the girl there explained to me. it’s a 3 step procedure and it leaves your hair smooth and frizz free. check out the picture on my instagram if you haven’t.

the hairs are much more obedient now, i’m so glad i could drop a tear. Thank you salon vim and yellow-coloured hair stylist FIONAAAAA 

gonna tame the hair and grow them. i think i overdyed and spoilt my hair ;( gonnna feed them well nowww.


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April 25, 2013

I absolutely LOVE it

Review for Allen

A few weeks ago, I had to get my hair done because my producer for Toggle TV insisted I chop off those dry ends because I was filming the next day! To be honest, my hair was looking like an overgrown patch of grass and needed a bit of refreshment. I’ve seen so many posts on Salon Vim @ 313 Somerset and had to go try them out. I was a little nervous, but seriously, look what happened to my hair:

I absolutely LOVE it! I was so suprised to see the end result. Perfect length and the curls are now making me want to curl my hair every day (I’ve actually been doing just that) and I just realised how important your hair is to getting a fabulous look! I mean if you have no make up on and good hair is better than having make-up on with bad hair! Right?

They first gave me a good hair wash. I love getting my hair professionally washed. It’s always a great massage and the shower of water feels great. Although sometimes it tickles.

After the wash, my hairstylist, Allen, proceeded to cut away and give me layers. I insisted on still wanting long hair as I always do so I just wanted him to cut off any dry ends and give me more layers. I really didn’t know what I was talking about though since I get more facials done in a year than haircuts. He was really professional and knew what he was doin’! It was cool that he was cutting while my hair was wet. He said this was easier to see. Great tip!

Then I got a treatment which would really help hydrate my hair and make it look shiny and new again. One of his assistants applied the treatment product on sections of my hair including a pre-treatment and then the actual treatment consisted of me having my hair steamed! Look at that steam machine!

Then, I got a good blow dry and even when it was straight, it’s a great length. He then gave me a few curls using the curling tongs and I felt like I could go to the Oscars already. I’ve never seen my hair like this before, total hair transformation and no one has curled my hair this nicely before. It really made me see my hair as a new outlet, not just doing make-up, but hair really adds such a big difference!

Overall, I just wanted to thank Allen, my wonderful Salon Vim hairstylist. I’ve seen so many girls get their hair coloured there like ombre or blue and green highlights but to be honest, I’m not that experimental with color. I like my hair black as the night. I’ve gotten my hair brown before but it was done badly – maybe all I have to do is see what Salon Vim can do! Let me know if you have any suggestions for my hair!

The hype for Salon Vim is totally justified. I give it my thumbs up totally. Very professional, knows what they are doing and can give you totally amazing hair. You can find them in Singapore @313 Somerset in town on level #04-07/08/09!


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March 29, 2013

I could really feel my hair softer, stronger and it’s not frizzy right now

Review for Katherine Sia

Yes, @ Salon Vim 313. It was my first time to get my hair done @ SalonVim & I’ve been really looking forward to it.

Honestly, kinda excited & a little nervous when i got there. New to all the hair stylist and i was alone so like duh, i’m a little afraid. So my hair was done by Katherine, I asked to do a hair treatment & I tried their chemistry cocktail treatment. I’ve previously read about one of the blogger; francesca (http://itsfranxcesca.blogspot.sg/2013/03/goodbye-red.html) went for the hair treatment & the effect was really visible. My hair was really pretty much damaged from all the perming dyeing and since i haven’t had a hair cut for a long long time my hair was really getting frizzy & messy.

After the treatment I could really feel my hair softer stronger and it’s not frizzy right now! Of courseI did got for a hair cut too as my hair had a visible 2 layers due to previous hair cut after perming (so as to get the effects of the perm). After the hair cut it was a lot better too.

after hair treatment
after hair wash @ home

Thanks Katherine & Salon Vim for this awesome treatment! Can’t wait to go back next month for my hair coloring!


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