Song de Spa @ Far East Plaza

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  • Effective deep-tissue and lymphatic massage
  • Friendly owner
  • Central location


  • Upselling present
  • Dim, Small, Stuffy and possibly noisy rooms
  • Painful ineffective tummy massage

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December 04, 2015

No more headache after the massage

i was in orchard road and having slight headache that day. got to wait for my friend to knock off and so had some time to "waste"

 went looking for a massage shop in Far East Plaza and decide to try.

The shop's appearance does not look attractive but yes, the massage was very very good. was massaged by Kelly and i like the strength she used. she was also very quick to point out where my tension muscles were -> a sign of good therapist

after the massage, no more headache!

she was also not pushy to me to get their packagea place i would go back again. dont mind paying ala carte prices for their services.

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July 16, 2013

Very skillful massage

Book for an appointment at 11am days before the actuall massage although they did not call and confirm for the session, it was fine. I am not fussy. As long a there’s vacancies.

Was a little late for the massage and the ladies seems a little bored waiting.
I bought the $18 voucher wow for the deep tissue massage. Apparently look a little sleazy but it was a fantastic massage well done. Didn’t have high expectation when I hard my sister say it’s so-so.

However I think the massuer really make a big difference. My friend said her massure is just touch and go but mine was really good. I even wanted to tip her for her very skillful massage. That’s good! Honestly I am a big fan of massage, been to many massage place, overseas and local, I left with a package cause I felt it was damn gd and value for money!

Bought it at a student package $40 for 5 sessions. Very worth it! Ask for May when you guys go over and try to choose off peak timing or in the morning when they are most energetic.
Good luck!


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This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.