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  • Reasonable prices
  • Generally good feedback about Sophia, who is highly skilled and experienced
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  • Upselling exists
  • Not all therapists are as skilled as Sophia

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December 09, 2014

Most unskillful threading

Had the worst service with Sophia's Brow House today at Marine Parade branch. A china lady did the eyebrow threading for me. It was the most unskillful threading I have ever met. She slowly pulled her thread every single time (OUCH!), and she broke the thread at least twice (the thread snapped onto me eyes, like, seriously). Her attitude and service was equally bad. I used to like Sophia Brow House and their service, but their service and professionalism seem to have declined drastically these days.


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August 27, 2014

Waste of money!

like some other reviewers, i bought a $16 deal off for their brazillian wax + aloe treatment.

it was a huge waste of money and time, and i left the place without accomplishing what i came for: TO GET IT ALL OFF DOWN THERE. the therapist literally did a half-arsed job.

first, the therapy room was small, cramped and dark. there was a small plastic sheet covering a stacked pile of towels where I was supposed to put my butt on. i did, but it was uncomfortable as your head was left tilting up and back.

second, the therapist, a mature lady, was SO inexperienced. of all the times i had a wax done, this was the first time the pain was actually unbearable. i put this down to the low quality wax used that caused the strips to TEAR APART and leave them in small patches in the sensitive area. she actually had to use her nails to pry those patches off my skin. ouch.

third, she told me that it made no sense to use another wax strip since there was just a little bit of hair left. so she proceeded to start tweezing them out one by one. it was bearable for awhile, but it started to hurt as she started to tweeze more and more. i looked down, and there was still a lot of hair left down there. she actually had the intention to tweeze all of them out, and kept telling me "just a little bit more". it was NOT just a "little bit".

fourth, it was not a full brazillian wax. she didn't wax around the anus.

fifth, the "aloe treatment" was just a wet tissue that she handed to me to clean myself up.

i left the place with some of my hair still there, and WAX still clinging to my sensitive areas.


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terrible, waste of money! the place should hire better trained staff or not bother in this line anymore!

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Yes agreed on this. Been calling them for 4 days. No one pick up the call. Stupid service! 


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Sep 24, 2014


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August 01, 2014

Had my money back

I bought a voucher on for a supposed "$16 for 1 Session Of Brazilian Waxing + Aloe Vera Post-Treatment Gel".

Called them the day before specifying it is for brazilian waxing and went to the appointment on time. I gave them my voucher. No clients were there but they made me wait for 30 min.They took me to the room. Made me wait 10 more minutes until I started complaining. Then the woman arrived and said take off your shirt and put your cap on your hair. I said it is for WAXING not for massage. Of course the wax wasn't ready. She plugged it. I decided to be patient a bit more. After 20 min, wax was still hard like a stone. She was trying to get some wax from the pot. Then, with a half finger nail of wax, she tried to wax me. Didn't know where to put the wax and how. Hesitating. Wax is hard already. So again tried to take some wax from the pot. Then put the wax on me. and try to remove it but the other way around! so not even one hair has been extracted. Then I said stop. Totally unprofessional, I lost 1 hour 30 minutes and came back home with all my hair. They wanted to do my and IPL session instead. WHY DO YOU SELL VOUCHERS FOR WAXING IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO OFFER THIS SERVICE? Not prepared, not schooled for this. Had my money back.


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June 15, 2014

Last a week

i bght a voucher for eye lash extension after reading good reviews. mine is did by Amy at LS street. it take about 1 hr. the process is ok. no feeling when she was doing. the eye lash extension only last me a week plus. it fass off while pluck alot strand of my original lash :(.


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June 05, 2014

Screwed up my eyebrow

I went to Liang Siah Street branch. Amy attended to me. She kept insisting on doing what she want to my eyebrows, she kept stopping me from saying what I want. She kept saying that she is good and I should trust her. So I did, WHICH WAS A HUGE MISTAKE, CAUSE SHE SCREWED UP MY EYEBROWS. One side was high and long, the other side was low and short. The mistake was SO OBVIOUS that the customer after me, saw my eyebrows, stood up and left. And she took DAMN LONG TO DO MY EYEBROWS, 20MINS JUST FOR ONE SIDE.

When I pointed it out to AMY that my eyebrows were screwed. She just kept on denying and insisted that it was even. I cant believe it that the MISTAKE WAS SO OBVIOUS & YET SHE STILL LIE TO MY FACE JUST TO COVER UP HER OWN ASS. I got mad and ask her straight to her face: "how long have you been working here?!". She couldn't even reply me. Afterwards, she gave me some bullshit excuse saying that she been an eyebrow beautician for years, but just started working at Sophia Brow House. If she is an eyebrow beautician for years, wouldn't she at least have the most basic skill in speed for eyebrow threading? EYEBROW THREADING IS THE MOST BASIC TECHNIQUE, YET SHE CAN SCREW IT UP.

She insist on "fixing it" for me. Before that, she kept insisting that it was even, why would she insist on fixing it up afterwards. Such a bullshit actress. However, I had no choice, so I allowed it, which only resulted in her messing it up even more. AMY THEN STARTED TO BLAME MY EYEBROWS, SAYING THAT IT IS BECAUSE MY EYEBROWS HAVE TOO LITTLE HAIR!!! WHAT DOES MY EYEBROWS HAVING TOO LITTLE HAIR GOT TO DO WITH THE SHAPE THAT YOU CREATED?! The shape was controlled by her, yet she blames me!!! WTH!Instead of apologising, AMY kept yapping on that its my eyebrows fault. I got seriously mad, and demanded for Sophia's number to file a complaint. That was when AMY panic and kept apologising and begging me not to call. I called SOPHIA to file a complaint, only to have her casually apologise and trying to brush off this whole incident. Such complaint cases must be a frequent event, that SOPHIA CANNOT BE BOTHERED TO FIX THE SITUATION. Throughout the conversation, SOPHIA kept on "sighing" and "tsk-ing", with the voice tone of boredom. When I pointed it out to her insincere apology, she just replied me: "So? What are you going to do about it?".

I believe through my experience, I don't think they give a shit about creating or maintaining customer relationships. I will not recommend people to go to Sophia Brow House for the following reasons:

- Chances of getting untrained beauticians, with possibly no experience at all.

- Rude beauticians

- Chances of getting your eyebrows screwed up.


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June 13, 2013

Uneven eyebrow

I got mine done at TPY branch by Jessie last 31May13.

She drew my brows according to her will, she asked me if i like it and told her can you draw a different one on my other brow with the shape i personally wanted but she answered no need as what she made already fits me. so i was like thinking why she even asked me in the first place if she only want it her own way.. BTW, i need to let u know i have paid by installment because Jessie said I could. She offered me the 480sgd and i paid first 300sgd so i need to pay the other 180 during my touch up at the end of this month.. solely because of that, i give in about the brow shape that Jessie did for me. She applied the numbing cream right after i said okay and during the procedure i felt a little pain and said the numbing cream seems wearing off but she didnt say a thing.. thinking again i am paying by installment so i might not have the right to further ask for the numbing cream, i even ask if i could choose my brow color but all the staff at TPY said no need, the color they will use is very nice. i swear i wanted to go out if only she didnt over shave my brows right from the start.. now my problem is this..... My right brow is longer than my left brow!!!! and the right brow is pointing down south while the other brow resembles like a straight line... My hubby keeps on laughing at me while my friends felt sorry for me.. I sure did payby installmnt but i dont think its right to have an awful service like this! i also asked as to when i could do the free facial thats included with the 480 ackage but Jessie said i just come back some other day like are u okay????after what uve done u got the face to tell me that!!! now my dilemma is i have to go back to have my touch up this month end but i dun want Jessie to do it for me... what to do??????I am planning to call Sophia bthis weekend and hoping i could have some help :( I so regret of aiming to look beautiful :((


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My brow was done by a lady call Apple.. quite a lot blogger wrote good comments of her thats why i decided to find her and give it a try ,. she's really professional about her skill .. last week i went to Sophia Brow house and find her but she;s not there anymore.. she's now open another beauty saloon and somewhere Toa Pa YOh .This is her phone number 91827946 . Hope this will help you :)

you can go online search for her review.. Tammy's brow also done by her ..


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Oct 31, 2013

Choo liang lai

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June 06, 2013

Definitely fail way beyond standards

Stumbled upon this website while looking for reviews of Sophia Brow House (SBH). Went to SBH (Liang Seah St) after booking an appointment for EE. Consultant was Rachel. She spoke alot of Chinese which was difficult for me to understand.
Like any other EE procedure, she drew a shape using a pencil to see which shape I preferred. I preferred the one on my right brow more so I asked her to do it accordance to my right eye. She said okay. When applying the numbing cream, she kept pushing me to do the CE instead because she said first timers should always do CE. And that meant I had to spend another 300+. Btw I was using a groupon voucher which was 38$ for the eyebrow embroidery.
So anyways, during the process, I told her the numbing cream was wearing off, she just asked me to close my eyes. Anyone should know that when the cream wears off it pricks into your skin. No numbing cream added. She then asked me if I would like to have my facial moles removed. I said no. After the procedure was done. I was very unsatisfied with my brows because one was longer than the other and another arch was higher. It wasnt just me that thgt so. I brought along a friend for a second opinion. I told rachel that it was uneven and she said first time doing it wont be perfect. Seriously? wtf? So she tried pushing her touch up sessions which would cost 400 for 4 sessins. kept pushing me to buy this package and it was only for a limited till today. Should i come back next week the deal wiill not be offered to me. well, my sis was gonna head down the next week and i couldve discussed with her before getting back to them. and likewise, if my sis were to do her brows with them. im pretty sure they would’ve asked her the same. Just like how they like to be soo damn pushy about everything. I then asked another consultant to advice me on my uneven brows. she too tried to push the touch up sessions. Yes i understand that EE needs touching up. but this doesnt mean that if i dont sign your packages you do a bad job just to make me return. either way, i will return to do a touch up. but judgin by how badly my brows were done i’d def NOT return to SBH. never. Last, She applied aftercare cream to my brows and asked me to pay 28$. Did not pre advice me of this and assumed I’d need this cream. What to do? Just pay.
The china staff in the Liang seah shop are waaaaaaaaay too pushy.DO NOT ever go to that outlet unless you wanna have fugly brows. If you really wanna do under SBH, you can at your risk!

Side note: I think poor service is given because I’m using a voucher. But so what? Voucher does not mean service is compromised. You can try and pushb your products and stuff (not over pushy) yet still do a good job! How do you expect me to revisit SBH when the brows are not even done well? If I were a mystery shopper, this outlet / service staff / consultant would definitely fail way beyond standards.

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totally experienced the exact the experience.. they tought i could not understand mandarin.. they basically complaining about the voucher and many things... cannot confirm to much on what they were complaining coz my mandarin is limited.. again, they are trying to ask me to pay $28 for the small tube of cream which i suspect it's only vaseline.. and i rejected coz i cannot stand their service anymore.. trying to ask me whether i want to remove my mole... but it wasnt a mole, it is freckles.. how in the world they can remove freckles.. totally unprofessional.. ended up walking out from the shop and everyone there just ignored me coz i refused to pay $28 for the cream..


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Oct 15, 2013


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May 31, 2013

I look hideous right now

Skill was pretty good, although i think it's a little too dark and thick. Hoping it will fade off soon to get a more natural look. I look hideous right now. A lot of upselling, had a hard time rejecting them as they are very persistent. Forced me to buy a scar cream for $28 when i didn't want to. I requested for my brows to be thinner and lighter, they then drew my brows again for me which i was quite satisfied. But after it is done (Creative eyebrow) , it is exactly the shape it was in the beginning which i wasn't very satisfied with.


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Min Yi

May 10, 2013

There were air bubbles on my nails

Eyebrow design consultation - The consultant gave me some good advise but when it came to the act she shaved off abit too much....

Nails - Not so good. There were air bubbles on my nails. Went there in April 2013


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April 01, 2013

Love the new shape

I finally did it!!
After some reading up and research over 1 day (yes just 1 day!) i read thru many reviews and finally chose Sophia.
I wanted to go to Amy from No. 1 salon at Bishan but the waiting time is too long (31st July)
I then saw many reviews about this “sophia”. Initally I called up Sophia from The Best Beauty Centre (TPY outlet) and make an appt. Lucky lucky i read thru many other forums and saw some negative reviews on cozycot. Apparentlythe real Sophia used to work in TBBC and then she opened her own shop called Sophia Brow House. I am not sure abt the service and quality at TBBC but there are some bad reviews online. So I cancel my appt at TBBC and read up more on Sophia Brow House. Read thru the comments here (really useful so thank you!)
After some thought i decided to go to Bugis Sophia Brow House. (they have outlets in Marine parade and TPY too). Made an appt and went down last thursday.
I saw Sophia hp and called her for the appt and specifically requested for her to do it. She will take a picture first then design my brows. Once I am satisfied with it she put on the numbing cream and start treatment after that.
I did creative embroidry – $480 (includes 1 FOC touch up and 1 facial and 1 cream). I also remove one of my small mole on my face for additional $30. Total spent :$510.
I was a little not used to the eyebrows initally as the 1st two to 3 days are really dark and thick and my husband was laughing at it! But luckily I did it over the Good Friday long weekend and by Monday it is perfect!
It is not so dark and really look good now. I love the new shape and no need to draw my eyebrows at all. Only thing is there is some peeling now and i am now worried that it will not last so long. it really fades fast for me… not sure why too… my skin is oily. it fades faster for oily skin.


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March 22, 2013

Awesome brow treatment

I always have problems about brows. I’m born with almost brow-less which I think some girls and guys have the same problems. And it is such a hassle to always draw my brows. It is always not neatly drawn so Sophia Brow House came to solve my problem. They have a few outlet but I often visit Marine Parade. It’s very nearthe bus stop where the 7-11 is. My eyebrow artist is Sharon. Please make appointment before heading down if you want her to do your brows or any service for you. She’s very busy with appointment. Thank God I called before heading down the other day. The first time I went, she introduced the different types of embroidery to me. this allows me to decide what I want. Next she will draw the shape of brow that your face suit most with eyebrow pencil. If you are happy with the shape she drew for you, she will start the process.

I will not diclose how much I paid and the service I did here. Sharon was nice to always offer me with promotion and all. Please tell her that you read my post and came down for her service so the next time I can discuss with her to give my readers a special promotion as well.

Oh, you may want to try their facial. It’s really good. But I dislike all the squeezing of my pimples. I was really in pain when she did the squeezing of it! But the result was awesome.Yes, I just said it’s AWESOME! I’ll post up some pictures for you to see.


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Blog Review

May 10, 2012

I felt tat the brow colour is a bit light after it peeled

I decided to try sophia's brow house n i like my brows alot better! (looked a bit thick at first but very natural after it has faded. dont really like too thin brows)! painless experience is great too! BUT one thing tat is not very good is I felt tat the brow colour is a bit light after it peeled.. maybe thats y its better go back for a touch up again before i fly back to japan but I usually do not have enough time for it.


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