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  • Integration of tcm and sports science in massages
  • Central locations
  • Unisex spa


  • Variable service quality
  • Significant hardselling
  • Variation in quoted prices

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October 16, 2014

Unprofessional service

I think that service standards was Unprofessional, from the way the service was promoted, to how the booking phone call was handled, to the poor attitude of the receptionists handling the issue. I was unable to receive a treatment that I paid for and of course felt cheated. The massage was uncomfortable as the masseuse only repeated the same action on the same spot for 15 minutes. One of the most disappointing spa experiences, unfortunately.


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I totally agreed with you. I hated the service as the front desk is not friendly at all.


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Mar 10, 2015


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September 18, 2014

Sales lady's behavior was so shocking and rude

I signed up for a free massage under a UOB deal and went to Spa Elements Ion without great expectations. I just thought, "why not?" I was served ginger tea at the waiting area and was told by the sales lady that the tea was "world famous". That was when I had that creeping feeling I was going to be stuck for a round of BS. Within two minutes of sitting at the waiting area, the sales lady approaches me with a little vial of lavender body oil asking if I would like to top up to add lavender essential oil to my massage. I was keen at first but then she told me it would cost $38. I thought the price was atrocious (especially after seeing how some of you can get deals for a full massage at that price). Seeing my reaction, she then offers it at $28. I absolutely hate it when people bargain with me, so I said no.

I went on for the massage. No ampoule although that was supposed to be part of the deal, which is fine to me, because, well it's a free session right? And then I saw the vial of massage oil they were using. The bottle was the same size as the one for the lavender oil, but only 10-20% filled. That really made me wonder why I needed to pay $38 for a full bottle of lavender oil, when they only needed that tiny bit for my entire body! Thankfully, the masseur was pleasant and quiet.

But once I stepped into the reception area... here's the exact conversation.

"First time here? Wanna sign package for steam room? 1 time $55, minimum times 10 times" woah. woman. i have not even seen the steam room, have i? I just had a massage.

i replied, "let me consider"

sales lady: "6 times?"

me: "i don't like being pressured."

sales lady: "1 time?"

me: "no.. i have some other packages to complete and i do not want to put another one on my card"

sales lady: "if you have other packages, why you still come here and go to other spa places? you need to pay? complimentary session ah? ok, thanks for coming, bye." and then looks down at whatever she was working on.

I am still so shocked at her behavior. To be fair to myself, i have gone for a free facial at Prive clinic, the service was great and i ended up signing up for a package on the very day (and it was not some lame steam room package). The sales tactics at Spa Elements, however, are disgusting. This sales lady's behavior was so shocking and rude and I believe she is a senior salesperson there. the only reason i still tolerated her was because she was a fair bit older than I am. Well done Spa Elements.


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July 07, 2014

You get what you pay for

YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR (perhaps less) Went to Spa Elements Cathay last week for a "Customised Diamond facial" promotion (S$26 for a supposedly UP$280 facial), courtesy of DBS bank.

Same old story about pushy beauticians only interested in selling you extra packages, but are actually not any better than you doing a DIY mask treatment yourself at home.

Kept saying "see, much better on this side after this treatment…" about three times during the facial, showing me the mirror each time, but I cannot honestly see any difference, I just did not want to speak up out of politeness.

Promotion also included a complimentary Stem Cell Body/ Face Ampoule (UP$60) for Cathay customers (no ampoule for ION customers), but when I asked, beautician cunningly said "oh, only if it is appropriate for your skin type, we will see first, okay…". After I declined all the additional treatments she advised, no surprises there, I DID NOT get the advertised ampoule.

What I got for $26 and 75 mins: Cleansing, Diamond treatment (suction type device held over your face for 2-3 mins), facial massage, mask, cleansing, moisturiser.

This facial is definitely NOT worth it's supposed 'Usual Price' of $280. Diamond facial had absolutely no effect on my combination skin with minor pigmentation problems.

My advise: Don't go expecting more than what you are actually paying. Don't expect any special treatment especially after you decline their additional packages. I'm just glad I didn't book/pay for a treatment package with Spa Elements. I have also cancelled subsequent booking I made with their sister spa, Spa Infinity at Far East Shopping Centre.


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June 13, 2014

Super pissed and disgusted

I am super pissed and disgusted by Spa Elements at ION. Below is the letter I drafted on my iPad to sent to case but CASE can only accept 100 words online complaint, unless I go down to CASE personally. I would like to complain about Spa Element ION and for the authority to investigate about their business antics and ethics. I signed up for a diamond peel package with Spa Ion after I came for a diamond peel session with a purchased groupon voucher. As I had other packages with other company, I had initially not want to sign up any package with Spa Element ION. However, after a lot of convincing by the sales lady who told me how very suitable the diamond peel is for me, I signed up in the end.  During the my visit earlier this week, i intended to use diamond peel package for my skin to smoothen it to prepare for a wedding shoot. But the company beautician told me diamond peel is not suitable for dry skin. In the end I have to use 2 of my package sessions for one session of a particular facial the therapist recommended. I told the therapist I have wedding shoots and i would like to do a diamond peel to smoothen the skin but she told me that dry skin is not suitable for diamond skin and she assured me that what she proposed was good and the mask can cool the face down. But it was more expensive and I have to use 2 of my paid sessions of this one session she proposed. Since she said diamond peel is not suitable, I had no choice as I was already lying on the therapy session bed. My face was still inflamed and red the next day. I was horrified as i had wedding shoot in the studio the next day morning. After being convinced to  pay double vs what i originally signed up for,  it was very disappointing for the results. But the worst is being lied to that diamond peel is no good for my skin as it was dry. I have checked with my friends, my therapist from other salon and I have googled online as well. Diamond peel can be used for dry skin. In fact, i even called Spa Elements main line and asked if diamond peel is suitable if my skin is dry and the lady told me yes it is good to remove the dry or dehydrated skim with diamond peel. Yet what the company beautician did was to dissuade me from using my diamond peel package when the package i was persuaded to signup in the first place previously was exactly diamond peel and i specifically requested on this visit that i would like to do diamond peel. Yet their company psycho me to use 2 of my purchased sessions for one session of the facial which now propose. And the results was not even fantastic. Lousy in fact especially after I already told them I had wedding shoots. I thought they were professional and trusted them to propose the best. I ended up with

1) being lied to with misleading information and lies

2) being conned to pay double for a facial session,

3) worst result in my appearance with the treatment.

 I feel that their business antics and ethics is really appalling and detrimental to unaware and trusting consumers.  I feel that CASE should investigate about this company to make sure others dun fall to the same scam tactics of trying to up sell though misleading and inaccurate information. Thank you. 


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June 15, 2013

Lousy treatment

Came for couple retreat. While waiting for my hubbyone staff approached to inform me that the couple room is unavailable due to some technical issues.i asked her why tell me only now & as usual she said that they just got to know about it. If there is male staff working i will be fine with it cos i want my hubby to feel comfortable bt they don’t have any. When both me and my husband went to our own room the staff can’t speak english and when i told her i want sports massage she asked me what is sports massgae. By theni snapped and exploded. Walked away without any treatment. It is so not worth it to pay $165 for a lousy treatment.


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April 23, 2013

Products are low quality with cheap smell

Don’t try facial there, products are low quality with cheap smell. After use the product, i feel piercing pain on my face.

I bouht one package 50$ * 25hours + GST =1337SGD
Massage depends on masser. But they has a high turnover rate. THat means a good masser may leave in several months.
They use oil which is hard to wash up.
My husband has bought a 50 credits package(25 hour). after only 25 credits used, they begin to bother you to buy another package.
Towel not so clean, always with deteriorated smell on it.

One massage therapist Maya, she made a phone call with hand free mode during my 1 hour massage. She put the hand phone beside my head, and speak to other side loudly for about 30 minutes. I’m sure the call was not urgent. She just asked her daughter how about the BBQ with her daugher’s friends.
The other massage therapist I don’t want to quote her name. Her massage is so so. But I can not find better therapist. When I take massage at around 7h, she is too tired to make effort.


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Blog Review

May 08, 2010

Review: Element Spa

The spa at ION was a little tricky to find, only ONE single lift is accessible, and that lonesome lift is hard to find. We were offered ginger tea before our treatment while the consultant arranged for suitable therapists according to our requirements. The treatment rooms are all behind this huge sliding screen that reminds me of a hospital (don’t know why either). LOL. The treatment room I was brought to was quite ok, pretty simple – just a mirror and sink, cupboard to keep your clothes and bag and the bed. They had parquet flooring and allowed customers to wear their shoes right into the rooms so all throughout my massage, I could hear people walking. The massage started swiftly after I changed.
The therapist had chosen to use a lemongrass & ginger scented massage oil which I didn’t really like because I prefer something more relaxing for my massage like lavender. She also didn’t really get the pressure right, mostly a little too light. When I go for a massage, I prefer the therapist to just concentrate on it and not talk to me (cos I want to fall asleep). Luckily, the therapist was quiet but I didn’t manage to fall asleep due to the awakening properties of the lemongrass and ginger scent.

The massage was, at best, just so-so. It didn’t feel fantastic but it was a slight relief as I always have tense shoulder & neck muscles from using the PC all day long. After the massage, the consultant met us at the same room again and tried to sell us packages, even throwing in free spa pool use etc. But I didn’t like the therapist’s skills and it was too crowded for my liking. Besides the location was far for me.

Rating: 2/5

Would I go back again: Don’t think so…


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