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  • Central Location
  • Relaxing Garden environment in a hotel!
  • Frequent promotions / deals


  • Not all customers were as satisfied with the massage
  • Upselling exists
  • A little pricey without promotions!

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Blog Review

April 17, 2014

The massage was decent

Bought a Groupon voucher for a 120 min full body scrub and massage for two. Phone call to make an appointment was without hassle, even though we are using voucher. My hubby and I booked a slot on 11 Apr, Friday, 11.30 am and requested for couple room.

Upon arrival, the receptionist greeted us and asked if we wanted green tea or ginger tea. We were asked to fill in a form, after which, we were led to the therapy room and began with the scrub. I am relieve that the 120 min do not include irritating consultation time.

I felt that we were short-changed for the scrub, as it was not exactly 30 min. Rather, it consisted of 20 min scrub and 10 min shower time. As there was no clock on the wall, I could not tell if it was exactly 20 min. But I felt it was shorter than that.

Although there is a Jacuzzi tub in the couple room, we did not get to soak in it, because we were only given 10 min of shower time before the massage started. I did turn the tap on, but the hot water was not hot enough, and there wasn’t enough time to fill the jacuzzi half full. On a positive note, the couple room is very spacious.

The massage was decent. How good a spa is generally depends on how good the massage therapist is. At the end of the session, we were persuaded to sign a package. Initially, we were offered 6 sessions at $720. We declined a few times and the sales girl allowed us to make the payment of $38 for couple room usage. At the cashier, she re-offered us a cheaper package. We declined her offer and negotiated for a better deal that consists of 120 min instead of just 60 min. Reluctant at first, she returned after checking with her Manager, and accepted our deal. My advise is, not to accept their initial offer, which is often high priced. If you are keen, keep negotiating for a lower package with longer treatment time. Just pretend to walk away, and they will make a last minute offer.

We made a purchase of 4 sessions, and the sales person waived the $38 couple room charge. It is not bad a deal, considering that per session is 120 min, and the spa environment is clean, room is spacious. There will not be any charge for couple room for future booking too. There is no expiry date and is transferable, which means, I can bring my mother there.


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October 26, 2013

No calls after 2 days

Thought I would give this spa a try since current package with another spa expiring. Unfortunately it has been difficult trying to get an appointment for their joint promotion with DBS credit card. For some reason they are not able to confirm. Was told to wait for return call. No calls after 2 days.


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Blog Review

September 11, 2013

Good Quality Spa

Spa Rael is located within Goodwood Park Hotel premises, although it stands alone in a building separate from the main hotel. We discovered that it was a sister spa of The Ultimate, the spa that we went previously and loved it (it was still the best till date).

The waiting area of Spa Rael. Photo credit: Spa Rael
The waiting area of Spa Rael. Photo credit: Spa Rael

Because of the extremely low lighting inside the room, I decided to get photo samples from Spa Rael website, so there won’t be any photos here >.<

Our session started off with a lavender lur-lur body scrub in a freezing couple suite (mental note to check air con temperature in future), a quick rinse and then our full body massage. The suite was extremely spacious, similar to the one in the photo above, with a standing shower, a huge jacuzzi, and two beds. For this package, we could either opt for the jacuzzi or the body scrub, and since Kai has a thing for body scrubs, we went ahead with that hahaha.

I thought The Ultimate’s body scrub was better, for the lavender scrub used here at Spa Rael was a little too watery for the touch. The massage was great though, with our masseuse highly skilled in TCM knowledge and massage techniques. She even pointed out to me that a part of my right hand was injured (what injury, I didn’t ask – was probably too shocked to hear that lol).

This is the promotional package we took up. If you’re looking for a good quality spa to enjoy a retreat with your loved one, you can consider this – definitely worth the money I would say:


They have rooms that face the gardens of Goodwood Park Hotel too, so if you’d rather a relaxing session with greenery, you can opt for that too.

Photo credit: Spa Rael
Photo credit: Spa Rael

On the overall, I would say this is still one of the better spa/massage sessions I’ve had, though it still cannot match The Ultimate. I’d give it the following ratings out of 5:

General Ambiance: 3
Room Ambiance: 4
Massage: 4
Body Scrub: 2.5
Overall: 4

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July 25, 2013

Hard-selling by the receptionist was quite a turn-off

Did a facial there. Though the service was not bad, the hard-selling by the receptionist was quite a turn-off.


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Blog Review

May 12, 2013

I need to find a better spa

I’ve never been for a facial or a massage. When I tell people that, I often get judgmental looks (especially from girls) that imply they think I’m weird. I’m just not very attuned to such services.

But for my birthday this year, the boy decided to get me a small gift and bring me for a massage.

I enjoyed the walk to the spa (and I think I may have enjoyed that more than the massage itself ),

admired the hotel from the outside,

then located the spa which was further up the driveway.

We were invited to take a seat while they prepared for us, and were asked to fill in a personal particulars form asking if we had any chronic illnesses they should be aware of. They served us water, so that was a nice touch (clearly I’m easily pleased).

We were led to our room after they were done preparing, and the “therapists” (I use quotation marks because I still find it weird that they’re called that. Isn’t ‘masseuses’ more appropriate?) were pretty friendly, making us feel rather welcomed.

The room had a shower, bathtub,

lounge area (which we never got to use),

and was, on the whole, cool enough. Except I would have preferred some natural lighting from the ceiling to floor windows (the greenery outside was blocked with heavy curtains). But I guess it was for privacy. A dimly lit room doesn’t relax me though, so if all spas are like this, I think I’m not a spa person

The “therapists” gave us time to change, and then began the 30-minute body scrub. Then we were given 10 minutes to shower, before they continued with the 60-minute body massage. I don’t actually know if that was the time taken, since there wasn’t a clock in the room and nobody wears a watch during a massage.

The only thing I do know is, after the massage was done and we were served hot tea in the main lobby, we were given a 30-minute sales session from one of the consultants (who was very persistent, but still failed eventually). Guess that’s what happens when you go to such things with a voucher

The boy enjoyed his massage, while I was left wanting. The “therapist” I had pressed firm enough, but it didn’t really get to the points that I needed working out. Also, the scrub was so simple (I always thought there would be more if done professionally). It was pretty much someone kneading a scrub into my skin, which isn’t all that difficult to do myself at home (when I’m not feeling too lazy, that is). I can’t speak for the boy’s experience (though he commented that his “therapist” pressed hard enough for him to feel like his points were worked out; though he does have an incredibly low threshold for pain ), but mine didn’t have much of an effect on my sore points and I left feeling somewhat cheated. Listening to my friends describe their experiences, I had this impression that such sessions were totally pampering and would leave me invigorated. But I feel more invigorated after a swim or playing with my dog. I can feel the judgmental looks already


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May 06, 2012

Goodwood Park Hotel

Chance upon an offer on Groupon at Spa Rael which is at Goodwood Park Hotel – $50 for a 60mins oil massage and 30mins body polish. It’s too good to be miss!So the plan was to enjoy the pampering massage from 2pm to 3:30pm, and walk over to the High-Tea buffet place for a relaxing afternoon meal from 3:30pm to 5:30pm. The perfect plan!

The massage was amazing! The best I ever had. Even though it was an offer from Groupon, the service was tip-top and felt very relaxing after it.


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Blog Review

September 11, 2011

Massage at Spa Rael @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Massage at Spa Rael @ Goodwood Park Hotel
Spa Rael @ Goodwood Park Hotel

Bought a groupon deal recently for a massage at Spa Rael. It’s located at Goodwood Park hotel so thought it was a pretty good deal to try out since its only $42 for a spa massage at a nice hotel, compared to other deals where its at some shopping center and the price is around the same range.
$42 for 60 min Imperial Detoxifying Oil Massage (Worth $240) + $200 Facial Voucher at Spa Rael
22 Scotts Road, Goodwood Park Hotel
Singapore 228221

Spa Rael presented by
$42 for 60 min Imperial Detoxifying Oil Massage (Worth $240) + $200 Facial Voucher at Spa Rael
Spending a day at a spa is a serene experience outshined only by dancing in the summer rain or sliding down a mountain of edible jelly. Discover serenity without soggy shoes and gelatin stuck in your hair with today’s Groupon: for $42you get a 60 minute Imperial Detoxifying Oil Massage (worth $240) and $200 facial voucher at Spa Rael.

Within the confines of lush surroundingsa sanctuary where senses are awakened and pampered presents itself in the opulent Spa Rael. Spa Rael is a meticulously and elegantly crafted oasis composed of 18 spa suites which gives pleasure seekers a space for privacy and peace of mind. Just the thought of being in the 6000 sq. ft of pure botanical beauty is relaxing enough how much more once you experience the Imperial Detoxifying Oil Massage. The use of essential oils on the muscles and joints combined with deep rhythmic rolling and stretching movements in the massage produce relaxing effects like reflexology for the entire body. This inherently nourishing method to improve general well-beingcoupled with its luxurious environs makes Spa Rael a popular choice with customers from all around the area. Use the $200 facial voucher towards any of Spa Rael’s facial treatments on your next visit.

Pictures from the groupon deal website.

Christine also bought the massage deal with me and we made an appointment to go for the massage yesterday. Our appointment was at 2.30pm and we were there early so had a light lunch and then headed to the spa for the massage.

Its not really inside the hotel inside if you are wondering it’s located at the side near the carpark and together with the chinese restaurant.

Waiting area they use Natura Bissé products (I read from their website that Natura Bissé has been the chosen skincare for the ‘Oscars’ awards ceremony where celebrities such as Keira Knightley Sienna Miller Kate Hudson). So i guess their products must be pretty good since the celebrities also use it? lol

We filled in some questionnaire before we started the massage I chose the medium to firm massage and to concentrate on the upper shoulders and back area.

Room where I had my massage its actually pretty big but somehow my iphone camera cant capture it haha..


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Blog Review

My experience with Spa Rael was alright

Spa Rael, a full service luxury spa place located just opposite GoodWood Park Hotel, provides facial, massages, slimming and hair trimming. I have a coupon from 365 OCBC everyday card. My experience with Spa Rael was alright, i guess? I can say the lady who does my facial is really good and helpful. But the lady who is 'in-charged' of my account was rather unsatisfying. I think they see how people dress and how people look. I might sound skeptical, but when i'm done with the treatment, some of the staff were looking at me and talking, like gossiping.

Alright, let's go down to the environment and decorations. When you first enter the shop, you have to go down the stairs as it is located at the basement of the 'building'. You will come face to face with sales point, on your left there would be a lounge where a lovely auntie will make for you either Ginger Tea or Green Tea. The toilet is all the way at the end of your left hand corridor.

So this is the room that i was introduced too. Wow, right? It does add the whole factor of luxury to the room, but it is a was of space. There's nothing else but a just a bed in the middle of the room. The treatment as mentioned, was great. I love the lady who helped me and trust me, i would fall asleep in the room, with the smoothing music and soundproofing of the 'extra' noise, if it wasn't for the noisy door. Anyway, they believe in no machines for the process only products. They uses Natura Bissé products, which is a Spanish Label that allows one to bask in luxurious healing pleasures. (Quoted from Spa Rael)

So overall, would i sign a package or go back to the place. Location-wise, not that ideal for me as it is town. I would definately go back and enjoy a day of Spa massage or Facial with them. But to sign the package, (i was offered the $1288 student package) i have to think twice. The lady that was 'in-charged' of my account wasn't all that good. I wouldn't want to give her the pleasure of having me sign with her without introducing anything to me. The front desk attitude needs to be the best as they are the face of the company. Once i'm back from the UK, i might go back and sign up (once my New York Skin Solution package ends). But then again, i might just go back for the massage, as i love luxury and i want those Spa massages.


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