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  • Conveniently located at Scape Orchard
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  • Service level may not be up to expectations

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Mhaki Lee

July 25, 2015

One of the worst salon experience

One of my worst salon experience! I bought the "L'Oréal Professionnel MAJIREL Hair Colour / Highlights + Intensive Hair Treatment for Men & Women of ALL Hair Lengths " from DEALS and got it for $28 but when I came there they did a scalp check and said I have an oily scalp and therefore cannot proceed with the treatment unless I use a non-ammonia dye which is $60+++ top-up, I was like WTH? I bought it for a cheaper price then in the end I will have to spend more. When asked for alternative they said I can either sell it or give it to a friends, and honestly its frustrating! Then they suggested to go for a hair mask instead which is $28, but I had no choice since I don't want to waste my time and trip to the salon! When I agreed they did the whole procedure, but the blow drying was not even good! I have been to other salons through DEALS voucher and my hair will be nice and straight after, but here it was FRIZZY! Its as if I did my own blow drying! AND BEHOLD! After a day of not washing my hair as per instruction, when I bathe I observed that the colour is coming off! And it only lasted for 2 weeks at the most! Seriously frustrating and not worth the time! I wanted to complain about it but given the trouble I had to go through just to get the voucher done and over with I just gave up. Lesson learnt!

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January 03, 2014

This deal is so worth it!!

$25 for L’Oreal X-Tenso Pro-Keratin Incell Hair Treatment + Mythic Oil + Wash + Blow at Thesis Hair Salon in SCAPE (Worth $165)

This deal is so worth it!!
Personally I love L’oreal Mythic Oil and I’ve tried Pro-Keratin and Mythic Oil treatments from another 2 different salons, one near my office and another in fareast plaza. Both give really good results although service varies. Therefore I’m a believer. =)

I bought this:
For $66, you get Three Sessions of L’Oreal X-Tenso Pro-Keratin with Incell Hair Treatment, Mythic Oil Treatment with a Wash and Blow (worth $495).

Basically per treatment which includes wash and blow is only S$22. =D For all hair lengths!
So conveniently located at Scape, Orchard. I always go there KTV too. Hee. Only valid till 1st April though, do read the fine prints carefully. Although I find them really okie and reasonable.

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This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.