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Be prepared to spend $55 onwards
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How Much Do They Cost


  • Inexpensive
  • Central Location
  • Experienced Therapist with passable nail painting skills
  • Average selection of nail colour


  • Below average service (faster-shoo type of feeling + difficult-to-understand english accent)
  • Hidden costs (additional charges for cuticle removal + quick dry)
  • Upselling of packages

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Loving It


June 08, 2013

Hidden charges

I had a bad experience at Tinkerbelle. I bought a groupon initially for their 6th shop called “Colour ur nails”. However they transferred me to Tinkerbelle, one of their branches, due to some unforeseen circumstances. I was ok with that.
However the service wasn’t ok. Many hidden charges such as if you use OPI gelish, you need to pay $10 more??? Also, the manicurists were all Vietnamese. Besides not being able to understand their chinese/english, they were not professional and lacked training in customer service. The one who did my gelish manicure applied some oil on my gelish manicure after the top coat, causing the entire manicure to melt immediately. She still thought it was fine and told me it was normal. Obviously it was not normal because the gelish top coat become coarse and dry as thought I was doing a soak off where they buff the top coat off!!! It really made me mad as this means I had to waste more time allowing her to re-do the whole manicure. Also, she wasn’t familiar with doing gelish as she kept telling me my manicure was ok when it looked coarse and dry. Luckily there was a malaysian manicurist who decided to step in and take a look. She then scolded the vietnamese manicurist and told her how to “save” my nails…

Overall it was a negative experience because they were so slip shod in their attitude and skills. I will not go back there again.


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Blog Review

July 17, 2012

I ain’t coming back

My last Gelish was done at this manicure place at Far East Plaza, called Tinkerbelle. They have three outlets all within the same building but different shop names. Weird, right? Anyhow, the first time I went was after getting a deal of Groupon for a $28 manicure and pedicure. BUT I was served by a Vietnamese lady with heavily accented English and Chinese so I could barely understand what she was talking about. She tried to hardsell me to sign up for a package $150 for 5 x manicure and 5 x pedicure, which I relented and bought because it was honestly a good deal. I swore never to let her touch my nails again because she was not very good, to be honest. Or it could be that I’m really anal about my french manicures. The manicure did not last. I cleaned it off in three days. The second time I went back, another Vietnamese lady did my nails but she applied the Gelish really thickly and while the colour was nice (lilac tinted glitter), it was too just too thick. I think it added at least 2mm to my nails, I kid you not. For each Gelish you do, they deduct two manicures from your package. It is still dirt cheap, I guess, if you divide it out. Each mani + pedi is only $30, so each mani is probably $15 so with the extra deduction, each Gelish manicure costs you $30. All fine by me. The third time I went back, I deliberately booked an appointment with a Chinese lady. I was desperate to avoid the Vietnamese! But as luck would have it. I ended up with one anyway. Probably due to my odds not being very high. There were too many of them in all the outlets. Five between two outlets I’ve been to. I was given yet another sales talk to sign on another package because their “boss” is going to increase the package prices and I won’t be able to get anymore $150 deals. And if I signed the package with her, she’d give me free nail art, free French tips, etc. This lady even had the audacity to charge me for cuticle cleaning on my hands because she said Gelish does not include cuticle cleaning. FML. Well, I paid up anyway and told her nicely but forcefully that I will think about the package and if I was interested, I’d come back and sign up. HELL NO. You can keep your French tips and nail art yo, I ain’t coming back. Now my only problem is, I have one more pedicure with them (I think I should have more left, it doesn’t work out, but I don’t really care) but everytime I think about having to face these hardsellers and having to think of reasons / excuses to FEND them off, I get stressed. =__=”


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