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Be prepared to spend $138 onwards
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  • Strong international brand inspires trust
  • Good consultation
  • Friendly Professional hairstylists
  • Spacious Stylish Environment
  • No hardselling
  • Beverages provided


  • A little pricier than other salons
  • East Coast outlet can be crowded at times.

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Loving It


June 15, 2015

Worthwhile experience

After several visits to a number of East Coast hair salons I am now trying the Global Hair Salon – Toni & Guy as I have previously used them in my home town in Sydney.

Service in this establishment is what I would have expected from this establishment. From the front desk counter to the Salon assistants who also introduced themselves and made the experience worthwhile

Shin was assigned hair stylist, I did not opt for the director stylist as I think I am only after a male haircut with nothing special but a clean and precise cut. I know Shin is still a junior in this salon but I feel he is already in the right direction, having to consult, recommend and layered, tapered my hair as he originally planned.

The price here is 30% more than my previous experience but from the result I think its worth it. This place does not rush patrons they make them feel comfortable and would go through the consulting talk prior to cutting.

Unfortunately, I did not grab the salon assistant’s name but I did give him credit for taking care of me during the wash and shampoo cycle which is rarely seen these days.

If you want a solid, consistent experience this would be the place, but it does hit the back pocket so take note before sitting down on the expected cost.

What I think can be improved

The only thing is maybe the price, but with this establishment with a reputable name that is expected in any country in the world so I knew what is expected.

Will I be back

Yes, definitely will come back again and try out the other stylist on offer.

As a hair fanatic myself (haircut every fortnight) I will continue to try out different stylist within my local region. But this place is feeling more like home to me.

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