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Additional After Colour Technical Blowdry +$38 Flat Ironing/ Curling Tong +$22 Additional Toner Charge for Highlights - Consultation


  • Strong international brand inspires trust
  • Friendly Professional hairstylists
  • Spacious Stylish Environment
  • No hardselling
  • Beverages provided


  • Results for hair colouring, highlighting and haircuts disappointing for Caucasian customers
  • Some say the price premium charged by Toni & Guy is unjustifiable

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Loving It


June 28, 2015

Can't make up their mind

I have been going to T&G HV for around 2 years purely because of Zovy who is super amazing with her cuts. She does her work and not talk unnecessarily which is perfect for me!

It was my birthday month ( that comes with a 50% treat) and I called to make an appointment with her . I specifically informed the recep that I will be doing a perm . However, will do so after consultation with Zovy whom I trust. Therefore, to me it is no rocket science for the appointment to be planned in view of perm. Alas, when I went down, they told me that the technician is not available for a perm and told me to make a trip another day. I was in a total disbelief. They have also informed me that I am not able to utilise the birthday voucher for the 2nd return visit unless I am able to make it the very the next day. No compromise. I am fine about the 2nd visit but since its T&G that has messed up the appointment, it is not difficult to extend the birthday promotion and not insist that I have to show up the next day. But no, its company policy. And to make matters worse, during the first consultation the technician advised that "my perm is gone" therefore am able to perm. ( I have informed her that I have perm done 2 months ago.) And when she "cant make it" for a perm the next day another technician came along and told me that he is able to a perm the next day. Then moments later, advised me that I should not perm...etc etc... man, they cant make up their minds to perm my hair or not. T&G, from messing up of a simple appointment to a perm, it's such a let down. Thumbs up for the hair cut ( Zovy ) the others, I rest my case.

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December 03, 2013

Didn't call to advise the expiry or the penalty!

wasb a regular at T&G holland Village and even had a package there. unfortunately when i moved to the east coast a year ago, i couldnt find the time to go to HV for more than a year. Now they claim some $500 of my package has expired and i have to forfeit the cash. They didnt even call to advise me of the expiry or the penalty!


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February 09, 2013

Really felt quite used and cheated

This review is for the lovely ladies or gentlemen who got approached by them to be a hair model/by some recommendation. If you ever intend to become a hair model for Toni & Guy at Mandarin Gallery, please save yourself the trauma of heading there only to be treated of nothing short of a second class wig. Sorry for the long post, wanted it to be as detailed and balanced as possible ><

Here is a summary of my points/my logic:
- Any hair model who walks in is a potential returning client
- A girl's hair is her crowing glory and should be treated with respect no matter what.
- They are after all a service industry, and a big name at that. Without good service recovery, don't they have a reputation to maintain?

I was first referred by a good friend who told me I could get a free haircut by their new International director who was still undergoing training. He has had experience for 8 years in the industry and decided to come to work in Singapore. She assured me that he was extremely professional and my hair would be in good hands, so deciding to go from long to short over at T&G was probably the best decision I could ever make because I was getting professional service for free!

The catch was that I let him play around with my hair so he could garner some experience with Asian hair, even though I noticed that most of their clientele included Caucasian women and men when I walked in.

I even did my research before deciding whether I would want to go down. Even with the mixed reviews, I thought I had nothing to lose because Toni & Guy was a salon with a strong repute to maintain, so even if my hair got screwed up there would probably be good service recovery. Moreover I was assured by my friend that they won't force me to agree to anything I did not want to do and would be treated like an actual client. So I decided to take a leap of faith and head down.

My friend made the arrangements for me to go get my hair cut on a Wednesday. She texted me later on whether it was ok for them to highlight my hair because what they were looking for was colour models. I was fine by it as long as it suited me.

The first appointment was pretty much a wasted trip because I was told to come back another day even after rushing down from school in order to meet the appointment timing. The stylist Alec gave me his number and told me to contact him to reschedule. Felt bad because my schoolmate was there to accompany me during the hair cut process in case I needed extra support. But I kinda gave Alec the benefit of the doubt because he seemed nice. It was only after my schoolmate and I left the salon we realised he was tending to another client, whom we suspected was probably an actual paying customer he decided to prioritise even though he made an appointment with me first.

So about a week later when I headed back down again after being contacted really last minute (the day before), I decided to get highlights only because I wasn't ready to part with my long hair. Alec was totally fine with that because what he wanted were colour models and not hair cut models. So he proceeded with the consultation and examined my hair and showing me some colours.

Let me point out that I am someone who is extremely knowledgeable about my own naturally wavy hair which tends to frizz (that's why I've been rebonding it for 6 years). The only time it was ever remotely manageable without chemical straightening was when I had it short about 4 years ago.

After consulting with the colour specialist Johnny, they decided that the highlights would come out uneven because of the shampoo I had been using on my rebonded hair which had made it extremely hard for the dye to go in. I was really impressed because Johnny even knew how long I had been using my shampoo and what brand it was just by feeling it (heard from my friend he's one of the best in Singapore). Johnny recommended I cut away the rebonded parts of my hair and highlight on only the natural re growth. After mulling over it for a while and very strong encouragement from Johnny to cut it, I threw caution to the wind and went ahead.

I distinctively told Alec about the condition of my naturally wavy hair which tended to curl so over layering was definitely not an option. He agreed with me but that changed when another local director with a patch of bleached blond hair on his fringe insisted that he followed what looks like a manual of techniques all T&G stylists had to complete before being fully assimilated as a stylist. Alec asserted politely that what he wanted to do was use techniques that were suitable for me and my hair type. Something I really appreciated and respected him for. Towards the end of the cut however, the local director with the manual was pretty much breathing down his neck so Alec succumbed to using one of the techniques which made my hair had much shorter layers than before.

After sitting for three hours the haircut was finally done. Since it took so long Johnny and Alec told me to come back another day to get the highlights done. The asymmetrical concave bob Alec cut for me was beautiful and light, but I reckon it's because of all the straightening and hair blowing he had done for me before cutting it. My hair was past my chest, now it's barely even past my chin.

As expected, after washing it the next day at home, my hair is now an extremely difficult to maintain curly mess because it has been overly layered despite me urging them not to when I was being consulted initially. I can only blame the local director who was breathing down Alec's neck.

I've dropped Alec a couple of texts since the experience to try and reschedule a date for the highlights but all I've gotten was an insincere reply telling me they no longer need colour models and tonnes of being ignored when I decided to give him a piece of my mind because highlights were what was agreed upon initially PLUS he told me to come back. Really felt quite used and cheated, my long flowing black hair paid the price for my mistake. So what if its free? I don't think the experience of being a guinea pig was worth it one bit. Plus I've heard from friends that actual hair models get paid to have their hair cut instead of getting their hair cut for free.

I wouldn't be raging if they had delivered what they promised to begin with, but their ignoring of my messages and refusal to let me come back to colour my hair was repulsive because it made me feel I was being conned by being lured with the idea of free colouring by a professional only to leave walking with more than half my locks gone. I could have had horrible highlights done, but at least I won't be angry at them because they delivered what they had promised. I think after all the hooha, even if they offered to highlight my hair for me, I would probably be turning them down because I no longer trust them. Trick me once blame on them, trick me twice, blame on me.

At the end of the day, I have no one to blame but myself for being naive for thinking I was incredibly lucky to be getting myself an extremely good deal. Right now I'm waiting for my hair to grow out so I can go get it rebonded again. Too short to do anything and too close to Chinese New Year.

All in all, hair will grow, but this experience won't be something I would be forgetting soon


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Blog Review

November 19, 2008

Natural look rebond

I decided to be itchy & get a new haircut..
So 4 hours and $720 later, this is how I look..

i went to toni & guy. the one at heeren 
mel cut it for me and bryan was the senior tech who supervised the styling.
he gave me something called a softened rebonding for a more natural look, which apparently is similar to straightening, rebonding and everything under that family tree.

it was pretty expensive i guess because i had long hair – she had to cut the ends with me standing up!! if you’ve got shorter hair it’d probably be cheaper 


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Blog Review

May 16, 2008

town outing!!

When we got to Heeren, we were poached by these two Toni and Guy crew and Freddie was brought up for a haircut. Eun and I have to follow la of course. Hahahaha, the cutter's name was Mel and she was quite motherly to me, though I smelt smoke in her breath. =/ We were brought to the glam glam hair dressing salon. Damn glam and bright and the music they played in there were so danceable one. We went in there at about 12.50 and ended at 3.15 mann. Every millimetre they cut off Freddie's hair were sooooooo precise that in the end, we couldn't really tell the difference. Hahahahah. Most of the time was spent on the combing up of Fred's hair (yesssss, uppppppp) and then cutting a feeeeeewwwwwww millimeters, MILLIMETRES of her hair! Goshh, Mel Mel was slow slow. And her supervisor or evaluator or some sort was talking to her in canto and she stood there listening so intently and then proceeded yet again to cut another few millimetres of her hair. Gosh. In the end Eun and I can't hold out our bladder any longer (cause of the coke) and went to toilet. Started talking about yesterday and wa damn chia lat, made her quite embarrassed. Hahahah. My bad! After that couldn't hold out my hunger any longer and I went to snitch a caramel biscuit from another dressing table which a customer had just left off and didn't eat. It tasted like heaven. Mmmhmm! Yummay!


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