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  • All Taiwanese Therapist team
  • Offers lash extensions, eyebrow colouring and nail services
  • Convenient to get to from Bugis


  • Salon environment looks rather humble
  • Not many genuine reviews online

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Loving It

Jasmine L

July 30, 2016

Friendly staff

Checked out True Eyelash after all the reviews on facebook. The reviews are all right, they have very soft and fine lashes. I did the 350 lash extensions but it looked like 120 lash extensions that I usually do. Their lashes are also very comfortable and it does not feel heavy.

Chloe was very patient to explain the different lashes, designs and length before we started and after, on how to clean the lashes so they would stay on longer :)

Sadly, the lashes did not last very long. After only 3 days and quite a fair bit had dropped off, I went back for a touch up after a week.

But even after the touch up, the "full" lashes only lasted an extra week before a mere few strands were left. A pity, if not this would have been my favorite lash extension salon :(

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