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Be prepared to spend $48 onwards
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Upstyling after Any Hair Services +$20


  • Highly experienced stylists including Eugene Ong and Jonathan Wee
  • Exclusive location within Tangs
  • Convenient and within walking distance from Orchard MRT
  • Attentive service


  • More pricey than the usual hair salon

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Loving It

Andrew Burton

October 07, 2018


First time visit with James who was brilliant. I perhaps didn’t do the best job of explaining my cut and called later the same day to explain. The team were awesome and arranged for a follow up the very next day. James was brilliant and wanted to know what he could do to make things work. We are getting to know each other but the process was made easy with James who I know I will now use EVERY time I need a cut. Thanks James!!!

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December 03, 2015

Keratin Treatment

I've always got a bad experience in salons, being a customer who doesn't have a good hair texture from the start can be rather fustrating. Therefore, I often pay no attention to my hair and I hated how I looked. After considering for the longest time, i decided to give it a try. Called to make an appointment a week ago for keratin treatment and appointed YY to be my stylist. I wow-ed when I went through the sliding glass done after I came out of the lift. It was beautiful, it smelt fantastic and I thought I went into the wrong place. I was greeted with smiles from the ladies at the reception and I was given a form to fill up almost immediately after telling her I was here for my appointment. Then I was lead to my seat, that I stayed 3 hours on. I was given a drinks menu with a selection of coffees and teas. Hot towels and fragrance oil was placed next to it and my accessories with kept neatly and safely in a plastic stick on bag. Magazines was placed neatly at the side and my bag was safely kept next to my table . I felt almost comfortable like home very soon and I settled down quick. YY came and I started my treatment. Everything, every step was clearly explained to me and that I know what was on my scalp. I was asked if I needed some hot beverages at times. YY do come back on and off while the chemical was on my scalp asking if I was feeling okay. I was taught how to keep my hair well maintained, how to do a perfect blowdry and even telling me that's I could wash my hair the following day after keratin. I remembered I left the salon smiling from grin to grin. My hair smell good. And for the past few days, I received countless of compliments for how my hair looked after the tresses session. The hair does looked so much softer, easier to manage. I would agree that the prices are a little steep, but knowing all your hair products are from aveda and that the outcome turns out to be more than what you're expected- everything is worth it. Thank you urbanhair , thank you YY. Now, I literally just believe in you.

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December 08, 2013

Of course I am happy with my color, highlights and trim

I have been waiting to color my hair. Sadly, my stylist went back to Malaysia for good and I have to go on a venture of searching for the next stylist. It is a torture! I must say that my previous Stylist did a very good job and I only had a slight trim for today. The plan was to keep my always short hair slightly longer, maybe around touching shoulder length. I am open to any colors on my hair, so long it suit me and I will look nice in it.

Okie why this stylist? Some of my colleagues had their hair done by him and most are returning customers. After doing some research, I think he is rather reasonable priced. For any neighbour cut, color and highlight, it will cost about $150. For him, it is just slightly more expensive and I guess worth the risk to try.

The salon is located at Tangs Plaza, also the whole level 7 was managed by them. It went through renovation and just reopened this year in January. I had some difficult in finding the lift to level 7. Actually from Tangs at level 1, beside Lamer, it is where the lift is located. My first impression of the place? It looks high fashion! At Level 7, there is a recept to bring you to the different services like facial, beauty etc. The receptionist walked me to the salon and the moment I walked in, I was welcomed with greetings like Good Mornings. I was the first customer so I had many helps. Then I was offered a drink menu of either different range of coffee and tea or water. When the coffee was served, there was a warm towel to clean my hands and an oilment of aroma therapy for me to rub and smell. Feeling awesome already! When my stylist knew that I had not taken breakfast, he went to took cookies for me. I felt pampered! The stylists in the salon were very helpful, they helped one another and they kept the place spick and span! It was a very good experience. I also loved the products that they used on me. Even with coloring, there was no stench of ammonium! The stylists were friendly and warm; it is an experience that I would like to go back to. Of course I am happy with my color, highlights and trim.

Stylist – Mr. Jonathan Wee
Salon – Urbanhair Ginrich


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