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  • Comfortable environment for men
  • Stylists experienced with latest Men's Haircuts
  • Stylists with illustrious backgrounds e.g. Chief Barberess Janice!
  • Offers also hair removal services such as waxing and IPL
  • Great decor


  • More pricey than your average barber
  • Closest MRT station (Tiong Bahru and Outram Park) are about 10 min walk away

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Blog Review

April 14, 2014

Relaxing experience

I was curious of this place as I heard about people sipping whiskey (serious, see the below pic) while having wet shaves, haircut or even waxing

Well out the blues I decided to visit this place on a Saturday sometime last two weeks ago, and I have to say this place is packed and people with appointment are only being entertained, if you are walking in hoping to get a shave or haircut let alone waxing, I doubt you will have a chance getting served cause I peeked into the wait list and there is no available slot into the night.

This place is filled with energy, energy of satisfied customer to the receptionist greeting people coming in, phone ringing none stop and the chatter from the barber and barbress, even with my appointment I was made to wait cause the attention given to each customer, took this opportunity to interview one of the customers that have just finished with his hair cut and shaving

After that the receptionist took our order for drinks, plenty of selection of drinks available, dont forget to be asking for whiskey, wish I could taste some but I was driving so I requested for a lemon ginger mint to calm me self.

took time to check out the place as well

I booked Janice K the Chief Barberess and wish me luck on my transformation, here is my before and selfie with the beautiful and talented Janice Kok who have no less than 15 years of cutting and snipping on her resume

She took her time understanding my daily habits of grooming and knowing me, I am horrible with styling and yet I want to look good (who doesn’t) we agreed on cutting a short but slick back kinda look as it’s one of the most current stuff going on.

but before cutting, you go through the procedure of washing your scalp, this is carefully with a lovely scented towel to cover your eyes and relaxes you. ( darn I can swear you hear me snore through that pic)

Half way cutting .. half way sculpting

More Blowing, More styling, yumz yumz.. she put on some sea salt on my hair, I asked her can I lick my own hair in need of salt ?

Viola, Done! How do I look ? better at the before or after?


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Blog Review

February 26, 2014

My Dapper Man – modern men’s grooming

I’ve always been intrigued by We Are Heroes in Tiong Bahru as I pass by heading to brunch, with its sleek and oldschool design tucked away in the hippest of hipster corners. Since I already tweeze my brows and can’t exactly go for a wet shave, not to mention the door says MEN ONLY. Enter MGP (aka male guinea pig), who was intrigued but a little reluctant to get sucked into the professional grooming phenomenon. I tried to sell with a “IT MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE!” which I happen to think is good reason enough. But suffice to say he got totally bullied into it.

The pain from brow tweeze was less than appreciated, but I think it looked GREAT – ladies you should just force him. But he L-O-V-E-D the wetshave, there was more excitement having a face as smooth as a baby’s bottom than one-for-one shot specials. The process was two rounds with two different blades using an oldschool razor, including some steaming, some massaging and some good ol’ r&r.

The place was filled to the brim with appointments back to back. And honestly, it was filled with regular dudes, the streets of Shinjuku are more groomed than the men who entered the salon. Places like this give guys a chance to take that hour to unwind. Unfortunately it lasted, oh about a day. At $30 for a shave it really is about the experience and whoever is with you right after!


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Blog Review

October 16, 2013

A gift idea for men

Have you heard of ‘We need a hero’?

It’s an all men’s grooming place, owned by the Spa Esprit Group. (same the bunch who brought us browhaus, strip, skinny pizza, tippling club etc) Anyway, I can’t believe I only got to know about it now! Andrea and I stumbled upon it when we were out at Tiong Bahru estate over the weekend. The shopfront and its name caught our attention. Turns out, his ex hair stylist works there now so he promptly got himself an appointment the next day. He also booked himself a complete shave that comes with shave, scrub, facial massage and cold & hot towel. Actually, it was the shave that got us interested in the first place when we saw the menu board from outside so it was a must try for him. Verdict? He enjoyed it! He’s found his own little spa place where he can indulge in grooming services in a manly manner – in an all men’s grooming parlour! (somehow it sounded dodgy when I typed it out – all men’s grooming parlour, haha.) Sorry I digressed.

Andrea enjoyed it so much that he ended up with a package. Yes. I know. What is the world coming to. Even the males sign up for packages now. Well, he reckons he would be back rather frequently for hair cuts and while he’s there, why not indulge in a proper clean shave? I say why not too! I go for my SKII facial and spa, he goes for his. Whenever I need to run some errands without him around, I just have to send him to We Need a Hero!

So yes, I think it’s really apt to get a male counterpart an appointment at We Need a Hero as a form of gift, whatever the occasion is. I personally find it hard to get any male friends presents but from now on, I may just send them for a complete shave! $55 for a 35 mins session – not bad what! Oh, I read on their menu that they also do beard design. hehe. beard design, can’t help but giggle a bit.


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Blog Review

September 01, 2013

To go there is a lovely experience

A few weeks ago, I was exploring the quiet neighborhood of Tiong Bahru, and I came across this interesting barber shop We Need a Hero. It is located diagonally from the Tiong Bahru Market, and is just a corner away from the Tiong Bahru Bakery.

The Welcome
I was welcomed by two handsome gentlemen, Uliel and Bernard, who were very accommodating and pleasant. The welcome wagon was very warm, accommodating, and professional. I loved that they were all smiles the entire time.

They looked like they smelled like the freshest flowers of spring, so the welcome at We Need a Hero was very reassuring about the quality of service.

The Massage

Josh is their resident guy for brows and massages. I must say that he gave me one of the most memorable massages I have ever had in my life; his strokes were bold and firm, and each press was prolonged and unrushed.

The 25-minute massage had a more relaxing feeling than most one hour massages I have had. (I was later told that they can extend the massage up to forty minutes; I will definitely give that a shot next time.)

Their massage service is a must try; I will definitely dream of Josh’s massage for years to come.

The Boyzilian
After enjoying my massage so much, I realized that I was in very good hands in We Need a Hero. I then asked if I could squeeze in for a Boyzilian prior to my haircut, and they accommodated me happily.

The lovely gentleman who did my waxing was Scott. He was very warm and reassuring, especially since I had not had a Brazilian in years.

Scott was very pleasant, and our conversation throughout the session made me feel very at ease. He was quick and thorough, and his overall job was well-done. He was very light on his hands that there was hardly any pain/discomfort.

He casually mentioned that they offered packages, and, since he did not do a hard sell on me, he was the only person in the salon who convinced me to get a package. (More on this later.)

The Haircut
My hair was done by the chief barbress Janice. (Incidentally, she also did my hair years ago when she worked for Toni and Guy at the then Heeren branch.)

As is her wont, Janice explained to me very skillfully how my hair will turn out after she finishes my haircut. She was very professional and knowledgeable in what she does, so she made me feel at ease, too.

(I want to note that, during my session, we were occasionally pleasantly interrupted by patrons hugging and kissing her. She seems so well-loved by the patrons; that is a very loud testament to how good she must be at her job.)

While the price may “seem” pricey — I use the quotes deliberately — it definitely gives a gigantic bang for your buck. Analyze this: When Janice used to work for Toni and Guy, a haircut would cost around 200 dollars.

(I tried other high end barber shops/gentlemen’s grooming shops here in Singapore, and Janice offers the most academic take on cutting hair.

The Sales Pitch
My general experience with We Need a Hero was very pleasant, and I strongly recommend for people to visit. If I were to nit-pick, though, I would point out that the staff seemed to be under some pressure to get their sales up that I encountered a hard sell of their packages quite a fair bit.

The only person who convinced me to get a package was Scott since he did it so effortlessly and without pressure. I liked that he mentioned to me how well the package would work for me, then let me decide for myself if I were to get my own. There was no badgering and hard sell, and I appreciated that. I like to feel no pressure when I am focused on relaxing and getting groomed, so Scott was very helpful there.

I also want to note Bernard’s pleasantness and kindness during his sales pitch. Like the rest of his team, he was very warm, helpful, and genuinely accommodating.


Credits: This is a review reproduced with permission from a blog

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