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Be prepared to spend $20 onwards
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How Much Do They Cost


  • Cheap Prices
  • A lot of influencers endorsing Zeal Salon
  • Some stylists here are highly experienced
  • Friendly hairstylists


  • Skill highly dependent on hairstylist (according to mixed reviews on FB)
  • Pricing may not be very transparent as add-ons may not be clearly highlighted before stylist proceeds with the service
  • May have to wait a bit when salon is crowded

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July 18, 2017

$99 Promotion, not.

Received an e-mail from Zeal Salon (formerly Essensuals Bugis) sharing that they had a promotion of $99 for a single colour and cut. Made an appointment after through Facebook Messenger to do the above services at the promotional price. Opted for Bryan and he found out more about my previous colouring experiences and what I was looking for, he suggested doing a darker colour to overwrite the brassiness of my orange as well as highlights and a haircut.

*What I would have appreciated would be for him to tell me that the addition of highlights costed $120 on top of the promotional price of $99. I liked the hair cut and colour that Bryan mixed, though the application of hair colour and highlights was done by another staff. Will see how the cut and colour grows out. In total I paid $99 + $120 and with gst, $234.

Update: I wouldn't go back because of the service.

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