Best Haircuts for Ladies in 2015

Published on Feb 08, 2015

New year, new you, new resolutions. Right? If you're anything like me, you're promising yourself to get fit this year, to start exercising more and eating better. But while we're busy managing our bodies, have you perhaps neglected your hair? Besides putting it through all sorts of processing like perming and colouring, have you considered doing more than just visiting your hair stylist for the usual boring trim?

Your long hair may be bothering you in our hot and humid climate, or you may have noticed variations of short styles popping up all around you on television and in magazines. Perhaps you have medium-length hair that you just can't stand because it's not long enough for pretty braids but not short enough to give you an edgy look.

Why not refresh your look with a totally different cut?

Are you ready to go...


Looking to spiff up your image and give yourself an edge? If you're ready for the 180 degree change, the pixie will not disappoint!

Add some spunk to the usually sweet pixie cut and get an instant makeover. Give that extra oomph to the pixie cut with shaved sides, spikes, and tones of texture. Create a look that's both rebellious and feminine at the same time and accentuate your cheekbones, neck and jawline with an edgy pixie.

Haircut by Ricky from The Bund

Doesn't she look spunky and girly at the same time?

If you are not quite ready to go edgy and look rebellious? Vary your pixie cut with some texture and waves, go with soft bangs, and achieve a spunky yet feminine look.

 Haircut and Style by Yumiko from Kobayashi Hair Design

 Haircut and Style by Yumiko from Kobayashi Hair Design

If not, you can also try a longer pixie cut that accentuates your features without sacrificing too much hair!

Haircut by Yukie from Art-Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Haircut by Yukie from Art-Noise Japanese Hair Salon

J-drama lovers can also go quirky with a messy pixie cut!

 Haircut by CLEO Hair & Make

If going short isn't your style, how about going with the current, trendy...


mod cut

Mod Cut by Hensley from Chez Vous Hair Salon

The single most sought after hair cut is undoubtedly the bob. With its fabulous wash-and-wear quality, this cut works for almost any face shape and never goes out of style. If you're not quite ready for a pixie, don't sweat. The medium cut has already been deemed the style to have this year, so hop on board the shoulder-length train and check out the styles we've curated for you!

Japanese Style Cut by Chiho from Aventa Hair Salon

Japanese Style Cut by Chiho from Aventa Hair Salon

Curled, straight or wavy, this slightly angled bob looks good however you feel like styling it.

Haircut by Ricky from Plan B by Vast Hair Salon

Haircut by Ricky from The Bund

What a difference a chop makes! Long and sleek may be gorgeous, but medium is definitely refreshing!

Cut and Colour (Maika)

Cut and Colour by Maika from COVO Hair Salon

Another quirky style! Pair your bob with some cute bangs and instantly look five years younger!

If a one-length bob is a little too basic for you, go with a slightly angled bob that screams fashionista.

Regardless of what style you choose, a good medium cut will get rid of the split ends, frizziness and "qiao" and prevent the hair from misbehaving for a few months!

But what if, after all you've seen above, you still feel that your hair will never be anything but...


If long hair is still the one for you and the thought of going shorter absolutely turns you off, add some character to your luscious locks and break out of your usual style with layering!

Haircut by Takuya from CLEO Hair and Make

You can never go wrong with waves! Mix up your long hair with some face-framing layers and instantly add volume with some loose curls to create an easy, sexy vibe.

Haircut by Takuya from CLEO Hair and Make

Texture may be trending, but the blunt style is having its own major moment in fashion too. Get a straight across cut with a bit of feathering at the ends for an effortlessly glamorous look.

Are you inspired to chop off your locks for 2015? Or will you stick with your usual style but glam it up with some slight variations? Tell us more about your preferred cut by leaving a comment below!

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