Best Ladies' Haircuts for Short Hair in Singapore

Published on Oct 23, 2015

Short Haircuts are definitely IN this year.

If you've already read our previous article on how to decide which haircut is best for you, read on to see how various salons combined the 5 factors of a short haircut to help clients achieve their ideal and trendy short crop.

1. Classic Pixie with Bangs

There are many reasons to love a short pixie cut, as we've explicated here. It is easy to style, incredibly low fuss and even on your bad hair days, your pixie cut will leave you looking more chic than a tired ponytail will ever do.  Always on trend, this is the cut that celebrities such as Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t resist getting!

If your eyes and cheekbones are your strongest assets, don’t hesitate to bring them out with a pixie! It accentuates these two features and is easy to style even on bad hair days.

Sexy Mom Pixie (Chiho)

Pixie Haircut by AVENTA Hair Salon

Depending on your hair texture, the pixie cut can be made more wispy and romantic …

Pixie Haircut by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Pixie Haircut by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

The pixie cut is the best when the textured cut is well brought out by styling to enhance the volume of the hair at the top, which is why love how COVO Japanese Hair Salon styles it … a textured cut that looks soft and airy, maintaining the femininity of the haircut.

Consider This

  • Pixie cuts are NOT an easy wash-and-wear hairstyle (contrary to popular belief). Those who get pixie cuts for the first time may be shocked to find cowlicks (for straight hair) or excessively "pong" hair for those whose natural hair is curly. Therefore, you will HAVE to take at least 5-10 minutes every morning to style your hair and make it look good! If you have straight hair, you may need to use some styling products to increase your hair volume. If you have curly hair, you may need to use some anti-frizz products to prevent your hair from getting too pong! As a general rule, those with slightly wavy hair will find that pixie cuts suit them best!
  • It could get a little pricey to maintain this hairstyle as you may have to trim your hair every 2 months or so if you like it!
  • It may take quite a while to grow back the hairstyle if you decide that you did not like your Pixie Cut! It is however an experience to go through the "in-between" styles  as you get to try out many different hairstyles you may never have tried before in your lifetime!

2. Side Swept Crop / Tapered Bob

Bob Haircut (Takuya)

Side Swept Crop by CLEO Hair & Make

The longer version of the pixie cut – the side swept crop or tapered bob is a more feminine cut than the pixie as it has fewer layers and longer hair length. The longer layers give the hairstyle a tapered effect, making it suitable for those who have thick hair.

Hair Colour and Tapered Bob Cut

Tapered Bob Cut and Hair Colour by Branche Hair Salon

The above picture gives a pretty good idea of the characteristics of the tapered bob cut vs the classic bob cut. With a graduated / layered bob, the head shape looks more rounded with the bulk of the hair volume near the top of the hair!

The tapered bob is a versatile cut that looks good on most face shapes as long as the stylist is skilled to bring out your best features. It’s also a great “in-between” hairstyle for those intending to grow out their pixies.

We particularly love the bangs that go with this short layered bob!

Bangs are however not 100% necessary for this hairstyle.

You can choose to sweep your bangs to the side and simply tuck it behind your ear...

short hair

Side Swept Crop by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

… or you can leave it to fall to the sides and outline your face, making your face appear smaller.

3. Short Asymmetrical Graduated Bob

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Short Asymmetrical Graduated Bob by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Similar to a A-line bob when viewed from the front, the length of the hairs gradually increases towards the front from the back, making a sharp angle at the front.

From the back however, you would realize that this is a graduated bob as the hairs at the back are cut in very short layers.

Side Swept Crop

This unique asymmetrical cut, designed by Hensley from Chez Vous Hair Salon, lengthens the wearer's face and gives it an overall sleek and edgy look!

It’s definitely a head-turner and exudes confidence! However, it is not suitable for everyone. Ladies with curly hair may find that the layers make their look more puffed up.

It is however perfect for ladies who love long bangs and straight hair!

If the bangs is too long for you, you can opt for a shorter fringe! The A-line feature of the bob creates a slimming effect and we love the addition of colour that adds a twist to the entire look.

Asymmetrical Cut (Jesly)

Graduated Bob by Jesly from Picasso Hair Studio

If you like a more edgy look, the back hair can be cut shorter to emphasize the edges.

4. Classic Straight Bob

A typical normal bob with the same length all around the whole head, a classic bob frames the face just under the chin.

This haircut usually has minimal layers with the edges softened to create a soft finish and eliminate the hard lines.

Haircut (Daisuke)

Classic Bob Cut by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

This haircut may not be the best cut for ladies with round faces as the rounded nature of this hairstyle may add to the chubbiness of the face.

It is however great for softening your overall look if you are hoping to get some of those edges off your face!

Straight Bob

Classic Bob by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Pairing the classic bob with sideswept bangs, wispy bangs, parted bangs or even blunt bangs can further add to that feminine and girlish look!

Best of all, it is suitable for different hair textures, whether you have straight or wavy hair!

A straight classic bob gives a younger, more barbie-doll look whereas a wavier classic bob tend to look more natural and voluminous.

Medium Bob Haircut (Seiya)

Straight Bob by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

If you prefer a more sculpted wave, a soft perm is always an option to help you achieve the waves you are looking for!

Alternatively, you can also go for soft straightening if your hair is just slightly wavy!

5. Mushroom Bob

An adorable short bob for women who likes to keep their tresses short, this hairstyle combines a mushroom cut with a classic bob!

Cut and Colour (Maika)

Mushroom Bob by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

The mushroom bob as its name suggests looks very similar to a mushroom; the hairs at the front are usually cut in blunt bangs with the hair flaring its widest near the cheekbones.

Sounds ridiculous but it can look cute on the right face shape. This cut is not meant for all face types as it can make a round face appear even rounder!

Haircut (Kanako)

Mushroom Bob Cut by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

For those who suit the hairstyle, you'll find that Mushroom Bob Cut is really easy to style and maintain!

Just roll in the tips of the hair and you'll have a perfectly styled mushroom bob.

6. A Line Bob without Bangs

The term “A-line” generally refers to the perimeter of the haircut.

It means that the hair is shorter at the back and angles to a longer front. It usually frames the face in the front and concave just under the chin.

A Line Bob by Chez Vous Hair Salon

A Line Bob by Chez Vous Hair Salon

This is perfect for ladies with fine hair and low hair density as the lack of layers make the overall hairstyle look more voluminous.

The A-line bob also gives the hair a certain degree of "lift", making it look fuller!

The A Line Bobs can be sculpted to be at a very steep angle or a gentler A line angle depending on your stylist and your preferences.

Ladies Haircut (Ricky)

A Line Bob by The Bund

We would not recommend ladies with very wavy and curly hair to go for the A-line bob as the waves may ruin the attractiveness of the cut: the precision.

You can however opt for treatment or soft rebonding to tame your tresses before going for the cut!

Cut and Treatment

Cut and Treatment by Branche Hair Salon

If your hair is mostly straight, a treatment like that one at Branche Hair Salon may be sufficient.

If not, a MUCOTA DYNA Soft Rebonding may just be what you need to achieve a good A line cut.

DYNA Mucota treatment and Cut (Veronise)

MUCOTA DYNA Treatment and A Line Cut by Kobayashi Hair Design

Alternatively, you can also better manage your waves and use the A line cut to bring out your natural hair texture... without even needing a perm!

A-line Bob Haircut by Kenaris Hair Salon

A-line Bob Haircut by Kenaris Hair Salon

That was exactly what Kenaris did for Agent GS!

After observing that her natural hair texture is a little wavy, Aris (Co-founder of Kenaris Salon) chose to give Agent GS a skillful A-line cut to bring out her natural hair texture rather than perm her hair; this way, Agent GS can attain her desired hairstyle without damaging her hair (or her wallet!). To better frame her face, Aris also gave Agent GS sideswept bangs!

Read more about Agent GS' haircut experience here if you are interested!

Asymmetric Bob

To add more personality to the cut, you can consider an Asymmetrical A Line bob cut. An asymmetrical bob usually has one side in the front longer than the other and can be personalized by a good stylist to suit all face shapes! Asymmetrical haircuts are getting more and more popular as the steep angle helps to "sharpen the face"

The above is a lovely example of an Asymmetrical Haircut by haircut specialist Hensley from Chez Vous Hair Salon!

7. Upward Angled Layered Cut

Upward Angled Layered Cut by Branche Hair Salon

Upward Angled Layered Cut by Branche Hair Salon

A style seen more frequently for long haircuts than for short,  the upward angled layered cut is longer at the back and shorter at the front.

As the bulk of the hair volume will now be at the base of the haircut, it may cause the face to look a little more rounded than other hairstyles, making it suitable for ladies looking to soften their facial edges!

To prevent the layers from overthinning your hair, it would be best if your hair is thick in the first place!

Straighter hair also tends to look better with the Upward Angled Cut.

If your hair tends to be a little more wavy, you may also consider going for soft straightening to achieve the nicely rounded bob shape at the back!

Try not to go for excessively strong rebonding as the hair will lose its volume.

Soft straightening like the one done at COVO maintains the overall bob shape nicely as it tames the hair without making it super flat.

Read more about the difference between typical rebonding and soft straightening here if you are interested to find out more.

8. Long Bob (Lob)


Lob by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Not ready to take the plunge? Take a leaf out of Taylor Swift’s stylebook and opt for a lob instead. Neither long nor short, with the lob haircut, you only need to muster an ounce of courage to snip off just a bit of your tresses.

The Lob is a longer version of a bob, usually shoulder length. The reason why many women love this hairstyle is because it is short enough to make a drastic change and long enough for them to tie up their hair whenever needed!

Creative Bob

Asymmetrical Lob with Ladies' Undercut by Chez Vous Hair Salon

If a classic lob is not daring enough for you, you can try the Asymmetrical Lob with Ladies' Undercut designed by Oscar from Chez Vous. Instead of having the usual tough to manage side shave, the partial side bangs give Melanie the best of both worlds: a chic looking bob at work and a “punkish” undercut after work!

So, what do you say? Ready to join the pixie and bob clique?

Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite haircut for short hair!

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