Best Hairstyles for Bridesmaids and Wedding Guests in Singapore

Published on Sep 28, 2015

So you've got a calendar full of weddings ahead of you and you're about to embark on the season of nuptials. Apart from fretting over how much to pack into that angbao, you also want to make sure you look your best without outshining the bride.

Just like you don't want to wear the same dress to every wedding, it's fun to switch up your hair too!

We speak to the hair experts as they offer hair inspiration FOR EVERY HAIR LENGTH so you don't have to show up with a French twist again. 

Long Hair

1. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall Braids
Styling Waterfall Braids (Ryu)

Waterfall Braid by Flamingo Hair Studio

2. Rosy Braided Updo

This romantic undo is simple, original, and perfect for dancing the night (or day) away. Two side braids meet a larger one in the back and are twisted up into a rosy bun for a summery go-to look.

When braids are combined with curls, the result is a lot of texture and fullness! Flowers incorporated into the design give a romantic flair that is just perfect for the occasion.

Kawaii Motemaki Hairstyling (Kai)

Motemaki Styling by Branche Japanese Hair Salon

3. Half Up, Half Down

A simple half up half down hairstyle can complement your designer bridesmaid outfit the best.

Add a twist to the style by making it a double-braided affair. Also, create large thick curls at the ends of your layered hair and you're ready to go with a beautiful long hairstyle.

We think this style is suitable for bridesmaids too!

Styling (Sylvia)

Hairstyles by Act Point Salon

Hairstyling (Eri)

Hairstyles by Branche Japanese Hair Salon

4. Motemaki Hairstyling

Textured waves look awesome on long layered hair. Tease your crown a little, create pretty waves by taking locks in thin sections and let them embrace your back gracefully. If you need to create volume and waves for the all-important wedding, consider heading down to Branche Hair Salon and let the experts there (especially Kai!) do the job for you!

Kawaii Motemaki Hairstyling
Kawaii Motemaki Hairstyling

Motemaki Hairstyling by Branche Hair Salon

Medium-Length / Shoulder-Length Hair

1. Braided Ponytail

Who says that ponytails don’t go well with a glamorous bridal party look?

This low flowy pony is just perfect if you're going for a graceful bridesmaid hairstyle. A little height at the crown, a neatly braided headband and wavy bangs glam up the look even more.

2. Bun Updos

When it comes to bridesmaids' hairstyles, buns should never be overlooked.

Timeless and always in style, bun updos can be pretty damn convenient! Your hair will be out of your face all day, and you won’t have to deal with the annoying hair-stuck-in-lipgloss dilemma that you may otherwise have with big curls or a half-up hairdo. Your flyaways are going to be tucked into place all day, and everyone will be able to see your pretty and shining face!

Braid bun by Toshie from Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Braided Bun by Art Noise

You can always add a flower to a low bun and spice things up.  It’s completely up to you!

3. Loosely Tucked Chignon

This hairstyle is the right choice for sporting a casual yet feminine look, especially when you have lots of duties as a bridesmaid but still need to look striking.

Styling (Ryu)

Chignon by Flamingo Hair Studio

Short Hair

1. Styling with Sidebraids

Who knew you could make a fancy updo like this out of a short bob? The asymmetrical side braids and gravity-defying styling make this hairstyle a head-turner.

Upstyling (Xavier)

2. Simply Blowdry and Go!

The best thing about short bobs and pixie cuts: easy maintenance!

You may not have the volume or length to do the fancy styles mentioned above, but a quick blow-dry, pomade and styling sprays can help you get ready for that party in less than 20 minutes!

To keep yourself in tip top shape, consider getting a trim just before the wedding!

Here are more styles to consider for a look that screams CUTE:

Bob Haircut (Takuya)

Short Bob by CLEO Hair & Make

Ladies' Haircut (Ricky)

Ladies Cut by Ricky from The Bund

Haircut + Rebonding (Teru)

Haircut by Teru from Rubik Hair Salon

The last three months of the year (October - December) are always popular for weddings and events!

Besides styling your hair, you could also consider getting lash extensions to enhance your precious peepers (and make it worth your while the next 3 months!). 

Want to see the difference before and after?

C Curl by Allumer Japanese Salon

If you're not sure which type of curl is best for you, leave it to the experts to give you their professional recommendation! They can customize and even mix and match curls to help you achieve your desired look, keeping in mind your existing lash condition.

So what do you usually do to get ready for your friend's or relative's wedding?

Comment below and let us know!

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