10 Most Instagrammable Hair Salons for Selfies and Photoshoots in Singapore

Published on Jun 30, 2021

Keen to step up your IG / Tiktok game but not sure how? Your first visit might just be to the hair salon. 

Aside from the gorgeous new hair makeover, many hair salons in Singapore have upgraded their decor, so much so that the salon itself doubles up as a great spot for an indoor photoshoot. 

Having followed many Beauty Undercover agents to their hair services, we share with you our current favourite spots for that gorgeous selfie. 

1. WhiteTree Japanese Salon & Cafe

Lowest Priced Menu: $70 for Trim + Head Massage + Complimentary Tea

WhiteTree Japanese Hair Salon may be new but its bright and minimalist decor with its rounded arches and wide spaces make it a perfect setup for your photoshoot. 

Lighting is perfect as the natural light gives a soft glow in every one of these photos, though you're welcome to also borrow their ring light if you wish. 

What we love the most about taking photos here is that there're lots of white spaces. As much as there're plants, seats and rattan lights around, these are designed to stay in the background so that it brings the focus back to you (and your hair). 

Whitetree Instagrammable Backdrop

If you have a friend who come along with you, you can try to take a photo like this. If not, a simple selfie after a hair treatment here works just as well. 

Whitetree Instagrammable Backdrop

Our advice here is to wear something more vibrant because anything white will cause you to fade into the background. 

2. Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee Ann City

Lowest Priced Menu: $199 for Haircut + Colour / Treatment

We can't talk about instagrammable without mentioning Chez Vous Hideaway. As our recent visit shows, the entire place is like a freaking fairy tale as doors open one after the another to reveal a new world

You can head to space looking like this

Chez Vous Hideaway Massage Chair

Pretend you're in Italy

Chez Vous Hideaway Instagrammable Photo Spot

or indulge in your favourite pink fantasy in their VIP room. 

Chez Vous Hideaway Instagrammable Phot Spot

Otherwise, a simple selfie against their grey background works just as well, in our opinion. 

S Curl Perm at Chez Vous Hideaway

Agent G recently did a perm here and as you can see, loved the results. 

3. LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Lowest Priced Menu: $70 for Haircut by Senior Stylist 

Is it us or does LeeKaJa looks different every time we return for a visit?

Never resting on its laurels, LeeKaJa is always upgrading its interior, making itself look more and more aesthetic as they aim to offer the best Korean hair experience in Singapore. 

Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon Instagrammable Interior

Other than the beverage bar that reminds us of cafes we normally see in Korean dramas from the very beginning, LeeKaJa have incorporated vintage decor, leather elements and even exotic greenery that never fails to give visitors a boost of serotonin.

Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon Instagrammable Interior

With the lush greenery at every corner, you'd be able to incorporate it easily in your snaps.

Men Korean Perm at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Agent G after a Downperm with Korean Stylist David

It may not be easy finding a place with a plain background

but get creative and you'll be able to compose a snap like no other. 

4. Room Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy St

Lowest Priced Menu: $75 for Haircut by Senior Stylist ($50 for students!) 

For those keen to keep their Instagram feed aesthetically clean, don't miss Room Japanese Hair Salon.

Room Japanese Interior

With white, black and brown colour themes, the salon makes a perfect backdrop for your fave blogshop pieces. Probably why @fashmob chose to feature their Autumn Collection in Room?

Some unique spots you shouldn't miss in the salon include:

The signature wooden table

Photo Spot at Room Japanese Hair Salon

The iconic stairs in the middle of the salon

Photo Spot at Room Japanese Hair Salon

and even the washroom!

For those keen to visit, you'd be glad to know that Room Japanese Hair Salon is not only known for its tasteful decor but also amazing service from the Japanese stylists and a head spa raved by even Xiaxue

5. The Fluxus House @ Outram Park

Lowest Priced Menu: $90 for Haircut by Senior Stylist

Can't get enough of white-washed salon interiors? You should absolutely check out Japanese Salon Fluxus House.

The Fluxus House Interior

With the white and grey industrial walls forming a backdrop for actual artworks you can purchase, this unique 2-in-1 hair salon cum art gallery looks instagrammable from every angle. 

The only limit here is your imagination as you think of poses to compose for that unique masterpiece.

Two Toned Grey Hair Colour at Fluxus House

Salon interior isn't the only instagrammable thing here though. Fluxus House is founded by some of Beauty Undercover's favourite Japanese hairstylists Chiho and Shota, so you can expect to walk out from the salon with a hairstyle that is sure to get you that double-tap. 

Blue Hair Colour at Fluxus House

6. Koinonia Salon @ Tiong Bahru

Lowest Priced Menu: $65 for Haircut by Senior Stylist

One simply cannot talk about instagrammable salons without venturing into the Tiong Bahru enclave.

Koinonia Hair Salon Interior

And when you do visit Tiong Bahru, the quaint Koinonia salon is definitely one you shouldn't miss. 

Koinonia Hair Salon Interior

After all, where else can you get salons that look so dreamy on the outside with its turquoise exterior and vintage on the inside like this?

Many people will walk past the outside and take a random selfie like this

Trendy Perm at Koinonia

Hippie Perm at Koinonia Salon

But actually our favourite spots are by the photo wall 

Trendy Perm at Koinonia

Beach Wave Perm by Koinonia Salon

and outside the alley way 

Highlights by Koinonia

Highlights by Koinonia Salon

If weather permits, you may even manage to get a nice Tiktok of your experience in.

Beach Wave Perm by Koinonia Salon

7. Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru

Just a few metres away is another one of our favourite Japanese hair salons, Flamingo. 

Flamingo Japanese Hair Studio Interior

Here, the salon exhibits a dainty, Japanese type of charm, with rounded arches, greenery and pink flamingoes littered around the spacious salon. 

Flamingo Hair Studio Photo Spot

These make for wonderful props and backgrounds that make for unexpected IG snaps. 

Flamingo Hair Studio Photo Spot

Even if you're here for just a head massage like Agent G!

Otherwise, the salon makes for an awesome backdrop both inside

Pink Hair by Flamingo Hair Studio

and outside the salon. 

Dark Brown Hair Colour by Flamingo Hair Studio

8. Michaela Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

Lowest Priced Menu: $70 for Shiny Hair Treatment, $90 for Haircut

Michaela Japanese Hair Salon may be best known for their birds' nest infused hair treatment but their new location at Clarke Quay added yet another reason to visit. 

Michaela Japanese Hair Salon Interior

Yep, they relocated to a shophouse just opposite Clarke Quay MRT, so it's really convenient to get to but more importantly, they incorporated a new angel mural that's worth visiting on its own. 

Come on.. where else do you get to snap this? That is why Agent G will find some way to get this photo in whenever she visits Michaela.

Natural Backdrop at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Another favourite spot? The area close to the window as it gets lots of natural lighting and makes for a perfect selfie once you get your treatment in. 

Natural Backdrop at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Mochi Mochi Treatment at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Don't be mistaken. Michaela doesn't just have treatments; they are really good with perms and colours too. 

Perm and Haircut by Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

So don't forget to check them out if you've got the chance!

9. Salon 5 @ Katong

Lowest Priced Menu: $60 for Haircut by Senior Stylist

Looking to go back in time? 

Salon 5 Interior

Salon 5 offers you lots of photo opportunities with their peranakan doors, vintage barber chair and even vintage telephones and sewing machine repurposed as a salon table. 

Salon 5 Interior

And if that's not enough, there're lots of areas right outside the salon for you to show off your gorgeous new hair!

Dark Brown Hair Colour by Salon 5
Blonde Fringe by Salon 5
Ash Silver Grey by Salon 5

As customers here will tell you, prepare for a deluge of inquiries when you post up that photo because there will be lots of people asking where you did your hair. 

Hair Colour at Salon 5

Agent B shares why she enjoys visiting Salon 5.

10. Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Lowest Priced Menu: $90 for Haircut by Senior Stylist

With full length glass windows, well stocked wine bar and deluxe private suites for customers who wish for a little more privacy, MODE Studio is definitely one of the most luxurious we've been. 

MODE Studio Interior

I mean, there must be a reason why celebrities such as Chantelle Ng, Ayden Sng and even international superstar Jay Park chose to come here right?

But we digress.

Some of our favourite instagrammable spots in the salon include this couch towards the end of the salon as well as the wine bar that's perfect for that after-work selfie. 

Heck, even the view from their seat looks good. 

Instagrammable Photo Spot at MODE Studio

If you're intending to come, prepare to be wowed by their warm service and don't forget to snap some selfies to commemorate your experience.

Bonus: The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

Lowest Priced Menu: $80 for Ladies' Haircut by Director Stylist Ricky

Hoping to visit a salon outside of Orchard? We found The Bund, a modern hair sanctuary situated within Aramsa Spa.

The Bund AMK Interior

Surrounded by lush greenery, yet shielded from the natural elements in an air-conditioned bubble, The Bund's design lives up to its name as the First Luxury Garden Hair Salon in Singapore and definitely one of the most instagrammable. 

The Bund AMK Outdoor Photo Spot

Just the other day, we followed Agent C for her perm at The Bund and loved these spots we found right outside the salon. 

The Bund AMK Outdoor Photo Spot

Did we also mention that Ricky is one of our top local hairstylists to recommend for haircuts and perms? He is incredibly skilled at creating flowy soft cuts that stay in shape for MONTHS. Add his principled personality that doesn't allow him to upsell services and you'll get a personal and luxurious hair experience you'll not forget. 

Which hair salon on the list have you visited before? Share your experience on BU.sg ! Otherwise, subscribe to our Telegram channel, and follow us on InstagramTiktok and Facebook to be the first to know about latest trends and wallet-friendly deals!

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