Best Bob Hairstyles for the Female Consultant, Manager, Director.. the High Powered Lady Executive

Published on Mar 08, 2015

Able to excel at work and still balance commitments at home, Singaporean women are among the most capable, innovative and admired in the world!

This March, we at Beauty Undercover want to celebrate how far we've come and inspire more ladies to pursue their dreams with our feature on recommended hairstyles and insights from lady stylists for an outer and inner transformation.

As more and more Singaporean ladies take up management positions, we start off this series by asking top hair salons in Singapore for recommendations on hairstyles for the Female Manager, the Director and the President... essentially the High Powered Lady Executive.

Precise yet versatile, sophisticated yet youthful, professional yet alluring. Today's working woman often needs to juggle seemingly contrasting qualities, exuding power at work yet retaining their feminine side. If the working woman can strike a balance in her life, so should her hair!

In a paper on hair and first impressions based on a study funded by Procter and Gamble, study director and Yale University psychology professor Marianne LaFrance, Ph.D., wrote, “Within seconds of meeting you, people begin forming a first impression about the type of person you are, and it’s not your face that gives you away; it’s your hairstyle.”

A woman’s hairstyle, like her clothing choices, offers an insight to her professional life. Is she laid-back and casual or is she precise and commanding?

According to the study, women with shorter hair are perceived as more intelligent and confident than those with longer styles. Of the 23 female CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, 15 sport versions of the classic bob, believed to be the most powerful haircut for working female professionals. Even in Singapore, many of our top female politicians tend to go for short hairstyles as well.

ho ching
grace fu
lim hwee hua
yu foo

Short however isn't for everyone!

Shorter edges might empower those of us who lack feel a lack of presence at work but a softer longer, even wavy cut can add approachability to a strong personality.

Depending on your needs, we explore variations of minimal-fuss, maximum-impact bob styles for you, the high-powered lady executive!

*P.S. This list is still a work in progress! We will add more styles as we find more along the way!

Power Style #1: Inverted Bob

diamond shape face haircut

Stylist: Riz Tan from Chez Vous Hair Salon


  • Amplified Keratin Treatment
  • Colour
  • Cut

Suited For: Suited for high powered directors and entrepreneurs who have minimal time for styling

Many of these high-flyers are short on time - they don't have much time to style or blow dry their hair, let alone hitting the salon regularly for a wash & blow. An inverted bob has stacked layers cut shorter in the back and longer in the front, giving hair needed body and height at the crown. Even if you don't have time to blow dry your hair early in the morning, this haircut (if done well by a professional) can still give you the “lift” you need, helping you avoid a ‘flat’ hair day.

This look is highly versatile and can be customized to suit almost every lady. Did we mention that this style requires minimal styling?

An inverted bob may seem like a classic; a seemingly common haircut that can be created in most salons. However, a good inverted bob haircut executed by an experienced stylist will not go out-of-shape quickly because the hair is properly blended and shaped while retaining the correct amount of weight to hold the hair in place.

Power Style #2: Pixie Inspired Bob

An asymmetrical bob can be either non-layered or stacked in the back. The only thing that sets this type of bob apart from the others is that one side is longer than the other.

Pixie inspired bob

Stylist: Hensley Chin from Chez Vous Hair Salon

Services:  Cut

Suited For: Suited for high powered working executives who desire an edgy looking pixie cut but are unable to pull off a short hair look

A pixie cut is very suitable for high-powered executives; the style alone personifies confidence, independence, reliability and professionalism. However, not many high-powered executives can carry off a real pixie-cut. This short hairstyle does not complement all facial shapes and features and, more often than not, requires styling as well.

Hensley designed a haircut that crosses between a bob and a pixie. This style still speaks of the image portrayed through a pixie cut but is softer and much more wearable. It shapes and frames one’s facial features, leaving a chic and interesting impression. Most importantly, you don't need to have an over-the-top strong personality and character to pull off this look.

Power Style #3: Mod Cut

mod cut

Stylist: Hensley Chin from Chez Vous Hair Salon


  • Colour
  • Cut

Suited For: Front-end consultants who have to appear both approachable and professional at the same time

This effortless and easy-to-manage hairstyle works for many successful high-powered women, be it at home, in the gym, at a gala-dinner, or simply at work. Though simple, this mod cut highlights natural edges to help its wearer feel more confident and empowered.

Power Style #4: Classic A-Line Lob

Like an A-shape, the hair is shorter at the back and longer on the sides!

Before and After

Stylist: Jimmy from Kenaris Hair Salon


  • Dark brown hair colour with violet-red highlights beneath
  • Cut

Suited For: People-oriented managers who want to inject confidence, energy and approachability into their overall look

Stylish and professional at the same time, the A-line bob empowers women with a style that says "I am getting things done today". Without the distraction of excessively long hair, this easy-to-manage hairstyle keeps coworkers focused on how well you lead your team while still ensuring that the hair length is long enough for an up-do after work or a tie-up for gym, a favourite among successful high-powered women who want the edge without looking excessively dominant.

Power Style #5: Medium Cut with Natural Wave

The natural perm adds light waves to soften strong and serious personalities.

Medium cut with natural wave

Stylist: Sio from CLEO Hair & Make


  • Lavender Rose Hair Colour
  • Natural Wave Perm
  • Medium Cut

Suited For: Managers or Directors who wish to tone down their strong personalities with some natural waves

Professional does not necessarily equate to short and straight hair. Slight waves with a little bit of length can make women who have already proven themselves more accessible to their subordinates, particularly if they have taken on a new challenge which requires a lighter touch. This perm needs some maintenance to prolong the waves but is a great hairstyle to sport on and off work.

Do you have a preferred style you don't see up there? Share with us your thoughts and suggestions below!

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