Is IPL or Laser Hair Removal not as effective in removing your hair as before? Agent GS tries out Depilar Hair Removal from SONA Japanese Skin Studio!

Published on Jul 31, 2015

For those of us facing issues with fast growing body hair, the first few treatments that come to our mind are Epilation, Waxing or the more painless IPL and Laser. While epilation and waxing can help with temporary hair removal, they can be painful,  requires quite a long time for the procedure every few weeks and may even cause ingrown hair. IPL and laser on the other hand are not always suitable for all skin types and colour.

Recently however, we've discovered a new hair removal technology that is painless, fast and great for all types of skin: Depilar Hair Removal!

Applied directly onto the skin after waxing, Depilar penetrates deep into the skin and reaching papilla cells during the anagen phase with its specialized enzyme based formula that utilizes Trypsin and Chymotrypsin to inhibit hair growth.

It works on both men and women of all ages, skin type or color, hair colour or thickness and is safe even for pregnant women!

To test how well it works, we sent Agent GS, who faced some serious hairy issues of her own, to be a guest of SONA Japanese Skin Studio to experience Depilar Hair Removal.

Check out her experience below!

July 2015

Okay, I don't know about you guys but I used to have loads of problems with my skin (ok, still do cause I have eczema) but it was always the worst when it came to shaving my legs!!!

Using a shaver was the worst because my skin would be so red and patchy after I'm done. I've tried Veet, and shaving while my legs are wet but all didn't do the trick for me.

That was till I started epilating! My mom bought me a set and it worked wonders!

Initially, it did hurt because it's almost like tweezing but at an accelerated rate! But after a few times, I got used to the pain and things got better!  less redness, and no itchy/irritated skin!

Only trouble with epilating my legs, is the epilation itself.

Takes me around 15 minutes to be done with my calves (I'm so hairy, it's not even funny) and I would be sooooo damn tired thereafter. Crouching over for 15 minutes is more tiring than it sounds.

So when I got the chance to give waxing my legs a shot... Of course I couldn't be happier!! (Who doesn't wanna save time right?!)

And to sweeten the deal, it was at a renowned Japanese wax & beauty salon!!!

So yes, here's where I spent my Saturday evening at: SONA Japanese Skin Studio!

NUA Singapore
NUA Singapore

Located at the 2nd level of 18A Tanjong Pagar Rd, it's a little difficult to find but if you use google maps you can just look out for the StarKing KBBQ shop because it's right beside it.

NUA Singapore
NUA Singapore products

The place itself isn't very big, but it's definitely very welcoming and cosy the moment you step in!

Don't forget to remove your shoes, like I did though! Hehe.

My appointment was with Shiori, the founder of SONA Japanese Skin Studio, who was really welcoming to both X (my personal photographer for the day haha) and I!


Here she is explaining what she would be doing today, which is waxing my calves and *BONUS* letting me try the newest hair removal gel treatment - Depilar! (More on that soon!)

Pardon the face, I was listening attentively!

So let's begin!

heated up wax

Wax all heated up, and ready to go!


My hairy calves are ready to be hairless again! Teehee!

I won't ruin your reading experience with a gross image of my leg hairs, but who doesn't wanna see a "before & after" picture right?

So keep reading for the slideshow video I did to showcase the effectiveness!

spreading the wax

Spreading the wax evenly!

I appreciated that the wax wasn't too hot (some places really don't QC the temperature of their wax) and that it cooled really quickly on my skin!

I also thought she was gonna lay some strips over the hot wax but...

peel the wax

She didn't at all!

She simply peeled the wax that had already cooled and formed a layer off in one swift motion!!

Really amazing and efficient, I must say!

No wonder everything happened really quickly lol

Depilar Hair Removal Gel treatment

So after Shiori was done with waxing, she applied the Depilar Hair Removal Gel treatment I mentioned earlier in 2 steps!

What its application does is it...

- slows down the re-growth of hair

- makes subsequent hair finer, and the removal would be easier

Something like IPL, but totally painless!

With a combination of proteins & enzyme based formula, it slows down and eventually stops hair growth!

I heard if it's applied every 5-6 weeks, that's when the results are best!

Depilar Hair Removal Gel treatment

First bottle of gel spritzed onto my calf and massaged in, followed by the second bottle!

I was told that you would be able to see a noticeable decrease in hair growth after the fourth session! That's pretty quick, ain't it??

For it to completely remove ALL your hair, it would require successive and regular Depilar Applications over 16 to 24 months through a complete 1-2 year hair growth cycle!

Depilar Hair Removal Gel treatment

Best of all, it's suitable for all skin and hair types - from sensitive skin to thick hair!

Definitely worth a shot for both ladies and men alike!

Shiori shared that most of her male customers find Depilar effective for their previously stubborn hair growth issues as compared to IPL! Which is cool because I always thought IPL was the only way to remove hair permanently hehe

Oh yes and pregnant ladies can opt for this treatment > IPL if they are worried for their baby... good right!

I was done with the waxing and Depilar treatment in less than half an hour, and I was feeling great about the whole experience

If you wanna take a look at the before and after images, do click into the video above!

Don't get shocked at my grizzly bear like legs ok! I've warned you!

Definitely enjoyed my experience over at SONA Japanese Skin Studio, and loved the hospitality of Shiori who was a pleasure to talk to.

Oh and if you're intending to head over to try out their Depilar treatment, you may wanna avoid showering 2 hours before and wear shorts + bring a small towel with you (to put on your car seat) as the gel stays a little sticky till you shower!

Do try to stay outta the sun 24 hours after the treatment if you can! And wear sunscreen ok!

To read Agent GS's original more animated article, read here:

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Do you have persistent body hair issues and have questions to ask about Depilar Hair Removal?

Ask away below!

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