Best Japanese and Korean Hair Salons in Singapore

Published on Sep 01, 2018

Our local hairstylists may be good with vibrant hair colours but we're just in love with the awesome service given by Japanese hairstylists and amazing perms by Korean stylists. 

We have therefore come up with a list of hair salons staffed with actual Japanese and Korean Hairstylists (not fake ones!) that actually provide good service (no hardselling!).

*Note: This list is still a work in progress. New salons will be added as we go along!

Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

  • Price: from $68 for ladies haircut and from $250 for digital perm
  • Best known for digital perms by Joel Park, Korean-style haircuts and colour by Alex, flagship salon of Pro Trim

Pro Trim Salon @ Ngee Ann City isn't a pure Korean salon but the existence of TOP Korean stylists Joel Park and Alex in this salon make this a worthy mention. Other than being one of Agent G's favourite Korean hairstylists, Joel Park is the chosen hairdresser for many Who's Who in Singapore including top celebrity pastor (not from City Harvest), tai-tais, Indonesian businessmen and their wives and so on. The place itself isn't posh but Joel's skill and sincerity make up for it all! Alex, too, may be a lot more understated but is one of the most dedicated and skillful Korean stylists we've tried in Singapore. A MUST TRY... if you manage to get a slot with either one of them :) Their slots are very full!

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LeeKaJa Korean Hair and Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

  • Price: $60-$80
  • Best known for Korean-style Perms and Rebonding, Cinderella Keratin Treatment, Amazing Beverage Bar, Spacious Decor, Great Service

One of Korea's MOST well known hair salon brands, LeeKaJa, is now in Singapore! Other than their amazingly beautiful salon, LeeKaJa has a strong stylist team consisting of Korean hairstylists and local hairstylists, all of whom are very experienced and skillful! They have also brought in the latest perm machines and chemicals from Korea so you'll find that the perms done here are like no other :)

Skill aside, we're really impressed with their attentive service that begins right when you step into the salon till you leave. They even serve wine and homemade dried pineapples to customers without any extra charges. 

We would usually expect a hair salon like this to charge exorbitant prices... so we're very happy to note that prices here are very reasonable with ladies' haircut prices starting from $60!  

Pocket-friendly hair services with skillful hairstylists, awesome decor and great service, we think LeeKaJa Korean Hair and Beauty Salon is definitely THE Korean hair salon to experience in Singapore!

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Hair Illustrated @ Raffles City

  • Price: From $69
  • Best known for Paimore GRATS Clinic Perm, Premium Decor, Great Service,Top Stylists like Rina and Hidero

If you're wondering where top perm specialist Rina is, look no further. We found her at Hair Illustrated, a premium Korean hair salon at Raffles City!

Whatever you imagine a top Korean salon to be, Hair Illustrated will match your expectations and more. From the first moment you step in, you'll be well taken care of by frontline staff who will provide you with refreshments. The stylists here are mostly fluent in English and gives very detailed consultation with zero hardselling. Best of all, their perm and volume rebonding skill is to die for... we're especially impressed with Rina herself. Without needing to tell her too much, she creates perms and volume rebonding styles that are exactly what you see in Korean dramas... So yes, you will definitely look at yourself differently after a perm by her. 

Confidence Up, Femininity Up and even Sexy Up!

Although she's really very impressive in perms / rebonding, we would also highly recommend you to try Hidero and Morgan for cuts and colours because they are really good!

Hair Illustrated is also the first salon that is carrying Paimore GRATS, the Japanese perm lotion that can perm VERY damaged hair including hair that has been bleached 3 times. If you find it difficult to maintain your bleached hair, we would highly recommend you to go to 

While prices here isn't the lowest we've seen, it is definitely still within reach... especially if you're eligible for their first-timer discounts.

Definitely a must-try hair salon you'd rave about without breaking the bank!

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Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

  • Price: $70
  • Best known for Non-Bleach Hair Colour, Tokio de Sinka Perm / Rebonding, Yume Chair, Good Japanese Service

For those of you looking for a Japanese experience with the stylists attending to you one-to-one, you'd love AUBE's flagship hair salon at Wheelock Place. The ambience is relaxing, selected stylists are really skilful, pricing is value-for-money... and they even have the very cool yume chair to top off the entire experience. 

Just make sure you find the right stylist for the right service for optimal hair results! 

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Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link

  • Price: $70
  • Best known for Great haircut by Kazuki, Non-Bleach Hair Colour, Tokio de Sinka Perm / Rebonding, Yume Chair, Good Japanese Service
aube salon

Want to try AUBE but find Wheelock Place just a bit out of the way?

AUBE has just opened its second outlet at Marina Link, just below Bangkok Jam in Marina Square! The extremely talented Japanese stylist Kazuki has now moved to anchor this outlet together with the patient and skillful Shun. 

Don't miss them especially if you're working close by. 

Read more about our review on AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link.

The Space Korean Hair Salon @ The Cathay

  • Price: From $48 (Haircut)
  • Best known for Lee Han's Perm / Volume Rebonding, Detailed Haircuts, Good service and ambience, Perm price includes haircut

A charming boutique Korean hair salon has just opened in The Cathay and it is anchored by none other than Perm Master Lee Han. Ladies who've tried him attest that his perm / volume rebonding is like none other because they look super natural and are very easy to manage. He attributes this to his use of multiple perm lotions even within a single perm to help get the best results. 

Best of all, prices are among the lowest we've seen for perm (and even haircut for now) among authentic Korean stylists because the perm price includes haircut. This makes his perm possibly the most value-for-money thus far!

Read more about our review on The Space Korean Hair Salon here.

Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

  • Price: from $48 for ladies haircut and from $238 for digital perm
  • Best known for experienced Korean stylists from top Korean salons like Juno Hair Studio and Park Jun's Beauty Lab, Korean-style Perms and Rebonding, Korean-style Haircuts
Style NA Parkway Parade

After their wildly popular outlet in JEM, Pro Trim Salon is opening a premium Korean offshoot Style NA Korean Salon in Parkway Parade!

Other than bringing in top Korean stylists from renowned hair salon chains in Seoul, Pro Trim has also moved its most capable Korean stylist Chris from JEM to Style NA @ Marine Parade and brought in some of its best local stylists to its flagship Style NA outlet. Although prices here are slightly higher than what you see in JEM, the prices here is still cheaper when compared to Orchard salons.

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Zinc Korean Hair Salon @ Millenia Walk / Orchard Central

  • Price: from $240 (Digital perm)
  • Best known for Korean perming styles, volume rebonding, experienced hairstylists
Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Zinc is one of the first Korean hair salons that Agent G has personally tried and still remains one of her favourites! Other than being really skilful at their work, the Korean stylists here knows exactly what the preferences of Singapore ladies are. Therefore, the styles that they design tend to match the image we have in our minds. The new location at Millenia Walk is also more spacious and premium, making us feel more tai-tai whenever we go for a hair experience. Overall, a Korean salon we are happy to recommend to our friends and readers!

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Du Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

  • Price: $55-70 (Haircut), $300 to $350 (Perms and Magic Volume Rebonding)
  • Best known for Korean-style Perms and Rebonding, Mool Gyul Perm, Multiplier Perm, Olivetta Treatment, Korean stylists Edward and Sean are very popular here

Du Sol Korean Hair Salon is one of the most established Korean Hair Salons in Singapore. It is unique in many ways because of its links with top notch Korean celebrity agency SidusHQ as well as with Korean haircare manufacturers; Du Sol Korean Salon is possibly the only Korean Hair Salon in Singapore to produce their own perm lotion and treatment. It is therefore not a surprise to find that Du Sol is often the first hair salon in Singapore to introduce Korea's trending hairstyles, which currently include Multiplier Perm and Olivetta Treatment that helps to infuse volume while managing frizz in a perm procedure that takes just 2 hours. 

The high quality hair products and the focus on continuous training is a major draw for skillful hairstylists who want to give their customers the best. Customers who come to Du Sol are in turn happy with the quality of perms and rebonding that is done here. We hear that Edward and Sean are especially popular because of their ability to understand and deliver what customers want although newcomers Matae and Mikhaila are just as good at what they do. 

With their skill and superior hair products, Du Sol is definitely the place to try the latest Korean style perms and rebonding!

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FiNDER by COVO @ Duxton Tanjong Pagar

  • Price: from $78 for ladies haircut and from $120 for hair colour
  • Best known for haircuts by Shobu, hair colours by Kazz and Hajime
finder by covo

COVO has just opened their third outlet with a top-notch Japanese stylist team comprising of haircut and balayage specialist Shobu, Hajime who is very strong with trendy hair colours as well as Kazz who is strong across hair colours and treatments! The salon is a little smaller than the other COVO outlets but the service is just as good. A perfect place for that lunchtime haircut or stunning colour you've been wanting to get for a while.

Risel Japanese Hair Salon @ Tanjong Pagar Tras St

  • Price: $65
  • Best known for haircut by Mai and Yushi, Affordable Hair Colours and Perms, Good Japanese Service

Hoping to pamper yourself with a haircut / colour after work... without breaking the bank? This NEW Japanese Hair Salon located just minutes away from Tanjong Pagar MRT is a great choice with haircuts starting from $65 and hair colours from $90. Service here is tip top... and they even have a Japanese technician who speaks excellent English. 

Definitely one of the most value-for-money Japanese hair salons you'd ever experience in Singapore!

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Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

  • Price: >$90
  • Best known for approachable Japanese stylists good at managing rebonding and managing curly hairchill ambience, stylists fluent in English

This spacious new hideout at Neil Rd is the newest Japanese salon to check out in Tanjong Pagar! Unlike busy local salons which can sometimes be as noisy as a fish market, Flamingo Hair Studio offers a serene and chill ambience that makes it easy for us to relax after work! There are only two stylists here so service is cozy. Ryu, the founder of the salon, is also very fluent in English so you don't have to be worried about miscommunication! We hear that they are particularly good with handling ladies with curly and wavy hair and giving them a cut / straightening solution that makes it easy for them to manage their hair back at home.

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COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Outram Park Keong Saik Rd and Tanjong Pagar

  • Price: >$100
  • Best known for Experienced and skilled Japanese hairstylists, quiet semi-private spaces and argan oil hair colour

Designed as an urban retreat close to the CBD areas, COVO hair salon offers stylish haircuts and colour by experienced Japanese hairstylists in the quiet enclaves of Keong Saik Rd and Tanjong Pagar. Whether you are looking to unwind after a tough day to work or refresh your overall look with a hair transformation, COVO is one of those hair salons you should check out!

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Shun Sakurai @ Chijmes

  • Price: from $80 for ladies haircut and from $280 for digital perm
  • Best known for awesome haircuts by Shun, tokio de sinka and Paimore GRATS digital perms, Total Makeover concept that includes a makeup consultation, semi-private spaces

Among hairdressers in Singapore who are in touch with the best in the industry, Shun Sakurai is a familiar name. He has after all been invited to teach at top hair seminars in Singapore because his hairdressing skill is among the best (if not the best). Previously from Kizuki+LIM, Shun has now ventured out to create his own hair salon with a Total Makeover concept that includes a makeup consultation within the hair service, something we really look forward to! 

Still, its main attraction for us is Shun's AWESOME haircutting skill as well as Tokio de Sinka perms. He is able to tame even the most unmanageable of hair with his haircuts and perms and so is a MUST-TRY among Japanese Hairstylists in Singapore. 

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Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela @ Riverside Point

  • Price: From $90
  • Best known for Michaela Signature Treatment, Japanese Perm, Japanese Haircut, Great Service, Child-friendly Environment

Backed by Japanese pharmaceutical company MT Metatron, Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela is one of the few Japanese hair salons that bring in their top-quality inhouse Made-in-Japan hair treatments. They use bird's nest as well as ingredients from their skincare line into their hair treatments to protect and repair your hair at a price that is very pocket-friendly. This makes Michaela hair treatments one of the most value-for-money in town and a must-try for treatment connoiseur.

Treatments aside, the Japanese stylists here have extensive years of experience, a number of whom have worked in Europe and Shanghai before. This means that their command of English is good and also signifies their versatility in handling different hair types. Their service is also among the best, making an experience here a pampering and fruitful one!

Highly recommended especially for Moms and families because they have a kid's room where they can watch cartoons and play toys!

Read more about our review on Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela here.

Bump by AVENTA Hair Salon @ River Valley Mohamed Sultan Rd

  • Price: from $65
  • Best known for affordable hair services by Japanese hairstylists, beautiful interior, stylists who have been in Singapore for a number of years

The instagrammable salon at River Valley offers value-for-money haircuts, natural colours and straightening services by Japanese stylists. This means good price, good ambience, good skill - an unbeatable mix in River Valley!

We'd recommend you to try Eri and Konomi whose skill have garnered lots of great feedback!

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Branche Hair and Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza City Hall

  • Price: > $130
  • Best known for top-level Japanese service, experienced Japanese hairstylists, Tokio Inkarami Treatment, Microscopic Scalp Analysis
Branche Hair and Nail Salon

Located in the posh Capitol Piazza, Branche sets new standards for hair services in Singapore with its super-luxe hair experience, attentive Japanese service and focus on ultimate hair health. Prices may be more pricey here but that's because they include microscopic scalp analysis and with every hair service to ensure that the results of the hair service last as long as possible. They also provide authentically Japanese refreshments such as handroasted coffee beans, matcha latte and even Japanese snacks during the service! Stylists here are also carefully selected from experienced top stylists back in Branche Japan so the quality of hair services are also assured.

Overall, a highly recommended salon for someone looking for more than just great hair services!

PS. They also offer high quality nail services as well!

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AVENTA Hair Salon @ City Hall Stamford Court

  • Price: from $60
  • Best known for affordable hair services by Japanese hairstylists, stylish experienced hairstylists with international experience, 3D hair colour, haircuts and colour for Caucasian customers

From the stylish and friendly hairstylists to the fantastic head massage and affordable prices, there are so many things to love about AVENTA! They are particularly good with haircuts and their inhouse 3D Hair Colour so do check them out if you are keen to try out a new Japanese hair salon!

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Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ The Central Clarke Quay

  • Price: $80
  • Best known for Hair Colours by Ken, Rebonding by Aya and Ryo, Japanese Stylists fluent in English, Good Japanese Service

A collaboration between 3 hair salon chains in Japan, Threes Japanese Hair Salon aims to introduce to Singapore top-notch Japanese service and quality hair products at affordable prices. They brought in Top Stylists, most of whom speak English fluently and worked in Australia before, making the Japanese hair experience here particularly comfortable. We're especially enamored with the hair colours done by salon manager Ken, who has coloured hair for top celebrities like Ayumi Hamasaki before! 

Definitely a bargain you MUST TRY given their skill, service, quality of product and location!

Izumi Hair Salon @ The Central SoHo 1

  • Price: >$120
  • Best known for Best Haircut Specialist in Singapore, Sunkiss highlights
Izumi Hair Salon

Izumi is one of the few stylists we can confidently say is one of the best haircut specialists we've ever seen in Singapore! Well versed across many different haircutting styles and highly experienced with Asian and Caucasian hair, Izumi is THE hairstylist we would recommend our closest friends to go for a makeover haircut. She is however rather pricey. Her high expectations also mean that she has restricted her services to only haircuts and colour for now. Therefore, prepare your wallet before you go!

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Rubik Hair Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

  • Price: from $80 (ladies' haircut)
  • Best known for tailored haircut by popular Japanese hairstylist Teru, thoughtful meticulous service, Tokio de Sinka Perm and Rebonding

Teru, one of Beauty Undercover's most well-loved Japanese stylists, has recently opened a new Japanese Hair Salon in the hipster Bukit Pasoh Rd.

The experience from the start till the end is excellent; the salon ambience is cozy, stylist Teru is very attentive and sensitive to our needs and his haircut and Tokio rebonding just perfect. It's therefore not surprising to find only raving reviews for Teru's services here!

A must try Japanese stylist you know you can stick with for life. 

Read more about our review on Rubik Hair Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd  

Bump @ The Rochester

  • Price: from $65
  • Best known for Trendy Vibrant Hair colours by So-neaffordable hair services by Japanese hairstylists trained in the Size Balance Control philosophy, great haircuts by Japanese stylists who are understandable in English

Only a handful of Japanese stylists are good with trendy vibrant hair colours and even fewer charge affordable prices with their great service! So-ne from Bump is one of the special few who hopes to introduce his customers to Japanese-style classy vibrant colours while ensuring that damage to the hair is kept to the minimum! We love how some of his brighter colours don't require bleaching as well.

So-ne is not the only attraction though. Stylist Mayu recently came from Japan and brought with her an interesting new Japanese philosophy Size Balance Control that tailors your haircut and colour to your body shape and image. She's also very gorgeous in person and speaks fluent English. 

If you stay in the West, this is a hair salon you should DEFINITELY visit. 

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Art-Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

  • Price: from $80
  • Best known for digital creep perm, SHA shampoo and treatment, aqua straightening and sophisticated hair colours
Art noise

Rejoice... for Ikebukuro's most popular Japanese hair salon can now be found in cozy Holland Village! Highly skilled in perms, rebonding and hair colour, stylists in Art-Noise are really good with designing sophisticated and easily manageable hairstyles that takes years off your face. The secret lies in both their experience and inhouse hair products used... which is why you probably can't find the same level of satisfaction elsewhere!

We also love how the stylists at Art Noise continuously improve in both hair designs and even in command of English... they have now incorporated more of Singaporean style (such as bob cuts and Vibrant Hair Colours) into the Japanese hair experience, making them one of our top choices for Singaporeans looking to try out Japanese hair salons!

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Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

  • Price: from $38 for ladies haircut and from $198 for digital perm
  • Best known for experienced Korean stylists from top hair salons in Apgujeong, Korean-style Perms and Rebonding, MUCOTA Perm and Rebonding
Pro Trim at JEM

Fans of Korean hairstyles and celebrities staying in the West rejoice! You don't have to travel all the way to town for that glamorous Korean perm... Pro Trim has assembled a team of skillful Korean stylists from top hair salons in Apgujeong in its Jurong East JEM outlet! Best of all, prices here are a shade lower than what you see at Orchard salons.

They are however often very busy so do try to make an appointment beforehand!

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Style NA Korean Salon @ Compass One

  • Price: from $48 for ladies haircut and from $238 for digital perm
  • Best known for experienced Korean stylists, affordable prices, Korean-style Perms and Rebonding, Korean-style Haircuts
Style NA Korean Salon @ Compass One

Style NA Korean Salon @ Bedok Mall may not be as spacious as the Parkway Parade flagship outlet but you can still get beautiful Korean style perms and haircuts done here by experienced Korean stylists (or local stylists!) We are particularly impressed by Korean stylist Roy who have consistently created natural and beauty perms and Korean-style hair colours!

Read more about our review on Style NA Korean Salon @ Compass One!

Aside from Hair Salons, here are some Japanese Nail and Beauty Salons we are particularly impressed with!

1. Organics Beauty @ Delfi Orchard

  • Price: >$250 ($178 for First Timers!)
  • Best known for Organic Facials, Herbal Brightening, Anti-Ageing Facials, Holistic Body Mind Experience, Japanese therapist, Great Service
organics beauty

If you are looking for a natural and gentle yet effective alternative to the usual facial, you MUST definitely check out Organics Beauty! Using a range of holistic therapy methods including herbatology, TCM and aromatherapy, founder Shizuka has created a unique facial that uses only 100% organic ingredients to help brighten and tighten the skin from within!

The facial itself is surprisingly effective... so given its benefits, we are not surprised to note that almost all the customers who've tried Organics Beauty come back regularly for treatments!

Read more about Organics Beauty @ Delfi Orchard!

2. Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon @ Raffles Hotel

  • Price: >$150 ($88 for First Timers!)
  • Best known for Stem Cell Herbal Beaute Revive Facials, Queen Phyto Cell Treatment and Thalassotherapy Treatment

A new Japanese beauty salon that recently opened in Singapore, Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon brings in the LATEST most advanced stem cell treatment from Japan, combining both human and plant stem cell to rejuvenate the skin from within. There is minimal extractions here but with the power of their natural herbal peeling, there's really no need for that! 

We see a tangible and visible difference for staff who have gone through their signature herbal revive treatment for 2-3 times - whether you are talking about acne or lines, we are surprised to see the huge improvement for ourselves!

Read more about Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon @ Raffles Hotel!

3. SONA Japanese Skin Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

  • Price: >$85
  • Best known for SONA Japanese Skin Studio Signature Customized Facial, Dermatologica products, Depilar Hair Removal

Even though SONA Japanese Skin Studio is smaller and less luxurious than many of the other facial salons, it is still by far our favourite. Concerned more about quality of service rendered than sales, Shiori would rather keep the salon small and maintain the high level of standard rather than grow too fast with less experienced and knowledgeable facial therapists. She and her staff are therefore among the most knowledgeable and experienced facial therapists I've seen who use solid scientific approach to help customers alleviate their skin problems! She is also generous in using a plethora of devices such as radiofrequency and ultrasound to enhance the effectiveness of the facial. Although prices are slightly higher than usual, the effectiveness particularly for acne-prone and anti-aging skin makes the facial really worth it. However, they are getting more and more busy so it is probably not a good option to make an appointment at the last minute.

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Have we missed out anything you might be interested in? Comment below to let us know!

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