2016 Popular Hair Colour Trends You Should NOT Miss!

Published on Jun 02, 2016

Are you a trendy chick who loves to keep up-to-date with the latest style trends?

6 months have passed since our last update on Singapore’s hair colour trends and we have once again rounded up the hottest hair trends of 2016.

What’s new? Read on to find out!

1. Rose Gold is the HOTTEST new colour of 2016

So far, the number one hair colour we hear customers requesting the most is ROSE GOLD.

A flawless blend of red and pink, rose gold is the perfect shade for those of you looking for that soft, subtle and pretty look without having to commit to a drastic change.

We are amazed at how this colour is achieved WITHOUT bleaching here!

rose gold

Although similar, this colour by Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central adds a different dimension to the usual Rose Gold.

rose gold

If you don’t want to have your roots showing when your hair grows out, we recommend this colour melting design that incorporates Rose Gold Babylights with the Strawberry Balayage by Chez Vous Hair Salon for a more natural look even when your dark hair roots grow out.

Melted Strawberry Colour Balayage Version II with a Tinge of Rose Gold Babylights (Readen Chia)

Note however that this colour may not be ideal for everyone. Women with sensitive reddish skin may find that colours such as Rose Gold, Lavender Ash and Strawberry Red actually make the reddishness appear more obvious! Instead, opt for cool colours such as olive, which can neutralise the red undertone and is also trending.

2. Greys are becoming mainstream

Granny Greys were all the rage last year with grey ombre being spotted EVERYWHERE on Instagram.

This year, we’re seeing it on the streets in different tones and combinations.

There’s the bright, almost see-through silver ash by Kenaris Hair Salon.

Silver Ash Hair Colour (Kazu)

Silver Grey by Takuya from CLEO Hair & Make @ Clarke Quay The Central

Silver Grey by Takuya from CLEO Hair & Make @ Clarke Quay The Central

Matte greys like the one by Picasso Hair Studio.

matte grey

Greyish Beige by Takuya from CLEO Hair & Make @ Clarke Quay The Central

Greyish Beige by Takuya from CLEO Hair & Make @ Clarke Quay The Central

 And there's the lighter grey ash ombre by CLEO Hair & Make @ The Central!

Gray Ash (Ryo)

But frankly, this colour design incorporating ash grey with a tinge of violet by Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central was the combination that stole our hearts earlier this year.

Ash Grey + Tinge of Violet (Noel)

3. Pastel Colours are trending

It may be a little too bright for most but pastel colours will really make you stand out for those willing to go all the way!

This season, we're seeing quite a bit of pastel blues and purples mixed with lavender like the super gorgeous mix from CLEO Hair & Make @ Clarke Quay The Central!

Pastel Lavender with Blue and Purple (Ina)

Pastel Lavender with Blue and Purple by CLEO Hair & Make @ Clarke Quay The Central

You can also opt for ombre pastel by 99 Percent Hair Studio!

Pastel Blue and Purple Colour

If you want something different from the usual pastel blues and lavender, this mix of ocean blue, turquoise and green by Picasso Hair Studio can help you stand out as well.

turquoise and green

You can also incorporate similar colours into a pastel peek-a-boo colour design for a rainbow beneath your pastel blue.

pastel peek-a-boo

Pastel Peek-a-boo Rainbow by CLEO Hair & Make

The issue with pastel colours are that they require lots of bleaching to achieve the light pastel colours.

The roots may therefore turn out to be a little ugly.

ombre purple pastel

Ombre Purple Pastel by Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis Haji Lane

Incorporating it with your natural hair colour via ombre can make the transition period look better even when the colour fades!

4.  Galaxy Colours are on the downtrend 

Maybe because its a tad too attention-seeking for most people or perhaps because it requires too much maintenance, we aren't seeing as many Galaxy Colours as we expected.

Still we love to see them just because they are so spectacular.

Undercut and Rainbow Colour

Just look at this Undercut + Blue Hair Colour from Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis North Bridge Rd to know what we mean.

We may not go for this hair design but its still fascinating to look at!

galaxy colour

Galaxy Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

The colours of the universe on your hair!

dark opal

Dark Opal by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Or does this remind you of the precious stone opal?

Done by Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous Oscar Lee  Design Compound Galaxy Hair Colours

Galaxy Colour with Braided Hair by Chez Vous Hair Salon

The compounded galaxy colours are especially obvious if you braid it up!

galaxy pink and purple

Galaxy Pink and Purple by COVO Japanese Hair Salon")

If you are more fond of pink and purple, why not consider this Pink and Purple Galaxy design?

5.  Work-Friendly Peek-a-boo Colours remain popular

There are people who go for vibrant colours but the numbers of trendy peeps sporting crazy colours on the street are less than what we saw earlier this year.

This is not surprising as there isn’t any major festive occasions since CNY and most people do need to get back to work.

Most vibrant colours we see tend to be the peek-a-boo hair colours like this Inner Galaxy Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design.

Galaxy Hair by Bump-63

Or this asymmetrical peek-a-boo colour by The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park.


It is not a coincidence that pink, blues and purples are the colours of choice for peek-a-boo colours. These colours are usually difficult to pull off for the whole head and requires multiple bleaching. Having it only at specific sections of your hair helps to minimize the damage and makes it easier on the eye!

Pastel ombre

But of course, you can incorporate other colours like the trending pastel shades we saw earlier for a different look!

6. Browns are making a Comeback!

Although colours are pretty, many of us still find it uncomfortable to wear it for work.  If you are one of those, good news for you!

Browns are making a comeback in a big way as we see more and more stylists mixing up different colours to create a brown that is customized just for you!

So yes, you’re getting a brown… but not the typical type of brown you are thinking about!

We're especially impressed by the Sheer Grey Hair Colour by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon.

This photo doesn't do it justice but the addition of grey makes the hair colour looks rather see-through in person... simply gorgeous!

ash brown

It seems like ashy-browns is the latest trend in Japanese salons lately with Branche Hair Salon @ Capitol Piazza also sporting their very own mix of ash brown!

pinkish brown

Ash aside, this pinkish brown by AVENTA Hair Salon may just be the shade of warmth that you're looking for!

Done by Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous Shawn Chia Design Melted Olive Ash X Pearl Ash Grey Balayage

For those of you with slightly reddish skin, this Olive Ash is perfect for toning down on your overall reddishness, and as a bonus, gives you an interesting ash colour you won’t see elsewhere!

Sunkissed Highlights

Sunkissed Highlights by Izumi Hair Salon

Of course, you can always stick to the usual browns and give it some sunkissed highlights to make your hair colour pop - just what you need if you're a sunny type of gal!

Best of all, Izumi's highlights deal only minimal damage to your hair as she uses high quality bleach to prelighten your highlights for only 15 minutes, making it almost damage-free.

7. Balayage is Evolving with Babylights, Ecaille and Sponge!

Other than creating new shades of browns, we see many stylists innovating in different colour application techniques to bring about a unique 3D feel to your hair colour.

By incorporating babylights, Balayage, Ecaille and building on top of the original balayage, we’re seeing a burst of beautiful browns that make you look fashion-forward and professional at the same time!

3D Babylights (Serene)

Babylights Infused Balayage by Chez Vous Hair Salon

The folks down at Chez Vous Hair Salon have combined two hair colouring technique trends that consist of babylights infused with balayage! Babylights are micro highlights created using a very fine hair colour technique to mimic the subtle, dimensional hair colour seen on children’s hair. Different from traditional highlights, babylights are more blended, softer and less harsh, creating the subtle, almost there but not there effect!

ecaille balayage

Ecaille Balayage by Picasso Hair Studio

For a more glamorous Hollywood-style hair colour, check out Ecaille Balayage! Inspired by the colours on the tortoiseshell, the crown of the hair starts off with a dark shade that slowly transits to various shades of warm brown (caramel, chocolate, mocha). The fringe is distinguished by two distinct highlights, similar to the outline of the tortoise shell.

We first saw it at Picasso Hair Studio and loved the colour immediately!

sponge balayage

Sponge Balayage by Picasso Hair Studio

If you are looking for something that creates a softer and more blended effect, Picasso Hair Studio has also created the new Sponge Balayage which uses a sponge to create the balayage effect!

Melted Strawberry Colour Balayage Version II with a Tinge of Rose Gold Babylights (Readen)

Melted Strawberry Colour Balayage by Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

This isn’t balayage but we love how the browns mesh together to form this colour melting piece!

8. Ashy NUDES should be the NEXT big trend for Working Professionals!

Whether it is Ecaille, Balayage, Babylights, many working professionals still can't tell the difference between one technique vs another.

Instead, what we want is a unique colour blend that is low-key yet dramatic at the same time.

Done by Salon Director of Chez Vous Serene Tan Design Melted Nude Hair Warm X Cool Colour_Dramatic

We think this nude hair colour design by Chez Vous Hair Salon more than fits the bill with its balance between warm and cool nude tones!

Don't you think the blend is just... WOW?

You can also opt for a simpler sandy balayage nude colour which is easier to maintain and just as stylish!

Handpressed Colour

We also love how this handpressed design by Picasso Hair Studio tones down the lavender with some ash brown for an exceptional colour design suitable for work!

9. We don't think NEON will go mainstream but that's perhaps part of its charm?

Done by Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous Readen Chia  Design Block Hair Colouring with Neon Pink and Turquoise

Okay, we're not really the NEON type of person but hey, we're sure this will catch some of your attention?

Done by Associate Salon Director of Chez Vous Readen Chia  Design Block Hair Colouring with Neon Lime Green and Pastel Peach Purple

Which of these hair trends will you be rocking this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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