A Keratin Infused Retexturizing Service that Lasts: Taming Agent C's Frizzy Curls with Chez Vous Trilogy System

Published on Mar 15, 2016

There are countless hair treatments out there that promise to tame the frizz and though they do just that, they rarely last beyond a few washes.

Cue Chez Vous – After several months of R&D, Chez Vous Hair Salon has created a revolutionary retexturizing hair treatment that infuses keratin into the treatment to make sure the defrizzing effect lasts for a few months!

Read more about Agent C's Resculpting Supreme experience at Chez Vous Hair Salon here!

February 2016

Frizzy hair has been the bane of my existence! As all curly-haired girls would agree, it’s no easy feat maintaining a head full of curls.

Before Trilogy

Yes, this is what I have to deal with everyday, and the humidity in Singapore doesn’t make maintenance any easier! Not to forget the time and effort spent in trying to achieve sane curls, only for it to be ruined as soon as you walk out the door.

I have tried it all – hair serums and hair masks are limited in their ability to manage my frizzy tresses. I do love my curls though, which is why I am not overly fond of rebonding treatments, and while the KIN Hair Treatment that I tried last was delightful, the results didn’t last beyond a week.

Could Chez Vous Trilogy System be THE hair treatment to my hair woes – the treatment that gives me tamed tresses without altering my curls entirely?

Let’s find out!

A Revolutionary Ground-Breaking Treatment to Combat Frizz?

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Located at Ngee Ann City, Chez Vous is a luxury boutique salon that is mostly frequented by expatriates and insiders-in-the-know. What truly sets Chez Vous apart from the rest is its “Only Hair Directors Allowed” policy – only hair professionals with experience of at least 12 years in the hair industry can touch your hair.

I first learnt of Chez Vous while combing through reviews on Beauty Undercover, and I must say, I have been a fan of Chez Vous since my first (which was not sponsored).

Every raving review of their lush service holds true from their superb service to their uber experienced stylists! That was why I was super excited when I heard that Chez Vous was launching their ground-breaking Trilogy System.

Rebuild, Resculpt, Revitalize: The Trilogy is a systematic 3 phase approach that Chez Vous promises can help women better manage their hair!

  • Rebuild: Using bond rebuilder elements, a potent mix of amino acids and anti-breakage actives in combination with highly-effective delivery system to penetrate these complexes deep into the hair. Rebuild promotes genuine and permanent reconstruction at the cellular level. The bond rebuilder elements repair broken bonds in the hair shaft prevalent in damaged hair while the amino acids complex then seals the repaired protein bonds in the hair shaft for long-lasting resilience.
  • Resculpt: Resculpt is the first ever keratin-infused retexturizing experience which transforms unmanageable hair into soft, natural-looking tresses! Instead of the usual straight effect you see from typical rebonding services, Resculpt allows you to enhance your natural curls or reshape your hair texture while removing much of your natural frizziness.
  • Revitalize: Inspired from skincare science, Revitalize uses 8 potent skincare actives such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and amino acids delivered via ultrasound to nourish your hair to minimize frizziness and effects of ageing on your hair.

These 3 separate treatments work synergistically to help ladies minimize hair damage and combat frizziness, and are designed to be done over different days.  Hence, depending on your hair needs, your stylist might recommend Rebuild the first week, Resculpt the following week and Revitalize two weeks later with Revitalize treatments monthly. The cycle is to be repeated yearly.

Just reading about it got me super hyped!


I was glad to see a familiar during this sponsored visit – Associate Salon Director Shawn. He was the stylist who attended to me on previous visits. (Yes, this is how thoughtful Chez Vous management is!)


Shawn first explains about the Trilogy System and then examines my hair. He shares some of his observations:

  1. Despite how frizzy my hair looks, my hair is not actually very damaged. It may have suffered damage from exposure to the sun and other environmental elements but because I do not go for chemical services often, my hair is still quite healthy.
  2. The frizziness is largely due to my slightly fine curly hair and the high level of humidity in Singapore. When hair absorbs water, a single strand of hair will form a lot of hydrogen bonds between keratin strands and this causes the hair to form an S shape. As it forms and swells with water until the outermost layer of hair, the cuticle becomes disrupted. The fine curly hair exacerbates the frizziness as the cuticles are opened more easily.

As my primary concern is frizz, Shawn recommends I go for Resculpting Supreme.

Resculpting Supreme helps to reduce frizz in the following ways:

  1. Nourish the hair with nutrients so that moisture does not enter the hair so readily, causing frizz
  2. Infuse the hair with Keratin to increase the water resistance of your hair
  3. Reduce the curls slightly to reduce the appearance of frizz

Unlike other retexturizing services, RESCULPT is the only one that can help me manage frizz while allowing me to keep my curls. It is fully customizable - depending on how straight I want my hair to be, Shawn can shape the hair accordingly. This sets it apart from rebonding or keratin treatment which tends to make the retexturized so straight that the newly grown out hair will stand out even more.

before mucota omega rebonding

Example of Wavy Roots with Straight Keratin Treatment at the bottom

Resculpt allows me to decide how much of the curls I want to keep, which determines the level of frizziness that can be controlled. I wanted to keep most of my curls so Shawn mentioned that the frizz can be reduced by 20% to 30%.

This sounds good enough for me ... if the effect can last, I’m all for it!

Step 1: Hair Wash and Pre Treatment

hair wash

Resculpt begins with a hair wash and pre-treatment. The pre-treatment nourishes the hair with proteins and amino acids, and protects it from subsequent hair services to minimize hair damage.

Step 2: SHAPE


A proprietary blend of Reshaping cream is applied to break some bonds within the hair while rebuilding others. It allows the hair to be gently resculpted later. This is different from usual rebonding or perming creams as not all hair bonds are broken. Only a small percentage of bonds are broken so the hair is not as damaged. This also allows the hair to retain much of its natural shape.

reshaping cream

After letting the RESHAPING cream penetrate into my hair for some time, it is then washed off.

hair wash

Step 3: SMOOTH

blow dry

Back at my seat, Shawn begins to blowdry my hair.


Shawn then applies a mix of keratin as well as some pro-satin and anti-static ingredients to my hair. These key ingredients help eliminate frizz and makes hair more smooth!

I wonder how my curls will look after this!

flat iron

After yet another hair wash, Shawn straightens my hair with a flat iron. While it does slightly straighten my hair, Shawn assures me that my hair will not look straight. This because the bonds in my naturally curly hair are not all broken. As the natural bonds remain, the straightening can only reduce the curls slightly. In addition, the straightening helps to activate the keratin that was applied previously.


After the process of straightening is complete, neutralizer is then applied to hold the newly sculpted shape.

applying neutraliser

Look how straight my hair is!

Step 4: Refinish


Refinish is the final step. It basically is an exclusive hair treatment that contains multiple skincare-inspired active ingredients that helps to restore and fortify the hair, as well as to boost shine and healthy radiance. It also helps to seal in the ingredients that were previously deposited to make sure that effects of the treatment last longer.

Step 5: Blow Dry

blow dry

We’re almost done, but first the stylist blowdries my hair by simply running her fingers through the top of my hair with a slight tug while twirling the bottom curls.

blow dry

Look at that shine! Who would have thought such lusturous, smooth locks could be achieved without the use a round brush.

Before vs After

Before Trilogy
After Trilogy

Adios frizz!

My hair is definitely visibly less frizzy with a wonderful shine! Running my fingers through my hair has never been this effortless.

after Trilogy

Though some frizz is still evident (Shawn did mention the treatment only reduces frizz by 20% - 30%), my hair is much smoother than before and my curls are more defined and healthy looking!

I also love that the top part of my hair is slightly straight as this cuts down on the time I spend taming my hair, and it also allows for a neater look.


My hair is definitely visibly less frizzy with a wonderful shine!

after Trilogy

My hair is not as curly as before but it’s a small price to pay if it helps me manage my tresses.

As this is a keratin-infused retexturizing service, I would need to use a keratin shampoo and conditioner to ensure the results last long. I look forward to the next few months where I don’t have to spend as much time in taming my curls!

Thank you Chez Vous Hair Salon! ☺

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