NOT a Keratin Treatment: CLEO Hair & Make Rescues Agent R with PiM Hair Treatment!

Published on Mar 24, 2016

If you're frustrated about not being able to comb through your very damaged hair, consider giving PiM Hair Treatment a go at CLEO Hair & Make!

Read about Agent R's experience below!

February 2016

So... it's Chinese New Year and I got my hair bleached coz you know... it's CNY!

I pretty much regretted doing it the next day because now, my hair felt like hay :(

hair feels like hay

So my friend at Beauty Undercover very kindly opened an opportunity to sponsor me a hair treatment in exchange for this post after seeing a photo of my fried hair after my bleaching experience lol.

She suggested heading to CLEO Hair and Make at Central, Clarke Quay for the treatment.

cleo hair and make interior

If that place looks and sounds familiar is probably because some other more famous bloggers were sponsored by them previously, and you’d also know that the stylists are all Japanese and part-time musicians (they have their own band!) and apparently looking for GIRLFRIENDS LOL!

So if you’re into Japanese guys, culture and want to get to know them better, either visit CHM often or send me an email at and I’ll get Agent G to hook you guys up.

Hahhahahaaa I think girls will be interested in Takuya the most lor!


Instagram: takuyaxtakuya


Anyhooo, most of the stylists are from Japan, so for any creative colouring and hair cut, make sure to bring along your picture references!

ANDDDD, let’s get to the treatment!!

But wait!! Hair selfies before we start!

Rebecca Treatment Before
Rebecca Treatment before back view
Rebecca Treatment before back view
Rebecca Treatment before

Err as you can see, the bleaching did me no good at all.

I will need to cut it all off because to be quite honest, 1 session of the treatment isn’t gonna save it. No harm trying though, so challenge accepted by Cleo Hair and Make.

Good luck guys, you’ll need it!


STEP 1: Always, and I Repeat, Always Start with a Relaxing Head Massage

I do remember there was a launch at Cleo Hair and Make’s old outlet (at Millennia Walk) and the girls from office were invited for its opening.

We got free hair washes and blow-outs! So I remember very well the awesome head massages!!!!!

This time was no exception and if it weren’t for catching up with Agent G, I’d be asleep!

hair wash

The PIM shampoo also smelt so good, G managed to snag a sample for me to use post- treatment too! (THANKS!). Apparently has collagen so it costs $50 a bottle O..O

Anyway, back to the massage, it was soooooo good! @wayniq please learn for the future!

  • Chemistry Note: Wetting hair = opening the cuticle/outer layers of your hair.

STEP 2: Remember That Beauty Starts From Within


Once towel-dried, foam containing amino acids, keratin, and other proteins is massaged into the hair to ensure repair starts from a molecular level and balances out the pH in the hair. Too much chemistry??? It just means this part of the process “refills” your hair with whatever it’s made up of.

Rebecca Treatment

Note: this is done 2-3 times for bleached hair (that’s me). For less damaged hair, it’ll be done only once!

Heat is then applied to encourage the chemicals to penetrate deeper into the shaft of the hair.

blow dry

STEP 3: Fruits Aren't Just For Eating

With some Japanese magic, fruit acid is actually the next ingredient to be applied. What does this do? It strengthens the bond between the said proteins and chemicals in the foam to the hair shaft.

fruit acid

From the Internet: Glycolic acid is a carboxylic acid with alcohol functionality. It is the simplest alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and smallest of the fruit acids… glycolic acid has been shown to normalize the process of keratinization. And if that’s too much science for you, read the previous paragraph instead or enjoy the pictures XD


To make sure every single strand of the hair gets the awesome goodness, the fruit acid is combed throuhg my hair!

STEP 4: Ceramides, Say What?

Ah ha! I’ve done my research for you again. I Google ceramides, hair, treatment and I see: benefits, decrease breakage, improve strength of hair… SAY NO MORE!

I’M SOLD! Hahaha

Rebecca Treatment

Basically, ceramides hold the scales of the hair cuticle together, which in healthy hair results in smooth and lustrous hair.

medula cortex

So said ingredient and other plant oils are applied and this is the cool part…


CLEO Hair and Make basically has their badass boss/entrepreneur who is bringing in these high-tech machines into SG and distributing them to salons.

Instead of steaming your head during treatments (where the steam/water particles are huge), this machine can actually jet spray water droplets soooooo small, they can enter the cuticles of your hair, further moisturizing the hair and accelerating absorption of all those chemicals up there.

nano water

Now, how effective it is, we’ll just look at the end product, BUT SERIOUSLY… NANO WATER… WHO CARES?

The concept on its own is already cool (and seems legit?? Lololol)

nano mist

STEP 5: Putting Prawn and Crab Bits Into Your Hair

That’s what they call Chitosan. Made up of treating shrimp and other crustacean shells with the alkali sodium hydroxide, together with hyaluronic acid is used to coat the hair to give it that smooth feel and to lock in all those chemicals I’d just gotten my hair shafts to absorb…

Chitosan reminds me of a documentary I’ve seen before about (mad) scientists trying to create corneas (yes like those in your eyes) with fish scales… but that’s beside the point!

applying treatment

STEP 6: Check Out The Results in the Mirror

Only thing left to do.

blow dry


The treatment is only applied to the ends, as most treatments are! I can see that on the parts of my hair not bleached twice aka healthier are so much smoother and shinier! The parts that were bleached, I could tell that they were less hay- like than before but as with all treatments, its effects will wear off with washes after a few weeks.

Overall, my hair feels so much smoother, but I still see the damage done by the bleach. Going into this, I know that it’s not gonna be solved in one sitting due to the extreme level of damage already sustained, but generally am very happy with the results because I know it’s 1 step closer to healthier hair!

Rebecca Treatment Before and After
Rebecca Before After Back
Rebecca Back Before and After

Although, in the future what I will do is actually (A) cut off the bleached ends, so that I can (B) treat hair that wants to be treated!

after Rebecca Treatment

Anyway, if you’re interested, the treatment is $150 at Cleo Hair and Make! I know there can be a misconception that hair treatments at CHM can cost a lot… but $150 is not bad at all! All things considered, effective chemicals and the level of care the team puts into the science and understanding of hair treatments.

I’d say trust a stylist who knows their chemistry!!!!!

CLEO Hair and Make is located in Japan!! Hahaha not kidding.

They really have an outlet in Japan. But the outlet I went to is on the 4th floor at Central Mall in Clarke Quay.

If you’ve any questions, hit me up and I’ll do my best to reply!

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