Korean Volume Magic Rebonding: The Celebrity Secret to Glamorous Hair

Published on Nov 19, 2016
Afterschool Korean Celebrities

I've always wondered how those Korean Hallyu stars (like the attractive Afterschool girls above!) manage to have hair that just looks glamorous ALL THE TIME - straight, natural voluminous hair that looks perpetually blow dried...

That was until Justin from Zinc Korean Hair Salon shared with me their secret weapon... VOLUME REBONDING!!!

UH So what's volume rebonding?

There are many names for it... Volume Magic RebondingKorean Setting Magic and in Korea itself, they call it Bloom Perm but all of them refers to the SAME THING: a natural looking rebonding that concentrates on straightening your hair while at the same time maximizing volume by giving your hair a "C" curl!

Why is it such a best kept secret?

Many of us have gone for rebonding because we want to have long hair that we can manage. However, rebonding often makes our hair look excessively FLAT, which at times cause our face to look bigger! (Those with bigger faces will know what I mean!)

Volume rebonding, on the other hand, straightens while still giving our hair the extra voluminous oomph! See the difference!!

Normal  Rebonding VS Volume Rebonding

This extra volume and overall softer look is achieved by the use of a neutralizer specially imported from Korea AND special techniques used during the perm! For example, the liquid neutralizer (not cream based!) is sprayed onto the hair instead of normal application to create hair volume using the air bubbles. Did I also mention that we use MUCOTA Opera chemicals? Those who like MUCOTA Soft Rebonding will LOVE the effects of MUCOTA Soft Rebonding with extra VOLUME!

Best of all, it is suitable for all hair lengths and face shape! Depending on your face shape, your preferences and your stylists' judgment, your stylist may even add a perm for you. For example, if you have relatively long face or defined features, a typical S curl perm would probably help bring out your best features. As for people with round or square faces, your stylist may just suggest for you to stick to the C curl provided by the volume rebonding to lengthen your face.

Here are some pictorial examples of how Volume Rebonding can be combined with a Digital Perm. As you can see, volume rebonding straightens the upper part of your hair without over-flattening it + it gives your hair that extra shine. Perfect for those with slight curls in their hair!

Digital Perm + Volume Rebonding by Zinc Korean Hair Salon
Volume Rebonding at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

That is why it is absolutely crucial to have a good stylist when doing a volume rebonding or a perm; the results can vary greatly depending on your stylist! At Zinc Korean Hair Salon , all of us are trained in Korea and have many years of experience perming and volume rebonding day in and day out. This is a reason why our volume rebonding styles look different from typical stylists :) 

Talking about styling and maintenance, isn’t it tough to maintain this type of blow-dried look?

Nope! In fact, that’s why volume rebonding is the best kept secret! Although not recommended, you can air dry your hair and STILL look glamorous without using straightening or curling iron ie. look blowdried even though you air dried it!

For those looking to maintain the shape and the curls of the volume rebonding, what we recommend is for you to apply a hair mask on your hair at least once a week to repair any damage from UV rays and give it the soft bounce. As part of your basic daily maintenance, we would also advise you to blow dry the hair roots to prevent oily scalp as well!

Truth is, the most important hair care happens at the salon – before, during and after the volume rebonding. At Zinc Korean Hair Salon , we begin with pre-treatment; we will apply pre-treatment for all our customers’ hair to prevent excessive damage. During the volume rebonding, you will also notice that we use multiple hair moisturizers, including argan oil and hair proteins to further strengthen the hair before chemicals are applied. All these steps help prevent frizziness and help the hair become softer and smoother. Only for those whose hair condition requires special care, we would also recommend an additional treatment at the end of the volume rebonding.

We are also often the first in Singapore to adopt and purchase the latest equipment and best hair treatments in Singapore. This way, our customers get the best... and they know that!

Justin from Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Thank you, Justin for helping us understand Volume Rebonding so much better!

Justin is a charming Korean stylist Agent G loves to recommend to customers as he is really good with what he does! He is also very conversant in English, so you don't have to worry about miscommunication. 

Read about Agent G's experience with Justin here: http://www.beautyundercover.sg/short-sassy-perm-agent-revisits-zinc-korean-hair-salon-millenia-walk/

If you can’t wait to try out Volume Rebonding immediately, do remember to download 2-3 episodes of “Running Man” to accompany you throughout the process. (Yes the hair service takes about 3 to 5 hours!)

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