10 Top Hair Colour Trends You Cannot Miss in Singapore for 2015

Published on Sep 02, 2015

Are you thinking of going lighter (or darker) in the coming months to give yourself a new look before the year is over? Don't book your hair appointment without checking out our guide to the hottest hair colours this season!

1. Sand Art Rainbow Hair Colour

Recently debuted by Stylist Rebecca Taylor, Sand Art Rainbow hair colour is the new ultra-saturated new hair colour style which is a combination of ombre and rainbow hair.

The final look? A variety of colours that spill over each other!

Rainbow Hair

Once you see what it is, it is pretty clear why it is called Sand Art Rainbow hair Colour!

Sand Art

Once we saw this technique pioneered in Singapore by 99 Percent Hair Studio, we knew we just had to share this with you!

Rainbow Sand Art
Sand Art Hair Colour

Credits: Hairstyles by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

The hidden galaxy sand art by Sam from Chez Vous Hair Salon is also really gorgeous!

Hidden Galaxy Sand Art (Sam)

Credits: Sand Art Hair Colour by Chez Vous Hair Salon

Isn't the Sand Art Hair Colour just super chio???

2. "Split Dye" or "Half and Half"

The look, which is also known as 'half and half' or 'split-dyed', is achieved by dividing your hair down the middle, and carefully colouring each side in a different colour.

This new style is popularized by Singer Melanie Martinez as well as many youtubers and instagrammers who dare to flaunt this new style.

Half and half

The first salon we've spotted that has experimented with Split dye thus far in Singapore is Picasso Hair Studio !

Depending on how obvious you want it to be, you can choose different colours or incorporate it within your curls to make it a look that is uniquely yours.

Split Dye Half and Half
Dual Tone Hair Colour (Carmen)

Credits: Hairstyles by Picasso Hair Studio

If vibrant pink and purple isn't your style, you can perhaps go for a more understated but equally attention-seeking blonde and brown split dye.

This beautiful half and half colour is done by Shawn Chia from Chez Vous Hair Salon for their recent 20th Anniversary Lookbook.

Half-and-Half Hair Dye

Credits: Split Dye by Shawn Chia from Chez Vous Hair Salon

3. Pixelated Hair Colours

If Split-Dye isn't quirky enough for you, pixelated hair colours might just do the trick!

Pioneered by hair colourists Jose Luis Almendral, Marco Antonio Restrepo, and Jorge Cancer, pixelated colours involves getting computer-like pixels "printed" on your hair.

Pixelated Hair Colour

Fortunately for us, we don't have to travel all the way to Madrid to get this style.

Although a very challenging technique, we've found two salons offering it!

Artistic Hair Colour (Xavier)

And later on in the year, Picasso Hair Studio was also featured on Straits Times for this revolutionary hairstyle!

Pixelated Hair Colour
Pixelated Hair Colour

4. Granny Hair Colour

Other than the eye-catching pixels and split dyes, granny hair colours have also been making the fashion headlines in 2015.

Yes.. GRANNY hair colours. Thanks to the #GrannyHair trend on Instagram and Game of Thrones where Khaleesi Daenaerys Targaryen looks so gorgeous with her glorious grey hair, a growing number of ladies are colouring their hair in all sorts of stunning silver shades and redefining what it means to "go grey"!

Granny Hair

Credits: Instagram

It takes lots of confidence to pull off this style but it seems like Singapore ladies and men have started to embrace this trend as well.

We first saw its emergence at 99 Percent Hair Studio where ladies and men alike have begun asking their stylists for this daring hair colour.

You can temper the colour a little with ombre and balayage styles to bring out the natural vibrant silver.

Granny Hair Balayage Ombre (Juno)
Ash Grey Ombre (Juno)

Credits: Hairstyles by Artica Hair Studio.

5. Merman Blue

Curvaceous bikini girls with blue hair and body may be the first thing that comes to our minds when we think about mermaids.

But with men adding vibrant blue hues to their locks, you may just have to  change that impression of yours.

Juno from Artica Hair Studio mentioned that he has seen a rise in men requesting to add vibrant blue hair colours to their pompadours or mohawks in this new trend called "Merman Hair"!

Blue Lagoon (Terry)
Blue Hair Colour (Juno)

Credits: Hairstyle by Artica Hair Studio.

It may sound a little ridiculous to some but the colour actually turns out quite well for many of the male customers!

Of course, the more daring ones may even choose to add a pink... just for the heck of it!

Crazy Hair Colour (Kanako)

Credits: Hairstyle by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon.

6. Mermaid Blue

If we have mermans, then we definitely must have mermaids.

While the blue hair colour looks good on the guys, we would argue that there seems to be slightly more variation in the application of blue for the ladies.

You can go for full blue as usual or you can add it in streaks of blue in different shades to bring out the Ocean Blue, like the hairstyles we see from CLEO Hair & Make.

Deep Blue Hair Colour (Takuya)
Ocean Blue (Takuya)

Credits: Hairstyles by CLEO Hair & Make.

If a full head of vibrant blues is not to your liking, you can request for the stylist to add the blue streaks more sparingly towards the inner part of your hair.

Here are some examples from COVO Japanese Hair Salon!

Hair Colour (Shinobu)
Hair Colour (Maika)

Credits: Hairstyles by COVO Japanese Hair Salon.

Stylists from The Bund have also come up with a similar style at the inner parts of your hair.

Let your hair down and you'll look professional enough for work. Tie it up and you are ready to PARTYYYY!

Hair Colour (Zen)
Hair Colour (Zen)

Credits: Hairstyles by The Bund.

If you are not keen to bleach that much of your hair, you can consider just having a shade of turquoise/blue near your fringe!

Hair Colouring (Veronise)

Credits: Hairstyle by Kobayashi Hair Design.

For a more obvious and yet more understated look without bleaching too much of your hair, the Blue Ombres at Artica Hair Studio may be more suitable for you!

Blue Ombre (Bell)
Turquoise Ombre (Terry)

Credits: Hairstyles by Artica Hair Studio.

7. Seapunk Green

Green has been around for a couple of years but we're seeing a resurgence in these couple of months with a combination of balayage and ombre.

Not many can pull off the brilliant green and yellow combination by CLEO Hair & Make but it is sure to be the talk of the town if you dare to sport it!

Green and Yellow Highlights (Ryo)

For most of us though, a Green Balayage  like the one by Danson from 99 Percent Hair Studio may just be sufficiently vibrant for us.

Green Balayage (Danson)

Many of the greens above however, requires quite a bit of bleaching.

8. Ash Hair Colour

Ash Hair Colours may seem too 2014 but is still the preferred choice for many Singaporeans! Other than looking professional for work, ash hair colour gives off a healthy glow and best of all, may not need bleaching to achieve the intended colour!

Credits: Hairstyles by AVENTA Hair Salon

9. Ecaille / Tortoiseshell / Sunkissed Highlights

Different salons call it by different names: Ecaille, Tortoiseshell, Sunkissed Highlights, 3D Colour, Refined Hair Colour but essentially it is technique that pairs your natural hair colour with golden highlights and lots of shine. It tends to be darker at the roots and lighter at the ends and makes the wearer looks a lot more sophisticated than the usual vibrant hair colour!

We love how Juno from Artica Hair Studio made the Tortoiseshell hair colour look so natural especially with the combination of brown and ash colours. For those thinking about Tortoiseshell, he says that golden tones or ash colours works really well with our Asian hair colour!

Tortoiseshell (Juno)

Credits: Tortoiseshell Hair Colour by Artica Hair Studio

Branche Hair Salon, one of Singapore's newest Japanese luxury hair salon, calls this their Refined Hair Colour. Instead of using only 10-20 foils like other salons, they use 30-60 foils of different colour shades to achieve a consistent gradation of gold.

Refined Hair Colour
Refined Hair Colour

Credits: Hairstyles by Branche Hair Salon

For superb sunkissed highlights, Izumi is one of our top go-to stylist. On top of being the best haircut specialists we've seen, Izumi's sunkissed highlights look natural and beautiful especially under the hot afternoon sun in Singapore!

Haircut (Izumi)
Haircut (Izumi)

Credits: Hairstyles by Izumi Hair Salon @ SoHo Central 1 

Are you thinking of booking your next hair colour appointment already?

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