Here are 11 things we have to say after trying the LATEST Spectrum Hair Colour

Published on Aug 23, 2017

Sick of your hair colour fading within 1-2 weeks? 

Some of our most trusted hair stylists for hair colours have raved to us about a NEW colour treatment shampoo that has been very successful in helping customers prolong their hair colours for more than 4 weeks. This is not a DIY colour but a bubble shampoo that deposits colour pigments as you wash. Apparently, it can make your newly bleached vibrant hair colour last for another 3-4 weeks (or longer). Wanting to verify the claims, we got 3 Beauty Undercover Agents to try the Spectrum Bubble Colour and here are the results: 

Before and After Spectrum Bubble Colour Shampoo Pink

Pink for Agent CW

Before and After Spectrum Bubble Colour Shampoo Ash

Ash for Agent H

Before and After Spectrum Bubble Colour Brown Shampoo

Brown for Agent G

Are you as impressed as we are with the shampoo? Before you get Spectrum Bubble Colour, here are 11 things about the shampoo we think you should know ...

1. The hair colour is AWESOME for maintenance 

From our understanding Spectrum Bubble Colour is specially made for Asian hair. If you just went for a dye job and don't want your gorgeous pink/purple/blue hair colour to fade fast, you've got to try Spectrum Colour shampoo! It deposits colour pigments as you wash so the colour stays on for a longer period of time. 

Just to give you an idea, Pink Balayage can last for an additional 3 weeks with Spectrum Bubble Colour!

Agent CW

I have had pink hair for over 6 months. Even though the colour is common now as it is in trend, I don't want to change my colour as it feels the most me. Hence, I actually add colour dye to my conditioner to maintain the pink hair colour. I found this Paimore shampoo  a lot more convenient as it is more pigmented, does not stain my hands and doesn't dry out my hair.I'm so addicted to it, I want to use it forever! 
Additional 3 Weeks Colour After Using Paimore Pink Bubble Colour Shampoo

Agent H

It's not so obvious in photos but I am amazed at how much more ashy my bleached hair areas have become! 
Ash Colour on Bleached Hair After Using Ash Paimore Bubble Colour Shampoo

Agent G

I could see a perceptible difference in my hair colour within the first wash...and even more so for the second!  It kept my hair looking amazing for my holiday in New Zealand! :D
Brown Hair Colour After First Wash Using Paimore Brown Bubble Colour Shampoo

2. You don't have to leave in on for a long time

Spectrum Bubble Colour contains ingredients that speed up the absorption of the colour. So instead of the usual 5 minutes required, the shampoo needs just 3 minutes (or less, according to Agent CW) for the colour to be absorbed.

Agent CW

I know they say that you've got to leave the colour on your hair for more than 3 minutes... but really, who has the time to stand still in the bathroom that long? Unlike conditioner, I shampoo my hair really fast, and do not leave it on, so I was surprised one wash made a difference.I could see my hair turning visibly pinker with every shampoo (at least for the first 5 times!)
Pink Hair Colour After 4 Washes of Paimore Bubble Colour Shampoo

3. It does NOT dry out your hair

Those of you who've used bubble shampoos before would realize that existing colour shampoos tend to make your hair feel dry afterwards. Spectrum Bubble Colour, on the other hand, feels a little bit oily as it contains LOTS of herbal oils and treatments such as Shea, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Oil, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Rose Camellia Oil. It even contains Nano CMC to penetrate the hair more deeply. Hence, leaving your hair feeling softer after using the shampoo. But it still doesn't replace your conditioner, so don't forget that!

4. It does NOT contain sulphates or silicon

Many colour shampoos you see on the shelves out there contain silicon and sulphates to make your hair look artificially glossy. Spectrum Colour Shampoo, however, does not contain sulphates or silicon as the manufacturer prefers to use herbal oils to nourish your hair from within and give it a natural shine. This means less irritation, even if you have a sensitive scalp.

Agent C

I have sensitive scalp so any shampoo that has a lot of harmful chemicals will irritate my scalp. I don't have issues with this shampoo at all!

5. It works better as maintenance than adding a new colour

This has got to do more with colour chemistry than the shampoo itself. Adding pink to bleached golden hair gives you rose gold but adding violet to bleached golden hair actually gives you grey. We hear that the effects of brown vary but it can help to make your hair more even overall. It is also the only colour that works on grey hair. Because of the varying results, it may be best to ask your stylist which colour works for your hair. As the hair colour takes days to show, we would still prefer to get our hair coloured by a stylist to ensure even colouring with proper colour correction and use this for maintenance instead.

Agent G

Before using brown, I tried using ash colour shampoo because I wanted my brown to look more ashy. However, the colour doesn't show very obviously for me. I asked Samantha from Color Bar @ Full House Salon for help and she recommended me to try the brown colour shampoo instead.The results were almost immediate! My hair turned ash brown in 1-2 washes! 
Hair Turning Ash Brown After Using Brown Paimore Bubble Colour Shampoo

6. You can use the shampoo until you get the colour you want

The issue with DIY hair colour is that it can make your hair artificially too bright or too dark depending on what you choose and whether you bleached your hair yourself. With Spectrum Bubble Colour, you can colour your hair till you achieve the tone that you want. This is the hair colour that can be achieved after washing your hair with the pink shampoo for 1 week ...

Hair Colour after using Pink Paimore Shampoo for 1 Week

Hair Colour after using Pink Paimore Shampoo for 1 Week

7. It ONLY comes in 4 colours

Other than classic ash brown, it comes with violet, pink and ash. We got BU agents to try all of them and personally, we would recommend brown, purple and pink over ash as ash seems a little less obvious than the other the colours. 

Ash works best if you have bleached your hair multiple times, like Agent C. 

8. It smells good

Hate the chemical smell of hair dyes? We're glad to find that this particular shampoo doesn't have a lot of smell at all, and in fact, smells fruity.

Agent CW

The shampoo smelt fruity like the ‘typical Japanese fruity scent’. I thought it would smell like hair dye but it did not at all.

9. Great colour coverage even for grey hair

Apparently, this Spectrum Bubble Colour Shampoo covers grey hairs pretty well.

Agent G's mom was so impressed with the results that she tried it on her greying locks and her hair turned brown after using the shampoo for 5 times. 

Paimore Colour Shampoo on Grey Hair

There's still a little bit of grey but a lot less visible than usual. 

Although it can be used for colour retouch on grey hair, we think it's still best used for maintaining existing bright hair colours. 

10. It is not cheap but value-for-money

We were a little surprised to find that the retail price is about $48. Although we found it a little high at first, the effective results within just a few washes made it pretty worthwhile for us. Depending on hair length, one bottle can possibly last us for about 40-50 washes. Only 3-5 washes are required to refresh the hair colour so we think that this is definitely more worth it than going for a touch-up.

11. It is NOT easy to find

As this product requires some professional consultation, it is not sold online and only at selected hair salons. Hence, you may have to ask around to find out which salon carries this brand. From what we know, these are the only two hair salons which do stock the shampoo:

  1. LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery
  2. Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Have you tried the Paimore Spectrum Bubble Colour Shampoo? If so, let us know what you think below!

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