8 Ways To Know You Are Getting a High SES Hair Service

Published on Aug 23, 2018

Luxury. Exclusivity. High Quality.

This is what high SES people look for in their products and services.

Don't know what is SES? Quick, we'll fill you in! High SES stands for high social economic status. In Singaporean terms, it simply means atas. According to this humorous image by Awesome Singapore, you fall in the High SES if your annual income is at least half a million.

High SES or not, we all love a little luxurious TLC.

So if you are itching to have a well-deserved pampering at a fancy salon or keen to know if the salon your visiting is atas, check out these 8 ways to find out if you are in a high SES salon ...

1. VIP Room 

Exclusivity is always associated with luxury brands, and it's no different when it comes to atas salons. Whether it's a VIP room or one-to-one personalized service, you can expect a customised and exclusive experience. Customers buy into exclusivity as it makes them look and feel special since they are receiving exclusive access that others are not privy too elsewhere.

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Chez Vous Hair Salon offers exclusivity with its directors-only policy. Hence, customers who frequent Chez Vous feel special as their tresses are only touched by stylists with at least 10 years experience. This together with their VIP room (available upon request) and high quality service makes them stand out from neighborhood salons. 


Izumi Hair Salon 

Another way to spot a High SES salon is by its personalized service. Although Izumi Hair Salon doesn't have a VIP room, it only has 1 chair and 1 highly experienced stylist, which simply means from start to finish, your hair is cared for by the stylist alone (no hair assistants) with no other customer to interfere with your private experience.

How's that for an exclusive experience? Almost makes you feel like a celebrity, doesn't it?

2. Your Stylist Hangs out with the Who's Who

Chances are you are in a High SES salon if your stylist is an ambassadors for hair products or is always invited to beauty events.

Are their works constantly being featured on influential magazines and do they count celebrities or industry big shots as part of their client list?

High SES salons don't just hire anyone, they seek out industry professionals to be part of the team as this is inline with their brand image and attests to the high cost.

3. Complimentary Quality Snacks & Drinks

All salons, even the neighborhood ones offer its customers snacks and drinks but what sets High SES salons apart from the rest is the quality and type of complimentary food and beverage served. Alcohol is expensive in Singapore but not to the rich who are popping bottles all weekend. You won't see the usual packet drinks and simple biscuits being served at High SES salons. 

Many passers-by enter LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon, mistaking it for a cafe. Though not a cafe, LKJ Beauty Salon offers complimentary food and beverages to all customers. Their professional in-house barista prepares coffee, tea, and freshly squeezed juices or wine. 

Home dried pineapple and Korean - styled biscuits are served together with their barista-brewed drinks. BRANCHE Hair Salon also a stylishly decorated bar serving a wide selection of carefully curated refreshments from hand-roasted artisan coffee to matcha latte or champagne served with mocha and shrimp crackers from Japan. All these are just one of the sweet little perks of visiting a High SES salon.

4. Luxurious Ambience 

Aesthetics are everything nowadays because everyone wants to take an insta-worthy picture. Creating a luxurious experience starts from the moment a customer walks into a store as the first impression is everything. If the salon decor doesn't exude an inviting and relaxing atmosphere with a touch of elegance and decadence, chances are it's likely isn't a High SES salon. It's easy to find a pretty salon, but did you know some High SES salons have uber comfy lavish chairs?

Branche Salon

Invitingly plush, lustrous and comfort-conscious couch for luxury head and massage treatments. It features a double gel-filled neck cushion with gel-filled head pillows and a full backwash recline so you don't have to trouble yourself with the menial task of leaning back when it's time to wash your hair, the chair will do it for you!

The Beauty Emporium by the Urban Aesthetic

Aside from luxurious salon chairs, the use of high quality hair equipment adds to the overall ambience of a salon.

Chez Vous was one of the first to puchase groundbreaking hair tools such as Dyson Supersonic hairdryers.

Chez Vous Hair Salon

5. Suited-up Stylists 

At Branche Salon, all stylists dress up in suits, even the nail artists.

Just like how at fine dining restaurants, staff in formal clothes establishes a professional image, same goes for salons. You'll notice that stylists at High SES salons are mostly dressed in black. This is because besides looking professional, black is a colour associated with sophistication and class, which are the attributes High SES salon embodies. 

Branche Salon

6. Detail to Attention

It's the small little details to attention that count and makes your hair experience at High SES salons a notch above the rest. For example, at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics, hair assistants will use a tissue paper to shield your face during a wash, help to dry your hair quicker, and always ensure that you have all you need.

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

While at Koinonia Salon, personalized nameplates are placed at your designated seats before you arrive. Though such salons are fully booked and busy, they make sure to go the extra mile to show their customers they are valued. Thoughtful, don't you think?

Koinonia Salon

7. Amazing Views

High SES salons are usually located in affluent areas. Hence, some salons not only have luxurious decor but are also surrounded with beautiful scenery. This makes your experience all the more relaxing as you stare out into the surrounding scenery while waiting for your hair to be done. Though not all High SES salons may offer you a spectacular view of Singapore, you can at the very least expect the inside of the salon to be just as beautiful.

View from Izumi Hair Salon

8. High Prices

It goes without saying, that a high price point will probably have you guessing whether a salon is a High SES salon or not. Of course, this doesn't mean all salons that are expensive are High SES salons as some just offer sub-par services with a hefty price tag. You'll want to look out if salon validates their high pricing with quality service and the ways mentioned above. 

Branche Salon is on the list again because they don't just offer hair services, but nail services too, and at a whopping $200 for a manicure, you can be sure it's more than just good!

Branche Salon

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