This Mid-Length Contouring Highlights is Trending NOW!

Published on Jan 09, 2022

New year, new hair right?

With CNY in less than a month and many of us heading back to office, we are going for hair makeovers that'll hopefully erase the marks of our neglect in the past few months. For some, this may mean anti-frizz treatments and rebonding and for the rest of us, a cut and fresh new coat of colour. 

If you need some inspiration, Jonas from WHITETREE Japanese Hair Salon tells us that one of the most popular hair colour trends right now is the Contouring Highlight. 

Many stylists call it different names but ultimately, the key is to use mid-sized highlights against a dark colour base in a mid-length hairstyle for a younger, fresher you. As the base colour tends to be dark and the highlights ashy, it is the perfect chic hairstyle to wear back to work (or school)!

Want to know exactly how it looks like? Follow the gorgeous Agent C to WHITETREE Japanese Hair Salon for her very own Contouring Highlight.

Contouring Highlights at WHITETREE Japanese Salon

Hello, I'm Agent C, and I'm currently studying in NUS. Knowing that I'm always doing my hair, one of my girlfriends recommended me to try Jonas earlier in 2021. 

And as you can see, I simply LOVE her hair colour. 

Taking inspiration from Japan, Korea and China, Jonas makes the effort to know the latest trends and introduce them to me. I love how I don't have to do research on pinterest or IG and she'd still know exactly what makes me look good.

All I need to do is to make an appointment when I'm sick of my hairstyle and she'd save it - as easy as that. 

And that's what she does for me every single time.

As you can see now, my hair isn't really in the best of shape, so I recently made an appointment to head down and find her. .

Fortunately for me, Jonas moved to a Japanese Salon in Singapore. Located near Raffles Place, WHITETREE Japanese Hair Salon looks really pretty with its white walls and decor. But that's not all. Other than being a salon, WHITETREE is also a cafe offering wellness tea from Japan and wholesome foods for health-conscious ladies. During promotions, they even include a wellness meal within the hair service, making the visit here especially value-for-money.

Same beautiful hairstyle with an upgrade in decor and overall experience? Count me in. 

Want to know what a typical hair experience with Jonas is like though? Follow me. 

First Impressions

Did I not say that this place is charming? 

Yes, it is located on the second level of a shophouse.. even the stairs had like piano notes on them!

As usual, I warmly greeted by Jonas when I enter.

Did you notice the huge full-length mirrors? Just love the overall feel and vibe. 

I come to Jonas quite often lah, so as I told you, I don't need to think about the hairstyle I want. Occasionally if I come across something, I'll let her know. But most of the time, she'd do the research for me and just make me look good afterwards.

According to Jonas, one of the trending hairstyles these days are the chunkier type of ash highlights. These highlights tend to be painted on a darker base so that they are more obvious but are created specifically to contour one's face shape. 

The darker base would work well for me as it would conceal my hair damage quite a bit while the highlights will add personality to my hair. She also suggested giving my hair a mid length cut to remove the overly damaged hair ends while making my hair lighter for a fresher look. 

Well, I've been to her enough to know that I can leave my hair in her hands... so let's go!


The first thing Jonas did was to section my hair and apply the lightening solution. 

Jonas then used the weaving technique to make sure that the section is of sufficient thickness before the application.

She started from the back and then moved on to sections of highlights near the front.

When she was done, Jonas touched up my roots with the intended ash base colour. 

While the process of application and processing of the lightener did take some time, there was really no time to feel bored thanks to the WHITETREE staff who came over and served lunch!

Yes, a hair service here is heavenly because I can enjoy complimentary beauty blend tea and opt to add on for a wholesome yummy sandwich! 

If you don't already know, their teas taste really good and are packaged in such cute packaging that I feel like buying some back for friends. 

Not much time to enjoy the tea before I went to the basin for a wash. 

Hair Colour

Back at the seat, Jonas applied an ash colour throughout my hair. This darkens the base colour and kills the yellows on the highlights for a gorgeous ashy tone.  

I love how the team here works so closely. When another Japanese stylist Koichi was done with his client, he proactively came to help as well, making the process really quick. 

Once done, Jonas escorted me to the sink for a final wash. 

No matter how busy she is, Jonas always makes the time to give me a good thorough massage.

That's not all. People always wonder why I can still comb through my hair despite my many times of bleach. And the secret lies in how well Jonas takes care of me. Everytime after bleach, Jonas would apply treatment to cushion some of the damage my hair has taken and here at WHITETREE, she's able to add nanomist as well to help the treatment penetrate better!


Back at the seat for the last time. TBH, I was already very happy about the colour even before she blew my hair dry.

Can you see the gorgeous grey streaks?

To make sure they look their best, Jonas followed up with the last important step: haircut!

She trimmed off the ends and gave me a flattering mid-length cut that I'm absolutely in love with. 

Ready to see my final hairstyle?

Just in case you forgot what I came in with:

And now:

It may just be a cut and colour but it actually made me feel younger and cuter especially with the bangs cut and shorter hair length.

The contouring highlights were also really on point. 

Doesn't matter which angle you take the photo from, it looks really good. 

What do you think?

Thank you Jonas for giving me beautiful hair once again! 

Can't wait to see what new hairstyle you'll design for me next!

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