Mission Impossible: Saving Mag's Bleached Hair!

Published on Jun 30, 2016

Are you one of those who've tried many different vibrant colours and am now left with highly damaged hay-like hair that breaks very easily?

Agent M was in the same boat as you after years of crazy vibrant colours!

Will she be able to regain her healthy hair and look chic again?

Read about her experience below!

June 2016

Hi I’m Agent M!

Due to the nature of my work (I’m in the creative industry), I have the luxury to experiment with colours.

In fact, I have ALWAYS been about LOUD colours because I feel that it reflects more of my vivacious personality.

agent m with multi-colour hair

Name any colour – I probably would have donned it before!

agent m colourful hair

In fact, I bleach my hair monthly… until my hair has become like hay!

Frizzy hair doesn’t really freak me out because it is so much easier to style.

LOL Crazy I know but I love it like that…. (at least that’s what I tell myself)

I’m not sure what has gotten into me recently but I’m getting a little sick of my bad hair condition. While combing my hair, I realize that many of my hair at the side fringe area is broken. In fact, it broke in such a strange way that it makes my hair shape look not so nice.

The Big Mag Transformation

So for the past 1 month I have been secretly using conditioner and hair mask at home in hope for a miracle.

I approached Agent G from Beauty Undercover for help and she recommended me to try 99 Percent Hair Studio!

I’ve heard a lot about 99 Percent Hair Studio because I actually have a long-time friend working there as a senior hairstylist in Haji Lane. She has been nagging me to let her do my hair for me.

In fact, I’ve been following them on Instagram long enough to identify their incredible hair colours.

Therefore, I was really excited to be invited to try 99 Percent Hair Studio at Bedok Point for a hair makeover!

99 percent hair studio @ katong

This is 99 Percent Hair Studio second outlet and it’s located at Marine Parade near i12 Katong Mall.

It is actually really hard to find – many taxi uncles don’t know where Katong MODA is!

So remember to look out for i12 Katong, pass Katong Plaza, East gate and you’ll see a huge sign with the word ‘Moda’!

(About 2 buildings down from i12 Katong)


99 Percent Hair Studio is on your left.

99 percent hair studio interior

I was wowed by the dark Scandi interior which is so welcoming, cosy and hip. The colours are so on point, light and dark brown with green patches of grass.

I was introduced to Danson, the creative director and store manager, who is known not only for his impressive colour gradation but also his eye for details who has helped many customers achieve a 180 degree change in hairstyle!

consultation at 99 percent hair studio

Just what I needed since I am all about change!

Bet you can sense my excitement already.

saving damaged bleached hair at 99 percent hair studio
saving damaged bleached hair at 99 percent hair studio

Very sad lifeless broken hair!

I’m pretty tired of this and have been thinking of taking a break from all the colours.

It’s time to mellow down with browns and highlights… and maybe go minimalist chic?

Danson knew exactly what I was talking about and showed me some pictures that got me really excited.

Can I really get this type of hair?

Step 1: Haircut

haircut at 99 percent hair studio

I wanted to keep my hair long but the hair ends are too damaged to be salvaged.

Danson suggested snipping 2-3 inches off as this will give my hair a shape and make the hair look thicker!

haircut at 99 percent hair studio

I didn’t quite get how he could make them thicker till the cut is complete.

My hair shape looks so much better and it really did look thicker!

(You will soon see what I mean as you read along).

Step 2: Apply Base Colour

The next thing he did after the cut was to apply the base colour.

This is no ordinary base colour – he is doing an ombre brown in dark coffee, medium light coffee so that the highlights later on would be more obvious.

base colour

It may seem simple but not many stylists can actually do a gradation the way he does! I’ve tried to ask that from other salons I’ve frequented in the past… but they usually tell me that its not possible!

Can’t wait to see if Danson can do it!

applying base colour at 99 percent hair studio

Colours are coming out already…. Wheeeeee covering all my dark roots first before “painting” the rest with highlights.

base colour

While waiting for the colours to penetrate the hair, Danson shared with me about the differences between non-ammonia, low-ammonia and high-ammonia hair colours.

base colour

The primary function of ammonia is to raise the pH of the hair sufficiently so as to open the cuticle and allow colour to enter the cortex of the hair. Depending on the percentage of ammonia in each colour, this will affect how light the colour can go and how lasting the colour is!

Yey, we are done with the first step and my hair already looks amazing, if I may say so myself! My hair FINALLY has some semblance of a shape and the colour!

This picture itself doesn’t do it justice as the gradation is really very pretty in person!

after wash

Glad to see that even such a “normal gradation” looks so good!

Hahaaa I am loving it so much I couldn’t stop laughing!

Step 3: Apply Medium Coffee Brown 

Going for the second step and adding medium coffee brown!

Apply Medium Coffee Brown Colour

Ok my bad, after this second colour, my hair looks even more awesome!

If just now was nice, now is even more awesome!

At this point, I wouldn’t mind leaving as it is because it looks so pretty already!

Blow Dry

You see you see, very nice already right?

For those who know me, I’m sure you’re shocked!

As someone who has donned every colour I know (but brown), this is definitely a big change!

After blow dry

But wait wait… Danson is NOT done yet!

Step 4: Apply Light Blonde Highlights

Danson is all ready to paint and give me those light blonde highlights!

Light Blonde Highlight
Light Blonde Highlight

He used the foils and bleach to lighten parts of my hair further.

removing the foils

This is how it looks like before the wash!

Rinsing is the crucial part though…

after wash

Do you see how bad my hair is now?

This is pretty much how it looks like after every shower!

Tangled and impossible to comb or brush through!!

As my hair was so bad, Danson recommended to go for a Keratin Treatment.

Huh? What’s that?

Can it really revive my badly damaged hair?

I mean I’ve tried so many hair masks at home… but they didn’t work.

Can this be better than that?

Step 5: Keratin Treatment

keratin treatment at 99 percent hair studio

First he applied Keratin Treatment onto my hair and ironed it straight.

Usually many stylists are afraid of applying Keratin Treatment onto bleached hair as it can cause hair breakage if the stylist is not skilled enough.

Danson, however, has done it for so many customers… well, it is not a problem for him!

heating the keratin treatment

After “heating” and making sure all the “vitamins” are soaked into my hair, it’s time to blow dry.

Blow dry

This treatment produces formaldehyde during the process.

To avoid the smell of formaldehyde from making me uncomfortable, I was given a mask. To be honest, there was no strong smell and neither was I feeling uncomfortable.

Blow dry

So there we go!

Blow dry

This cannot be my hair! Is this fake??

soft hair after keratin treatment at 99 percent hair studio

The Mister saw my hair and went “your hair so hopeless also can become like this ah?”

Mag Big Transformation

Oh yes, that’s his exact words!

I cannot believe my eyes! WOAH!!!

And there’s more, Danson told me this treatment can last for at least 2 months! (more if your hair condition is better!)


Most hair treatments I did, couldn’t even last me a week!

after keratin treatment and highlights at 99 percent hair studio

THANK YOU SO MUCH DANSON, my hair and I are eternally grateful!

with stylist danson at 99 percent hair studio

My girlfriends, colleagues and blogger friends are surprised to see my hair! Most of them thought I was donning a wig!

Hahahahaaa Many couldn’t resist touching my hair.

It’s been a week now and my hair is still in perfect shape and softness!

one week after keratin treatment and highlights at 99 percent hair studio

I think I can get used to this!


This isn’t just an ordinary hair service.

The colour and the subsequent keratin treatment has given me a complete makeover!

before and after coffee brown highlights and keratin treatment on damaged bleached hair
before and after coffee brown highlights and keratin treatment on damaged bleached hair

I didn’t know that “simple browns” can look so gorgeous

I didn’t know that my hair could be salvaged

I didn’t know that my hair would simply look so good again.

I almost feel like this hair makeover has changed my life somewhat!

I’m very grateful to have met Danson and his team of friendly hairstylists who connected very well with me and made my experience at 99 Percent such an enjoyable one.

I would recommend Danson unequivocally to anyone who wants a real makeover transformation!

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