Model-worthy Voluminous Men's Haircut at Kenaris Hair Salon

Published on May 17, 2015

Ever wondered what male models look for when they visit a hair salon?

This week, we're privileged to have budding model and Manhunt Singapore 2014 Fan Favourite Andee Chua try out Men's Haircut by the highly demanded Jimmy from Kenaris Hair Salon.

Read more about his experience below!

May 2015

Hi, I'm Andee Chua, currently a model with Jem International and also a dance instructor at Virgin Active.

I've entered the modelling industry not too long ago but am glad to have the opportunity to participate in fashion shows in Milan and Paris in June 2015.

Just as I was preparing for the shows in June, Agent G invited me to try out Men's Haircut by Kenaris Hair Salon.

It was an easy "Yes" for me, given that Kenaris has been quite active in magazine shoots as well and is particularly well reviewed among men!

And of course, I needed a haircut as well.

1. Before Front
2. Before Side

As you can see from my front and side view, my hair was getting a little long, making it look flatter and harder to style during shoots.

3. Consultation

I was assigned to Jimmy, an experienced stylist who has worked with various models before.

The first thing Jimmy did was to have a comprehensive consultation session with me. He took the time to hear about the type of hairstyles I was looking for and gave me valuable suggestions on the hairstyles that suited me. He also showed me pictures so that there is no misunderstanding or miscommunication about the what I want.

Jimmy also analyzed my hair type and gave some tips about maintaining my hair to ensure that it doesn't go too flat.

4. Hair Wash

We didn't take pictures during the hair wash but I must say that it is really good!

She was attentive and friendly and the head massage she gave during the hair wash was on point!

5. Haircut

Soon, Jimmy began the haircut. Jimmy himself looked stylish so this also made me more confident about putting my hair in his hands.

8. Haircut
6. Haircut

Despite the unsmiling pictures, Jimmy is actually very friendly during the haircut. He tries to kill awkward silences by making small talk, which is something I prefer. He is however not too talkative and still very serious during the cut.

He was also very professional, patiently answering to any doubts I may have with regards to the hairstyle.

10. Volumizing Spray

Use of Sea Spray to increase volume

Jimmy even gave me tips about how to style my hair, from blow drying to simple natural styling with the Sea Spray, something new I learn from today's session.

11. Blow Dry

One last word of advice...

12. Styling Advice

And I'm done!

13. After Front
14. After Side

The transformation doesn't look so drastic... until you compare the Before and Afters.

Before and After Front
Before and After Side

This haircut has given my hair a lot more volume (just compare the height of my hair) and made me look more presentable overall.

I also feel particularly refreshed after the cut.

Overall I like the experience, the vibe and rather private location of the salon.

I would definitely recommend friends to try out Kenaris Hair Salon!

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