2 Mothers Get the Hair Makeover Their Daughters Wanted

Published on May 26, 2017

Ever wondered how your mom may look like after a hair makeover?

Two daughters got their wish after winning a hair makeover for their Moms from Top Korean Salon LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon.

Check out their transformations below!

Mommy Transformation #1: Jesslyn

Stylist: James (Local Director Stylist)

Stylist Opinion: Jeslyn has a round face shape with natural wavy curls. As she requested for an easily manageable hairstyle, I suggested a haircut to soften her waves and a red highlight to refresh her face. 

Lim En, what do you think of Mom's Haircut and Colour?

You know how we always try to find a hair stylist who can cut a good hair style that fits our hair type and face shape but it's so hard to find one. I think we finally our hair stylist here in LeeKaJa. He is so attentive and professional.

I saw how good my mom looked after he cut her hair and I was so impressed that I requested for him to cut my hair as well! 

During the haircut, I told him how other hair stylists always asked me to rebond my hair because of my curly hair so it will be easier to manage. But he told me that I should embrace my natural hair because rebonding is not the permanent solution. I asked him what kind of hairstyle suited me then and he was really confident that he could cut a hairstyle that suited my face.

Wow, I was indeed blown away. I never cut my hair short before but he managed to do it so much so that my whole family love my new hair style. 

He was so detailed as he did not use a thinning scissors to trim my hair, but cut it with a normal scissors with such finesse and professionalism. 

So glad to find a hairstyle that suited both my mom and I. It's a little weird to say this of myself but I think we look 10 years younger! Haha!

Even days later, my mom's hair was so neat and low maintenance. She doesn't look like she has messy hair after that. For me, James told me to blowdry my hair and comb it in all directions for 2 weeks to give it life again. I did that and boy, my hair is so easy to manage now.

I don't even have to worry if it is out of place!

Any other thoughts about LeeKaJa Korean Salon?

We expected a quite good service since it was located at Mandarin Gallery, but the service definitely exceeded our expectations! 

The moment I walked in, I was blown away by how spacious the salon is. The interior design was really chic and welcoming; they even have a cafe and comfortable sitting area. Unlike other salons where they try to squeeze as many chairs into one area, I felt like I was chilling in a cafe.

We were served really delicious coffee cakes and hot tea during the service as well

Everything was perfect. I told my mum that we would definitely return to LeeKaJa for future hair services.

Thank you James and LeeKaJa for giving my mom such a memorable Mothers' Day :)

Before / After

Winning Entry

Stylist: Ted (Korean Director Stylist)

Stylist Opinion: Mabel requested for an easily manageable hairstyle that she can wear for work. She was however concerned about her white hair. As her hair was very dry and damaged, I suggested a haircut, hair colour and a Volume Cinderella Treatment to help her better manage her hair.  

Mommy Transformation #2: Mabel

Mabel, what do you think about your hairstyle (and your mom's hairstyle!)?

I'm really impressed with the hair services here. I did a hair colour, cut and treatment... and I'm amazed at the fact that my hair is still smooth and shiny so many days after the services!

My daughter couldn't come to the salon with me because she is not in Singapore but I brought my mom Keam along and I was very glad when the salon manager offered to cut her hair. The director stylist gave her a haircut that is very different from what she usually has... and she loves it! 

The feedback so far from our relatives who have seen us with the new hairstyles has so far been very positive.

Any other thoughts about LeeKaJa Korean Salon?

Before I stepped into the salon, I was like "oh, what a grand and classy salon!" 

I would never have stepped into such a grand salon in my life. The ambience and environment was so good where I can easily relax and chill while doing my hair. I can even see the other buildings and passers-by along the road while washing my hair!

It was really a very different experience. We were welcomed by the manager who can speak English very well. We were also served with drinks and snacks.

A First Class Salon with nice and comfortable environment, helpful and friendly service crew that I'd highly recommend!

Thanks to LeeKaJa Beauty Salon for the "Beautiful Mother's Day" present for both of us.

Before / After

Winning Entry

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