Best Hair Colour Ideas for 2015 | Singapore Edition

Published on Dec 31, 2014


We're reviewing the hottest looks in 2014 and making our own prediction for upcoming trends in 2015, all for those of you thinking about refreshing your hair colour for the coming year.

UPDATE: We've done a mid-year update of the latest hair colour trends here: Top Hair Colour Trends of 2015. Go ahead and take a look to see if our predictions came true!


If 2013 was a year for ombre, 2014 must have been the year for bold crazy colours. 

We've seen CLEO Hair & Make do insanely chic styles with their semi-permanent Manic Panic Colours.

hair colour (ryo)
semi-permanent Manic Panic Colours
Pixie Pink Lavender with Ocean Blue Takuya

Even I couldn't resist trying out Galaxy Hair Colour and Purple Balayage at 99 Percent Hair Studio.

multi coloured
hair colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio's unique 3C colours are also very attention seeking!

3C colours
3C colours
3C colours

Bold colours grew in popularity in 2014, with loud purples, reds, greens and blues dominating the scene.

If what you want is a little drama in your life, go from blonde to dark brown, black to light brown, or brown to blonde for a complete colour change. Also, Pantone announced Marsala as the Colour of the Year for 2015.


"Impactful" and "full-bodied", Marsala makes an elegant, grounded statement on its own and gives a strong accent when paired with other colours. Much like the wine that gives this colour its name, this tasteful hue is subtly seductive and emanates a sophisticated, natural earthiness. This colour has definitely caught my attention! I'm expecting lots of variations in the hair world based on this robust and earthy wine red.


In 2014, we saw many A-list celebrities warming up their dark browns and darkening their blondes to keep in trend with warm brown tones. Whether you're going for an all-over dye, subtle highlights or ombre, you can't go wrong with rich auburn tones.

In Singapore, we've seen COVO Japanese Hair Salon do warm full-bodied browns, simple and classy at the same time.

Kobayashi Hair Design does a brilliant job at highlighting the browns using MUCOTA Hair Colour as well.

MUCOTA Hair Colour
MUCOTA Hair Colour
MUCOTA Hair Colour

Of course, who can forget the shiny Redken Chromatic Hair Colour from Kenaris Hair Salon that both Agent S and Agent G loved?

Redken Chromatic Hair Colour
Redken Chromatic Hair Colour

Colouring Techniques

So the sky's the limit where colours are concerned. But how would you like the colours applied? There are numerous styles of new hair highlights and colouring techniques, with popular ones being an all-over dye or the recent ombre and dip-dye techniques.


Still the most popular technique of modern hair colouring, this French colouring technique is a freehand technique where the colour is applied by hand rather than using traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. If balayage's caught your attention, be sure to look for an experienced colourist.

We're particularly confident in both Artica Hair Studio and 99 Percent Hair Studio, who both have stylists with the most experience in the Balayage technique!


Who can forget the trendy ombre hair highlighting technique? Play with shades and measure, and get an impactful result with a clearly distinct gradient.


A new hot trend, flamboyage is a low maintenance hair colour technique that is a combination of ombre and balayage.

Chez Vous Hair Salon even created their own style of Flamboyage, the Ikebana. Whether you're looking for bold colours or more understated browns, Ikebana uses balayage ombre with traditional weave and slice highlighting techniques to create a stylish look for everyday wear. 

ikebana hair colour
ikebana hair colour
ikebana hair colour


A soft type of hair dyeing, babylights is a mixture of balayage and dyeing, which creates a shimmering effect of colour and natural light strands. Hair colouring specialists first apply paint with broad brush strokes, then give a lighter colour to separate locks, resulting in a new colour that is easy to maintain.

We saw this done very well by Japanese Hair Salon AVENTA who's really good at adding sophistication to the browns with a combination of highlights and lowlights.



Not enough time / $$$ / hair.

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