6 Reasons why Organic Facials are Better than Normal Facials

Published on May 17, 2016

The organic trend has become a fast growing lifestyle choice. From organic foods to organic beauty brands, it seems more and more people are staying away from synthetic chemicals and going for the natural approach, and rightfully so.

When it comes to skincare, we should be extra careful as to what we feed our skin, which is why you should consider making the switch from regular facials to organic facials.

Here we explore 10 ways we find Organic Facials better than normal facials!

1. Use only Natural Organic Ingredients - no harsh chemicals!

Imagine the goodness of lavender, yarrow and linden directly applied to your face! A real organic facial uses facial products with 100% natural organic ingredients. This means that the facial doesn't use products made with synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, colours or petroleum based ingredients that may block your pores and cause facial sensitivity!

We're enthralled with the Herbal Brightening facial from Organics Beauty at Delfi Orchard which applies the actual herbs on customers' faces!

Herbal Brightening Facial at Organics Beauty

2. Suitable for Pregnant Ladies or those of you with Rosacea, Eczema, Acne and Sensitive skin

Some pregnant ladies are  worried that the fetus will absorb whatever chemicals they may come into contact with while other ladies with rosacea, eczema, acne or sensitive skin worry about how a facial may aggravate their skin condition.

An organic facial removes this worry by using only natural organic ingredients!

A good organic facial therapist will be able to tailor the right ingredients for pregnant ladies, ladies with rosacea, eczema, acne and sensitive skin or even ladies recovering from major illnesses to help the face and body rejuvenate itself.

3. No Extractions

Usually when customers experience the “natural blush” after a regular facial, it’s the result of all that poking and prodding during the extraction.

While you may think that it is "removing" the dirt all at one go, extractions may actually cause skin to worsen as it breaks and injure to skin to remove oil seeds that may not be ready to be removed.

With organic facial, organic ingredients will be used to bring the dirt out from beneath the surface so it is not as intrusive and does not damage the skin in the process!

4. No Machines

Machines like Microdermabrasion tend not to be adopted by Organic salons as they tend to remove your skin's surface layer in a harsh manner, causing skin to become more sensitive over time. It is also not suitable for ladies with sensitive skin as it will aggravate the skin condition.

Instead, the technique of choice is facial massages. Many organic facial therapists train themselves in various facial massage techniques e.g. acupressure massages to stimulate the skin's natural growth cycle.

Shizuka from Organics Beauty uses pincement massage to activate the facial fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle on the face to encourage blood circulation.


This allows the skin to produce more collagen and deliver more nutrients and oxygen to every part of the facial muscle.

This also helps to make the skin more taut, reducing the appearance of facial lines.

face massage at organics beauty

5. Organic Facials are just as effective in dealing with aging lines, acne and skin sensitivity!

Most of us have the perception that forceful extractions and harsh chemicals can achieve faster results but that is not necessarily the case.

The right facial therapist should be able to customize a special herbal blend for you that can deal with your skin problems as effectively as a facial with harsh chemicals and machines except... without the side effects,

This is what Shizuka from Organics Beauty did for Agent Z - depending on the skin issues Agent Z face, she will then customize the facial for her! This is a typical facial she goes through at Organics beauty!

6. Organic Facials repair the skin from deep within

Many facial problems actually stem from a deeper cause e.g. lack of proper nutrition, stress, hormones. On top of recommending lifestyle changes, a good organic facial should be able to replenish nutrients required for your skin and feed your skin with natural and safe ingredients that will be beneficial for you in the long run.

Since the ingredients in organic facial are massaged into the skin, the nutrients are also absorbed and locked deep into the skin layer.

Have you tried an organic facial before?

If you haven't, we would highly recommend Japanese Organic Facial Therapist Shizuka.

She is a little pricier than usual facial therapists but we are confident that you will leave her facial impressed and wanting more!

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