We Tested Original & Minerals Hair Colour on Eczema Skin. Is it Gentle enough?

Published on Nov 13, 2021

You may have experienced dry itchy skin at some point in your life but for those who have eczema or atopic dermatitis, it is a whole new level to deal with skin sensitivity.

For those who do not yet know, Eczema refers to a group of chronic skin conditions that make the skin red, itchy and inflamed. The causes for Eczema is not clear but researchers find that people with eczema tend to have an over-reactive immune system that produces inflammation when it comes in contact with a trigger, such as allergens, fabric and even emotional stress.

Inflammation may sound pretty ordinary but those who have it will know how debilitating it is to have much of your face, hands, legs or body turn red. 

 Eczema is like a volcano for me: It can lie in peace for a few weeks, months, then all of a sudden it'll erupt and cause so much damage, you wouldn't believe it until it happened.

These flare ups don't just last for days. Depending on how serious it is, it can persist for weeks and even months.

This leads to tremendous emotional stress on top of the physical stress they are already experiencing. 

Unsurprisingly, this makes those living with eczema very selective about what they use on their skin. From shampoo to body wash and even hair dye, eczema sufferers will pore over every single ingredient in each product they use to make sure that it doesn't trigger a flare-up. 

Many even changed their entire lifestyle altogether to combat eczema. That's the case for speaking coach and emcee @raematrix.

After suffering her first massive eczema outbreak in 2019, she'll searched for hypoallergenic moisturizers and avoided any hair or skincare products that may extend the misery. 

Even after she healed from the outbreak though, she avoided going to salons for fear that the chemicals used within will lead to months of pain. 

But when Original & Minerals launched in Focus Hairdressing, she couldn't help but be intrigued. 

What is Original & Minerals Hair Colour?

An organic haircare brand from Australia, Original & Minerals set out more than 10 years ago to research into producing hypoallergenic hair colours that are gentle even for those with sensitive scalp. They found that scalp irritation and allergies often result when the colouring pigments are left unlinked in the manufacturing process. They have hence created their exclusive Molecular Blend Technology (MBT). This revolutionary colouring system pre-links pigments, taking into consideration specific molecular weight of each pigment. Once all base and reflect pigments are paired, no unlinked pigments remain that could cause scalp irritation remain.

The result is greater grey hair coverage (up to a level 9) and wider range of colours without the need for allergens like the following:

  • ø No Ammonia
  • ø No PPDs
  • ø No Resorcinol
  • ø No Gluten
  • ø No Soy
  • ø No Animal Ingredients

Given that ammonia and PPD are frequent triggers of eczema, @raematrix was elated to find something that excludes these allergens and STILL be able to get a wide range of colours. 

Could she really get a worry-free hair colour that wouldn't lead to months of suffering? Hear from her experience here.


Hello! I'm @raematrix, a speech coach and emcee. If you've checked out my IG, you'd probably have heard me share about my woes on dealing with eczema.

I do not resent it but it has definitely become part of who I am and changed how I do things. For example, I'm now very careful about what comes into contact with my skin and make sure that I take extra precautions and do lots of research before I try a new skincare product or a salon.

That is why I was excited to hear about the new Original and Minerals Hair colour from Agent G. Knowing that I'm always on the lookout for hypoallergenic products suitable for sensitive skin, she asked if I was keen to try the new hair colour at Focus Hairdressing. 

Of course, the answer is yes!

A good sign right at the point of appointment making,

Hello Rae, do you mind sparing some time to come down and perform a patch test before the appointment? We know O&M is really safe but we just want to be doubly sure!

The fact that they take such precautions gives me greater confidence about their services here and I was right. As it turns out, the entire experience was a good one.

It started with me stopping by on a weekday to do a patch test, something really easy to do since the salon is conveniently located opposite Somerset MRT. When I passed with flying colours (no irritation.. yay!), we arranged for an appointment!

Original and Minerals at Focus Hairdressing

Focus Hairdressing would not win any prizes for the most posh hair salon for sure, but this humble salon is certainly a hidden gem. Located in Cuppage Plaza, a few minutes away from Somerset MRT, Focus Hairdressing is spacious and very importantly for me - no chemical smell within the salon. 

Right after checking in with TraceTogether, a quiet and unassuming stylist Jane escorted me to my seat. She's a little shy but is a genuinely helpful stylist who does her best to make me comfortable. 

After providing me with water, Jane began the consultation.

She checked my hair condition and found it to be relatively healthy - a good thing! 

Still, it has been some time since I last coloured my hair and it is certainly in need of some brightening. 

Seeing how I don't go to the salon often, Jane suggested to have highlights done. This way, I don't have to worry about hair regrowth and the new hairstyle can last for a far longer time. 

More importantly, the hair colour would not need to be in contact with my scalp, minimizing the chance of any allergies. 

To make sure that the colour comes up with a brighter hue, she asked if I was keen to try bleaching my hair. Original & Minerals contains a range of lightening solutions that protects the hair and does not contain ammonia as well. 

If it doesn't cause any allergies, why not? 

Without further ado, Jane began on the lightening. 

She sectioned my hair neatly and then began to apply lightening solution to it. 

I'm happy to note that even though this is bleach, there wasn't any of that awful chemical smell I usually get at hair salons. 

Look at how neatly Jane lightened the hair?

To accelerate the process, she put some mild heat to let the bleach process.

Then we went for a wash.

Jane may not be talkative but her hair wash was certainly very shiok. She made sure that all the bleach is removed and also scrubbed my scalp cleanly. 

Back at the seat, she blew my hair dry and applied the hair colour she mixed specially for me. 

To minimize allergies further, Jane made sure that the hair colour itself doesn't touch the scalp. 

Excited to see how the hair colour turns out!

One last wash later and we're almost done!

Keen to see my final hair colour?

Love the caramel hair colour on my skin!

As my skin tone is a tad bit warm from eczema, the warm caramel actually takes some of the attention away from my face and onto my gorgeous hair. 

What do you think about it?

For those who're wondering how the colour holds up weeks later, I have an update for you! 

It's been 2 weeks since my last colour and I just wanted to tell you that it's holding up amazingly! I didn't use any special purple shampoo at the beginning but as you can see, the colour lightened slightly and is looking even better than before. 

No special styling but I still look and feel as good as ever. 

Thank you Jane and Focus Hairdressing for the awesome Original and Minerals Hair Colour. 

Really grateful to have found something safe and agreeable with my skin. 

Do you know how empowering that feels? 

Tried Original and Minerals Hair Colour before?

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