Original & Minerals Organic Hair Colour Is Gentle Even For Sensitive Scalp

Published on Sep 12, 2021

There are people who can go for a hair colour and not feel a thing when the colour is applied directly on the scalp. And then, there are some of us who can’t help but shout out in pain when small amounts of hair colour touches the scalp.

Instead of bemoaning why life is so unfair, you can now sigh in relief because we found a solution for you: Organic Hair Colour Original & Minerals.

Why are Organic Hair Colours better than Normal Hair Colours?

According to stylists at Focus Hairdressing, up to 20% of customers experience burning sensation to their scalp (and even to your ears) whenever they colour their hair.

The reason why some customers feel pain is because their scalp and their skin are hypersensitive; in such cases, a simple scalp scan will reveal that the scalp is often pinkish, even reddish! The reason why that is the case is because their scalp is already inflamed due to frequent use of harsh shampoos, hormonal changes, climactic conditions or even physical and emotional stress. Imagine applying chemicals like ammonia directly on an open wound; that’s exactly what you’re doing when you colour your hair on scalp that is sensitive.

Even if your scalp isn’t as red or pinkish, some of us may still find ourselves allergic to harsh chemicals present in certain brands of hair dye. You’d be surprised that this is not just restricted to lesser known brands. Many top brands out there actually contain a number of allergens that cause customers to develop a painful rash each time you go for a hair colour.

Of course, you can do a spot test to see if that’s the case but honestly, how many of us will bother to do so.

Does that mean that you can’t colour your hair forever?

Understanding that more and more customers are facing the issue of sensitive scalp, Australian organic brand Original & Minerals set out to create a hair colour brand that would address scalp irritation problems while still allowing customers like you and me attain beautiful shiny hair colours WITHOUT strong smells of chemicals.

They call this the O&M CØR color.

What’s so special about Original & Minerals CØR color?

Following years of research and in-salon testing, O&M created the exclusive Molecular Blend Technology (MBT). This revolutionary colouring system pre-links pigments, taking into consideration specific molecular weight of each pigment. Once all base and reflect pigments are paired, no unlinked pigments remain that could cause scalp irritation remain. This linking process guarantees that all pigments are fully developed and oxidised during the colour process

The result is greater grey hair coverage (up to a level 9) and wider range of colours without the need for allergens like the following:

  • ø No Ammonia
  • ø No PPDs
  • ø No Resorcinol
  • ø No Gluten
  • ø No Soy
  • ø No Animal Ingredients

Why is it important to exclude these ingredients from hair colours?

1. Ammonia

Ammonia is one of the biggest allergens present in most hair colours out there. An alkaline chemical, it is used to increase pH level of the hair during the colouring process and lighten the hair's natural pigment so it can be re-coloured. Unfortunately, it is pretty damaging and has a strong unpleasant odour. Many of those with sensitive skin tend to be allergic to Ammonia, causing reactions such as skin burns, dermatitis and itchy scalps and watery/red eyes whilst getting their hair coloured.

2. PPD

PPD is the second most common allergen that people are allergic to. Hair dye often contain the colourless PPD or Paraphenylenediamine that gives the hair a natural look after the colour. Darker shades of colour often contains higher concentrations of PPD than lighter shades, which is more concerning since these colours tend to be used more often for root retouch.

Common side effects from PPD allergies include mild skin irritation to more severe allergic contact dermatitis, reddening and swelling of the scalp and face and in severe cases anaphylaxis! Note that if you’re allergic to PPD, you won’t react the first time you get exposed to it. These first exposures will however prime the immune system, which may then over-react when they meet PPD again. What happened there is that the immune system mistakes PPD as an intruder so when PPD is applied again, the immune system will overreact, leading to inflammation.

3. Resorcinol

One of the most commonly used petrochemicals, dihydroxy benzene is otherwise known as resorcinol which works well as a coloring agent, anti-itch, disinfectant, and antiseptic agent.Resorcinol is not only used to produce dyes, but also is used as a treatment for skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema, and acne, and as an anti-dandruff agent. In permanent hair dyes, resorcinol reacts with a developer (usually peroxide) to bond the dye permanently to the hair to get a specific dye color. In higher doses it is toxic and can disrupt the function of the central nervous system and can lead to respiratory problems. It has also been shown to disrupt the endocrine system, specifically thyroid function. It is also toxic to wildlife.

4. Gluten

For those with eczema or with sensitive scalps, you’ll also be glad to find that O&M colours exclude gluten in the formula as well!

As they ensure that none of their ingredients are derived from animal sources, O&M colour has also earned the prestigious ruelty-Free & Vegan certification from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). This makes it suitable even for Muslimah ladies looking for a halal-friendly hair colour and pregnant ladies as well.

How does Original & Minerals compare with other Organic Hair Colours?

There are however a number of organic hair colours out there. What makes O&M so special?

1. Wider range of colours

Those who go for organic hair colours will know that their range is often limited. Many of them only has darker hair colours that looks particularly obvious or contrasting against grey hairs. O&M colours are unique as it contains 105 shades of colours, even light pastel colours that are more in line with usual hair colours – without the ammonia or allergens.

2. More Moisturizing Than Most Other Colour Brand

We’ve tried a few organic hair colours but many seem to dry out the hair quite a bit due to alternative ingredients used in the colours.

Those who've tried O&M colour will tell you that that's not the case for O&M CØR. Right after an O&M Hair Colour, your hair is likely to feel superbly soft, smooth and silky for days after. This is all thanks to the special formula that contains macadamia oil, coconut oil, desert lime, wattle seed as well as other exotic seeds and fruits that hydrates, soothes and conditions dry, itchy scalp and hair, leaving hair noticeably shinier – as if you did a treatment!

How I Look After O&M Organic Hair Dye on My Sensitive Scalp at Focus Hairdressing

The desert harvest is also rich in antioxidants and phytosterols to protect against environmental aggressors, keeping your hair healthier for a longer period of time. while the signature oil blend increases colour longevity and even promotes hair growth.

3. O&M offers also the CØR.restore that reduces damage to the hair with each hair colour

If you've heard of Olaplex, Wellaplex or SmartBond, you'd be glad to know that O&M has an organic alternative that contains a blend of amino acids and organic elements to protect, nourish and re-integrate the hair's keratin structure during colour services.

Made of an organic element complex from Arginine, Glycine, Alanine, Serine, Valine, Proline, Threonine, Isoleucine and Histidine, the CØR.restore is a reconstructing treatment that can be added to all colour services to hydrate and protects the hair shaft. The result? Healthier hair that is plumped up with Keratin Protein even after the hair colour!

Want to know where to get your O&M colour? Follow us to Focus Hairdressing at Cuppage to find out!

First Organic Original & Minerals Hair Colour at Focus Hairdressing

Hello, I'm Agent D and I'm currently studying at a Polytechnic.

The nice thing about Poly is that no one really cares what the colour of your hair, particularly when we're all studying from home. That was the reason why I decided to try colouring my hair.

I recently bleached and coloured my hair at a neighbourhood hair salon and I must say I really regretted it. The colour wasn't to my liking and more importantly, the hair colour HURT.

Honestly, I don't know what brand they use but the moment they applied the bleach and colour on my hair, it stung so bad that I started tearing. The stylists there was kinda surprised but still went ahead with the colour anyway, so I was kind of traumatised after my last hair colour.

But as you can see, my hair colour makes me look kind of terrible. It's faded to an ugly orange and has become so unbelievably dry and tangled that it makes me really frustrated with my hair.

Where can I go to get my hair coloured without suffering the same kind of pain again? I googled and came across Original & Minerals Hair Colour at Focus Hairdressing. If the organic hair colour is good enough for pregnant women, it should be good enough for me, right?

I made an appointment to go down and give it a go.


Focus Hairdressing is located just opposite Somerset MRT and is really easy to get to. TBH, it wouldn't win any prizes for decor but I'm just glad that the salon is spacious and feels relatively comfortable.

The prices here are quite affordable, so I'm not complaining.

The stylist who attended to me that day was Sito. She's this stylo hairstylist with pixie hair bleached to a gorgeous pastel lavender. Sito shared that she had to go through many rounds of bleaching over time to get to this hair colour to reduce the damage - and that I can do it too, with a bit more patience.

Hair Consultation at Focus Hairdressing

I would very much love it but at this point, Sito shared that she wouldn't advise me to bleach my hair another time. She ran her hands through my hair and found that it so damaged - she's worried that another round of bleach may actually melt my hair.

Sito hit the nail on the head. Back at home, I've been experiencing quite a bit of hair breakage from my previous bleach and colour; just running my fingers through caused quite a bit of hair to break 😢

Does that mean that I have to go for a dark hair colour to make my hair look OK? Seeing how forlorn I was, Sito shook her head.

You don't have to bleach your hair again for it to look good. We have a series of hair colours - Original & Minerals that can give you trendy hair colours without irritating your scalp!

Ah yes, that was the other thing I was worried about. I told her about my last nightmare hair colour at a salon where my scalp hurt so bad.

Worried about my scalp health, Sito took the initiative to scan my scalp.

Scalp Diagnosis at Focus Hairdressing

Based on the scalp scan, Sito explains that my scalp appears to be "thinner" and more sensitive than usual.

Scalp Diagnosis at Focus Hairdressing

As you can see, there are a lot of red capillaries that are visible on the scalp, something that is not common and is a sign of sensitivity. That could be the reason why my scalp always hurt a lot whenever I go for a hair colour.

Fortunately, Sito promised that today's hair colour would be different from the rest. That is because she will be using Original & Minerals, the organic hair colour brand that specifically excludes Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol, allergens known to irritate the scalp.

Just because it's organic doesn't mean the colour will be boring.

Hair Colour Consultation at Focus Hairdressing

Sito explained that Original and Minerals is outstanding because of the huge colour range despite being organic.

Original and Minerals Beige Colours

I was particularly taken by the series of beige colours, which somehow reminds me of the milk tea hair I saw some time ago. (And yes, I was drinking bubble tea right before this too)

Apparently, I can achieve this hair colour without bleaching as my hair was already lightened by the previous hair salon. To give it more dimension though, Sito will be segregating my hair in different segments and control the timing to achieve slightly different dimension at the roots, middle and at the ends. I don't really know what she means but hey, she's the expert so let's go!

Application of Hair Colour

Instead of going for a hair wash, Sito mentions that it is best to keep my natural hair oils in and then apply hair colour for better protection of the scalp.

The very precise Sito measured the right amount of colour and didn't forget to add CØR.restore into the mix.

O&M Hair Dye Mixture

The CØR.restore was the equivalent of Olaplex for Original & Minerals, except that this time they used all-natural ingredients for it. Its objective? To build more bonds and reduce hair damage during the hair colour.

Application of O&M Hair Dye at Focus Hairdressing


Back at the seat, Sito sectioned my hair before applying colour at the roots. She says that the colour has to stay on the roots for the longest period of time as my hair is healthiest there and hence require more time than usual for the colour to be absorbed. To accelerate the process, she even put cling wrap over my hair!

Application of O&M Hair Dye at Focus Hairdressing

This is the step when the colour comes into contact with my scalp but the good news is... I felt nothing at all! No stinging.. nothing!

Happy ~

Application of O&M Hair Dye at Focus Hairdressing

After about 10 minutes, Sito started applying colour to the mid-section of my hair, The time difference will allow the hair colour at the top to look darkest, followed by a gradual lightening till the ends.

Application of O&M Hair Dye at Focus Hairdressing

Sito was so conscientious, she took the additional effort to wipe off the colour at the hairlines so that my scalp won't be stained. Really thoughtful right?

With the hair ends done, my hair colour is almost complete!

Application of Ice Shine Toning Treatment

My hair colour could very easily have stopped here with a hair wash. But worried that my hair will become drier without proper treatment, Sito suggested for me to try the new Ice Shine Toning Treatment.

This is a restructuring and moisturizing treatment that neutralizes yellowish tones and repairs the hair with Vitamin E, cotton extract and Wakame extract all at the same time.

I was already thinking of adding on treatment anyway, so, Why not?

And it starts right at the hair wash. Another stylist Jane used the purple shampoo from the Ice Shine Treatment to wash my hair thoroughly.

Application of Ice Shine Treatment After Hair Dyeing at Focus Hairdressing

Jane explains that the purple shampoo will deposit some pigments that will help make my current hair colour look ashier for longer.

Application of Ice Shine Treatment After Hair Dyeing at Focus Hairdressing

Back at the seat, Sito mixed the purple treatment and applied it to my hair.

As you can see, my hair is so damaged that it can be pretty hard to comb through. The treatment hence came as a life-saver as it makes my hair that much more manageable.

Application of Ice Shine Treatment After Hair Dyeing at Focus Hairdressing

Once ready, Sito brought me to the basin for a final hair wash. After blowdrying and styling, we are really almost done this time.

Blow Dry and Styling at Focus Hairdressing

Ready for the reveal?

Just to remind you, my hair used to look like this:

Now it has transformed to this:

How I Look After O&M Organic Hair Dye on My Sensitive Scalp at Focus Hairdressing

Look at how luscious the O&M beige looks on my hair!

How I Look After O&M Organic Hair Dye on My Sensitive Scalp at Focus Hairdressing

Near or far, at every dimension, the colour just looks SO GOOD.

How I Look After O&M Organic Hair Dye on My Sensitive Scalp at Focus Hairdressing

​​​​​​​To be honest, I can hardly believe that this is an organic colour.

But it is.

I can almost feel my happy painless scalp thanking me for choosing to go organic.

My hair too feels real soft and moisturized... so much so that I can't help running my hands through the hair.

I'm a happy girl!

Thank you Sito and Focus Hairdressing for the beautiful hair colour! I always thought that Organic Hair Colours were dark and dull but today, you really surprised me with such a gorgeous hair colour that doesn't sting my scalp one bit.

Part of me feels really liberated because for the first time, I don't have to feel pain when I colour my hair!

If anyone of you has sensitive scalp like me, I'll definitely recommend you to give O&M a try.

Share your experience

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If not, Focus Hairdressing is having a special promotion for first timers this month. They are offering the vegan and halal-friendly O&M Hair Colour + Haircut + Treatment at an unbeatable price of $199. Read about Focus Hairdressing and who to look for here.

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