Pampering fit for the Queen: Agent Viv was wowed by the Branche Hair and Nail experience!

Published on Jul 09, 2015

In the last few months, Branche Hair & Nail Salon have been making waves on the local hair and nail scene with their super-luxe experience at their flagship Branche Hair & Nail Salon at Capitol Piazza!

To check out if Branche is worth all the type, we invited our beautiful wedding planner and mother of a very adorable 2 year old boy, Agent Viv, to try out their hair and nail services!

July 2015

Hello, I'm Agent Viv! Going for hair visits and nail services have always been my favourite pastime. I used to go for these hair and nail services really often... Until my beloved little boy came along.

Every day has since become a struggle between my business, family and sufficient sleep that I simply have NO MORE TIME to even go to my usual hair and nail salons.

As you can see, my hair colour is dull and less presentable than I wished it could be when meeting clients!


My nails too have become really brittle and dry from constant washing and housework.

nails before

When I do find the time to go for beauty services once in a really blue moon, I love to pamper myself a little because it was just not easy for me to find the time to come down.

That is why I was a little worried about trying out a new salon. However, when Agent G was so confident about Branche, I knew I just couldn't say NO!

First Impressions

Branche certainly did not disappoint.

Branche Hair and Nail Salon

High-end looking, clean, spacious and bright, Branche totally impressed me with its interior decor.

They even had a bar counter serving Champagne, hand-roasted Japanese coffee, Matcha latte, fruit teas and all.

If their decor looked so good, I can't wait to see how their service will be like!

Before proceeding with any services, I was directed to a nicely done up waiting area for my stylist

Waiting area for Branche

There, I was offered drinks and a warm towel that is super soft and made-in-japan! (Wow... even the towel looked premium!)

Kai, my allocated stylist for the day, came over and introduced himself.

He then provided me with an iPad to fill in some details. This is certainly something different!

After this, I was led to a VIP room for my hair and nail services.

Branche VIP Room

Both services are actually done simultaneously but for the sake of clarity, I will be talking about them separately.

Hair Service

Before starting any work on my hair, Kai patiently explained the services that Branche offers as well as the many inhouse and Japanese products they would use during the service.

During the consultation, he inquired about my preferences, which is very simply an easy to handle hairstyle that does not require time to maintain. (I'm a mommy and an entrepreneur after all!)

To make things really clear, I showed him some pictures and hair colours I'm fond of.

Kai then proceeded to do a microscopic scalp analysis.

microscopic scalp analysis

He showed me the enlarged pictures of my scalp and roots. Based on the results of the analysis, he explained about my hair conditions and the products which he will use to help improve my scalp condition.

For those who are interested, they have their inhouse brand Rajunina (scalp water) and Cristalnoe (ocean blue salt) as well as other high end Japanese brands like the Milbon Aujua treatment system and the more common Kerastase.


The Rajunina is particularly popular as it contains the active ingredient nahlsgen that slows down aging!

Overall, a very informative and professional process towards improving my scalp health.

Thumbs up! 

Then, the hair service finally began!

Kai decided to start the service with hair colour.

hair colouring

First, he sectioned my hair neatly.

Apply Hair Colour

Then, Kai began to apply hair colour to very thin strips of the hair within each foil.


He used so many foils that there must have been at least 30-60 foils on my head!

Kai says that this helps to create a more natural hair colour gradation and more varied colour tones which make up the special Branche Refined Colour!

For my hair colour, they actually used the L'Oreal INOA ammonia-free hair colour. That is why I don't really smell anything while my hair gets highlighted.

Hair Colouring

Next, the application of hair colour to the rest of the hair!

Milbon Aujua Hair Treatment

This is not the end!

After the hair colour has suitably penetrated, Kai applied the Milbon Aujua Hair Treatment to repair my dry and damaged hair.

Removing the foils

The treatment is really thick and I imagine very nourishing!

After letting it soak in for some time, the much anticipated hair wash comes next!

In the VIP room, you literally need not leave your seat to wash your hair! Due to the specially designed electronically controlled Yume Swing chair,  the wash basin is “brought to you”. Very cool!

Branche VIP Room

I also love how they notice the small details. Many a times when we lay to wash our hair, the ceiling light can be pretty glaring.

In the VIP room, however, the light is dimmed for your comfort to ensure that you get the best experience during the hair wash!

hair wash

There was also no sprinkle of water whether over my face, in the ear or down my neck at all!!!! (Something that is really important to me!)

The water shower head also produces a very firm yet gentle water flow that massages your head while washing.

The water massage isn't the only massage that was offered. Kai himself has very good massage technique and his scalp massage is something to-die-for!

hair massage

Other than feeling good, Kai also applied more treatment to my hair. It is nice to note that my hair is being taken care of while I'm enjoying myself!


Did I also mention that I am in love with the light rose scent from all their hair products?

Rajunina Scalp Water

Back at the seat, Kai then applied the famed Rajunina Scalp Water to my hair.

While waiting for it to penetrate my scalp, Kai politely asked if I would like to have a massage on the head, neck and shoulders.

Of course I would... I LOVEEEEE massage!


To my surprise, Kai gave one of the best head, neck and shoulder massage I've had in my life...

Exerting just the perfect amount of pressure, it felt even better than what I get from my usual spa masseurs!

Ah... I only wished it lasted longer!

hair trim

Next, he began on the haircut while the hair was wet.

Each cut was swift and decisive to give my hair the light airy feel.

blow dry

Kai then proceeded to blow dry my hair.

blow dry

Oh, and something I realized: the hair tools, combs and brushes they used are kept very clean. This is unlike typical hair salons, which can make you uncomfortable about their hygiene level at times!

Pampering fit for the Queen: Agent Viv was wowed by the Branche Hair and Nail experience!


My new smooth shiny locks!

So immaculate that it looks unreal to me!!

Side View

I also like the new fringe that Kai cut for me. It somehow makes me look younger and possibly slightly slimmer too!

Anyway, recall how my hair looked before:


Now After:

after back view

Don't you think its a lot more lively now with the many highlights within my hair?

The treatment also seems to tame the coarse and rough hair down to make it appear smoother and shinier!

Other than my hair, it seems like my scalp became healthier throughout this process as well.

scalp analysis

As you can see from the scalp analysis, my scalp now has better circulation, less redness and oiliness after the treatment!

Nail Service

Safori is the only nailist or nail artist in Branche and is certainly a very knowledgeable and experienced one.

The first thing she did was to introduce herself to me and also the nail products they used and the variety of nail arts available.

I was really excited to see the Chanel inspired flowers and oh-so-pretty bling blings for my nails!

Jewelry Nail Art (Safori)

Don't the crystals and embellishments look very high quality?

Safori also gave a thorough introduction of Paragel, which is the newest type of gel nails that causes ZERO damage to my nails!

It's a little technical but basically, Paragel doesn't need any buffing at all during application or removal so our nail plates are protected!


Next, Safori began on filing and cuticle care.


This is the part I am extremely wary about; some manicurists from other salons can be very rough and careless. In fact, I have been cut on the cuticle before! Not a nice experience!

But but… I MUST highlight, Safori is SO gentle and meticulous during filing and cutting of the dead skins around my cuticles that I do not find it scary at all!

No rough handling or pulling AT ALL!

electronic filer

I have been to many salons but it is also the FIRST TIME I've seen an electronic filer being used.

Branche is really high-tech and high-end!

paragel cleaner

Prior to working on the nail colours, my nails were moistened with paragel cleaner.

Then, a layer of paragel was carefully applied to my nails.

para gel

Unlike typical nail salons where nail polish colours are very simply applied, the special paragel has to be blended to achieve the desired colours.

mixing colours

It was so interesting looking at how it was being done... it almost felt like how we used to do painting in school!

Now I understand why Paragel is offered at so few places.. and why Safori is the only nailist in Singapore who has the educator license!

mixing para gel

After applying the colour, Safori began working meticulously on my desired nail art design.

applying para gel
nail art

Can you guess what it is?

nail art design

Now for the final touches of embellishments and jewelry.

nail art
nail art

As the pre-made flower was too big for my small nails, Safori even customized a Camilla for me!


Here it is!

Safori says that this can actually last me for at least a month!

Coco Chanel (Safori)

Okay let's do a proper pose.

Final nail


Even though this is no easy task, Safori was able to execute the pink and silver tweed design I wanted with complementary Camilla Flower and French-Tip Manicure exactly to my imagination!

THANK YOU Kai and Safori from Branche Hair and Nail for the amazing hair and nail service!

with Kai and Safori

Overall Comments

Throughout the whole process, Branche made me feel like an important customer.

It wasn't just the nice interior decor that made me feel that way. The professionalism and skillfulness displayed by both Kai and Safori during their hair and nail service was to me a reflection of the true Japanese first class service standards.

The entire process was explained clearly at the start. Products used were of the highest of quality and considers also the hair and nail health of the customer. The stylist and nailist were both very experienced and good at what they do, giving me the style that I've always wanted.

Most importantly, the small details were well taken care of.

Even their beverages and refreshments were of the highest of quality. I tried the apricot fruit tea and it was simply so good that it is probably better than the teas at tea houses and even hotels!

beverages and refreshments

If there was anything I hoped they could improve, it is probably their command of English.

As they have just arrived in Singapore, I needed them to repeat some of their explanations sometimes. Regardless, it did not affect the overall service delivery!

I know I'm asking too much but it might also be nice to have a small TV screen to keep us entertained during the service!

On the whole, Branche Hair & Nail Salon is definitely a place I would recommend my friends and brides to go, especially if you need a pick-me-up to freshen yourself!

Other than great hair and nail services, Branche pampers me so much, they make me feel like a Queen with their impeccable service!

I would certainly want to come back again in the near future!

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