Can Pregnant Ladies go for Facials? What type of facials help with pregnancy skin problems?

Published on Jun 15, 2021

If you're new to facials and Apple Queen Beauty, fret not as Beauty Undercover has already done all the research and experimentation needed about acne treatmentsextraction facials, how to achieve glass skin, and whether facial machines are truly worth it

There is however one question we receive from readers recently:

Can pregnant ladies go for facials? and if so, what type of facial?

First of all, a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS from our team here at Beauty Undercover! To carry new life within you is such a wondrous blessing though it necessitates many bodily changes that can feel scary at times. 

Personalized Facial Treatment For Pregnant Ladies at Apple Queen Beauty

Don't worry though! Having gone through the process ourselves, we are here to share what skin changes to expect during pregnancy and what you should look for in your facials.

Yes, there is such a thing as Pregnancy Acne

Life is so unfair, isn't it? Why do some moms enjoy a "pregnancy glow" while the rest of us are plagued with acne breakouts? 

If you haven't heard of it before, pregnancy glow refers to the flush you often see on the faces of pregnant ladies due to hormone fluctuations and increased blood flow. This is because the uterus and vital organs require more blood to support the growing baby that often makes the skin look flushed. 

Along with the glow however, the avalanche of hormones (including estrogen, progesterone, hcg) often lead to increased oil production that clog pores and you guessed it, ravages your skin with pimples.

Pregnancy Acne Before and After Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Be careful of the Acne Medications you use

Acne Cream Unsafe During Pregnancy

In your prenatal days, you may find your acne disappearing when you apply certain prescription or over-the-counter treatments e.g. retinol but many of these are out of bounds during the pregnancy. This is because they come with a high risk of birth defects that may harm your baby. 

That doesn't mean you have to admit defeat and accept your fate.though!

These Women have Battled and Won

We came across the stories of two pregnant ladies: Agent Jas and Cyndi who've lodged a battle with pregnancy acne and won.

The first, Agent Jas who saw a huge improvement in her skin in just 3 sessions.

Pregnancy Acne Before and After Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Pregnancy Acne Before and After Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Before and After Pregnancy Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty
Before and After Pregnancy Acne Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Cyndi too bid goodbye to acne and sensitivity in a few months. 

How did they do it? 

Apple Queen Beauty, they said. 

After reading about her amazing extractions on Beauty Undercover, both Agent Jas and Cyndi took the leap of faith and was fruitfully rewarded with clear skin through the process. 

Review of Apple Queen Beauty

- Agent Jas, who goes to Therapist Angie

Review of Apple Queen Beauty

- Cyndi, who goes to Therapist Apple

How did Apple Queen Beauty do it?

Instead of using harsh, potentially dangerous chemicals to get rid of pimples, both therapists at Apple Queen Beauty Apple and Angie go back to basics and focuses on thorough mechanical extraction to get rid of comedones.

Personalized Facial Treatment For Pregnant Ladies at Apple Queen Beauty

No machines or funky chemicals - just traditional skillful extraction along with gentle facial products she tests on her own sensitive skin to repair and restore the skin's protective barrier. 

The result? Clearer, Stronger Skin that banished breakouts. 

That's not all. Both Apple and Angie do all that while making sure that pregnant ladies suffer the least discomfort through the process. Having been pregnant twice, Apple understands how laborious pregnancy can be and so have also adapted her extraction techniques to make sure that the facial itself is comfortable for pregnant ladies. This means, doing extractions while pregnant moms lie on the side rather than lying down straight. 

Angie on the other hand has perfected the skill of doing extractions with minimal pain, making her a hot favourite among moms (and customers) who love her gentle yet thorough extractions.

Knowing that there are a lot of aches due to bodily changes, both Apple and Angie also proactively incorporate light shoulder massages to relieve tension for pregnant moms. If this isn't called pampering, we don't know what is. 

Hassle-Free Facial Personalised to Your Needs

Even if you don't have any serious acne or is unsure what kind of facial to go for, don't worry!

Instead of stressing over the type of facial you need, just make an appointment and let the two therapists here take the wheel. They will give your face a good cleanse, assess your condition for the day and then customize the facial to your needs; Apple and Angie will choose the right products that will solve the skin problems that plague you throughout the pregnancy. One of the favourite mask they loves to introduce to pregnant ladies is the seaweed gel mask; it is gentle, natural and has the effect of balancing oil secretion while hydrating the face thanks to its protein and vitamin-rich ingredients.

Regardless of the ingredients used, the trial price for the facial remains at $119, so you don't have to be worried of getting ripped off.

Review of Apple Queen Beauty

- Cyndi, who goes to Apple for extractions

With all these in place, it is no wonder why both Agent Jas and Cyndi have become fervent supporters of both Apple and Angie after her facials here. 

Going through pregnancy with its ups and downs can be overwhelming with bad skin, morning sickness and labour pains but know that you're not alone. In the times that you reach your lowest, know that there are people like Apple and Angie who can help you get rid of some of those inconveniences and share their experience so that you can stay happy and positive throughout this process. 

At this point, we just want to wish you a safe and happy pregnancy! If you have any queries, feel free to text us on Telegram or follow us on Instagram, Tiktok and Facebook to be the first to know about latest trends and wallet-friendly deals!

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