Want to look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast? Agent KW got a Princess Perm from Focus Hairdressing

Published on Jun 29, 2017

Ever thought about wanting to become a Disney Princess?

Take the first step with a Digital Perm.

If done well, Agent G guarantees that you'll feel a lot beautiful afterwards!

Agent KW took Agent G's advice and loved the results.

Read about her experience and see how she looks like with a perm makeover below.

Hi, I’m Agent KW!

I’m a freelance actress, model and blogger at http://ladyrosalies.blogspot.sg/

You may find me slightly familiar as I have starred in several television commercials, short films and Youtube videos. I stumbled into this industry after reaching the finals for Miss Singapore World 2013. Since then, I've been modelling and coordinating in various events. 

Due to the nature of my job, how my hair looks is very important to me. 

Hair makes up 80% of my face. People may not see if I put on a blusher or not but they will definitely notice if my hair is acting crazy!

I was very adventurous with my hair when I was younger. You may not be able to tell but I bleached my hair a thousand different colours... going as far to light platinum blonde (before grey was even popular!) and even had it coloured bright red. 

I even tried digital perm but the curls stayed on for only a while. As soon as my hair dried, it became poker straight! 

As perms don't work well on me, I gave up on the idea of curls. 

Since then, I've kept my hair long, like this!

Before Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

Still, I've always wanted pretty locks of curls like a Disney Princess. 

Although my boyfriend looks WAY BETTER than the Beast, the screening of Beauty and the Beast just reawakened my desire for sexy romantic curls!

I must be really lucky when Agent G invited me to go for the Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing @ Chinatown Point. She mentioned that the stylists here are perm specialists and may be able to help me get those curls!

Excited, I made an appointment immediately!

First Impressions

I went down on a weekday.

The Chinatown Point outlet is a small humble outlet that is relatively easy to get to via Chinatown MRT (NEL). 

The place itself is not exactly luxurious but who cares, as long as they can do the job well, right? 

Focus Hairdressing Interior

The stylist who attended to me is Jazz. 

She escorted me to a seat and examined my hair before she began. I like it that Jazz was friendly and honest but does not push me to do any service I didn't like or hardsell along the way.

She complimented on my healthy my hair is. However, Jazz did mention that my hair is really stiff and straight. Although she is very experienced, there is still a low possibility that the chemicals don't react well with my hair. 

Still, I'm game to take the risk and try it out! 

1. Hair Wash

I like it that the entire hair process from the start till the end is done by Jazz. She doesn't push it to a hair assistant (there is no hair assistant here!) so I feel that she gives me the exclusive attention that I need. 

The hair wash here was therapeutic but you may be disappointed if you're expecting the 15 min type of pampering head massage. 

Still, it gets the job done.

Hair Wash at Focus Hairdressing

2. Haircut

The next step is a haircut. 

Agent G mentioned to me that the haircut is one of the most important part of the perm as it determines how the curls would look like!

Haircut at Focus Hairdressing

I mentioned that I wanted to maintain the length, so she cut in such a way that there is more volume + curls!

3. Applying perm lotion

Following the hair cut was the application of the perm lotion.

The purpose of this perm lotion is to break the disulphide bonds so that the new shape can be reformed, therefore making it easier for the curler to do its work and shape the curls properly.

Application of Perm Lotion at Focus Hairdressing

Jazz applied the perm lotion on the second half of my hair. This way, my hair won't be curly right from the top (no auntie curls for me pls!

Application of Perm Lotion at Focus Hairdressing

The second most crucial component in perming is knowing how long to leave the chemicals on for. 

Leaving it on for too long leaves your hair overprocessed and damaged. However, not breaking the bonds sufficiently means that the curls will not be defined later on (like what happened to me previously!)

Jazz estimated that the perm lotion will have to be left on for 20 minutes or so. 

Instead of washing the perm lotion off my hair immediately, Jazz took the time to check if my hair is ready. 

Application of Perm Lotion at Focus Hairdressing

Looks like it is!

These small steps that Jazz takes show how meticulous she is. This is a stylist who knows what she is doing!

4. Creating the Curls

After the rinse it was finally time for the curling to begin.

I was really excited to see how it was going to be done and I couldn’t wait to see the end result.

Curling process of Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

She "kiapped" each section of my hair in between foam insulations pads and rolled them up in medium sized curlers.

Curling process of Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

The insulation pads prevent your head and hair from coming into too close contact with the steamer and to prevent you from getting burnt. She then repeated this process all over my head till I looked like an “ajumma”

Curling process of Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

Also, to create the Disney princess’s big loose waves instead of tight aunty-like curls, Jazz used mediu sized curlers instead of the small ones.

The big ones were not used because she knew that I wanted the curls to last!

Curling process of Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

After the curls were all nicely done up, she attached each one of the rollers to a device programmable to heat to specific temperatures.

This allowed her a greater control over the whole process so she could be sure of creating the exact curls she wanted!

Curling process of Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

As I did not have a good experience the first time I permed my hair quite a few years ago, I was a little worried.

Jazz was however very attentive and always came by to make sure that I was comfortable.

5. Applying the Neutralizer

The next step in this process was to apply the neutralizer to fix the curls to the desired shape.

Jazz placed a U-shaped bowl around the back of my head so that the neutralizing solution wouldn't be applied all over my clothes!

Curling process of Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

6. Treatment + Hair Wash

After removing the curlers, she washed off the excess solution.

Hair Wash After Perm at Focus Hairdressing

This Princess perm includes a complimentary MUCOTA treatment. 

Hair Wash After Perm at Focus Hairdressing

And it is almost done!

7. Blow Dry

Here's a sneak peek!

Blow Dry and Styling at Focus Hairdressing


Blow Dry and Styling at Focus Hairdressing

I absolutely love the end result of the perm, it’s soooooo pretty!

Blow Dry and Styling at Focus Hairdressing

After everything was done, Jazz gave me special haircare tips and how to properly blow dry my hair so as to not damage the curls.

I was really touched by how much effort she put in, as seen by how she explained every step with justification, e.g. having alteration between tightening of the curls and looser curls to have a waterfall curl effect.

Before vs. After

Before I show you the final result, here's how I look before!

Before Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

And here's how I look now!

How I Look After Getting Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

 I absolutely love how chic it makes me look.

With just some basic makeup I’m good to go as the curls just enhances my whole look.

How I Look After Getting Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

Just ruffling my hair a little gives it a slightly more sexy look.

How I Look After Getting Princess Perm at Focus Hairdressing

Do you like it as much as I do?

Final thoughts

It’s been two weeks but the curls are still as gorgeous as day one!

... even on days where I’m far too lazy to blow dry my hair and just leave it as it is. I can so imagine Agent G shaking her head and twiddling her finger when I say that I don't blow dry my hair :P

Its amazing how a hair transformation like this can make me feel so much better about myself. 

I really enjoyed my time here. The service and decor isn't the most premium but the results are so good, I can't help telling everyone about it.

DId I also mention that the perm here is not very expensive?

MUCOTA Omega Perm + Haircut + Post Treatment = $288

They are also having an additional 20% off if you come here with a friend.

Thank you Jazz and Focus Hairdressing!

I now know where to come to next when I need a perm.

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