Professional Men's Haircut to Project Professionalism at Work

Published on Aug 03, 2014

Hello, I'm Agent E and I'm a marketing professional currently based in the Middle East. I come back to Singapore once or twice a year and each time I'm back, I'll be sure to give myself a good haircut (as Middle Eastern hairstylists have a very different sense of style...)

Unfortunately, it is not that easy for me even to find a good hairstylist in Singapore.

You see, I have thin and weak hair, high forehead and worse of all, am suffering from receding hairline and thinning hair partially due to a stressful lifestyle.

Plus, my busy lifestyle means that I have little time to style my hair, making me give up on having a stylish hairstyle.

Soft thin hair with high forehead and receding hairline

After combing through the salons Beauty Undercover, my wife urged me to try out Kenaris Hair Salon in Wheelock Place. Most of the stylists in Kenaris are highly experienced and seemed to specialize in giving a good men's haircut for professionals. Therefore, my wife (Chief Beauty Undercover Agent) managed to snag a sponsored visit with Kenaris for the day I first touched down in Singapore.

I had a good impression the moment I stepped into Kenaris. Maybe its because I've always liked the quietness of Wheelock Place or maybe because it exudes a more high end professional feel, I feel reassured in Kenaris.

Kenaris Hair Salon

I was attended to by Ken, who is apparently one of the directors and founders of Kenaris. During the consultation, he checked my hair condition and asked me a few questions about my hairstyle. A little taken aback that I do not even apply gel or clay to my hair, he promised to design a hairstyle that requires minimal styling (5 minutes tops) each morning AND make me look like I have more hair!

"Don't worry, I will give you a haircut you'll definitely remember", Ken said with a smile.

With that, he sent me off to a hair wash.

Hair Wash at Kenaris

Ah, the hair wash. It's the part of the hair experience I've always look forward to... and I must say that Kenaris gives one of the best hair massages I've experienced!

Firm yet relaxing, I felt myself relax as his thumbs knead the tension off my head.

Can definitely imagine a haircut here as a lunchtime treat!

Once the hair wash was done, Ken proceeded with the haircut.

Ken Haircut

"Instead of forcing your hair to suit a particular style, I prefer to cut your hair according to how your hair grows out. This way, it will grow out to be neater and more easily manageable" Ken explained.

It was amazing to see my hair transforming right in front of my eyes.

Using the mirror as a guide, he meticulously cut my hair in such a way that my hair looked more voluminous in seconds!

Voluminous Hair

After sending me for another hair wash and blow drying my hair, Ken also showed me how to style my hair fast.

Blow Dry
Styling my hair

The end result

Front View
Side View
Back View

Apparently, I'm not the only one who liked my new hairstyle. More than 5 colleagues and friends have complimented on how my hair looked fuller after the haircut!

The compliments definitely made Kenaris Hair Salon THE hair salon to remember.

Now that I've found my ideal hairstylist, I'm so looking forward to my next haircut back in Singapore!

PS. I also got the Redken Mint Clean Shampoo as I really liked the minty fresh shampoo during the hair wash!

Redken Men's Mint Clean Shampoo

So far, my hair feels less oily and more fresh after each wash! Highly recommended!

Update: It's been 2 weeks after the haircut and my hair has grown out. It is not as easy to style now but I'm glad that the hair still looks neat and manageable!

2 weeks after haircut

Oops...I did not style my hair this time.

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