Getting Ready for Graduation: Volume Rebonding at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Published on Jul 19, 2014

July 2014

For many students (undergraduate and postgraduates), July is a month of celebration, a month to celebrate the end of their school journey and the start of their next phase of life!

Happy to be one those graduating with a postgraduate degree this July, I decided to celebrate this achievement with… a perm!

Yes, as you can tell, I am addicted… to perming!

I went for a perm in October 2013.

Digital Perm done at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Then again in March 2014, before a holiday to Europe.

Two weeks after perm

Truthfully, the curls still held on well.

As I have been applying the hair conditioners religiously, the hair ends were kept moisturised.

However, as I was intending to go for the graduation ceremony, the current hair looked a little too curly and unkempt for the formal occasion.

Back view of unkempt hair
Unkempt perm after 3 months

Guess what I did?

I was invited back by Nicky from Zinc Korean Hair Salon to see what styles he has up his sleeves.

He examined my hair (which has grown thinner after 2 perms and 1 colour job in 6 months) and talked to me about why I wanted to change my hairstyle.

Nicky performing consultation before hair service

Knowing that I could not live without curls, while still wanting a formal and neat look for graduation, Nicky suggested volume rebonding with C curls at the end. Volume rebonding helps the hair look shinier and neater and the C curls gives softness to the overall look.

I was a little skeptical when I first heard about volume rebonding (as I was looking forward to yet another perm) but because it is Nicky, I decided to try it out!

Hair Wash at Zinc

First off, Nicky helped me with the hair wash and application of a hair treatment.

Ladies who perm their hair regularly know that your hair becomes a little weaker each time you perm it. Concerned about my hair condition after the many chemical jobs, Nicky used many different hair treatments such as Argan Oil and Camomile oil to strengthen my hair throughout the perm.

Hair Trim

After the hair wash, Nicky trimmed my hair a little to create the texture he is looking for.

hair treatment

Vicky came over to apply yet another hair treatment once the trim was done.

Doesn’t she look lovely?

Vicky is Zinc's newest stylist with more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Specifically, she worked as a celebrity hairstylist in Korea! (How daebak is that!) We chatted about everything from makeup tips (yes she does makeup for the celebrities as well!) to the year she spent in Jeju island styling celebrities for their shows.  A really friendly, down-to-earth and skilful stylist... LOVES!

blow drying

Soon, she brought me for a hair wash and blew my hair dry.

rebonding lotion

And it was time to apply the rebonding lotion to break down the existing hair bonds.


The rebonding lotion broke down the hair bonds, causing my hair to be really straight again! :(

Wonder if I can ever get used to just having straight hair…

Will volume rebonding make me look like that?

Nicky working with Vicky

Looking at how well Nicky worked with Vicky, however, gave me much reassurance.

Without needing to communicate much, they knew what to do and which sections to straighten next to achieve Nicky's desired hairstyle.

The result of years of experience, perhaps?

Setting Perm Machine

After straightening the top portion of my hair (for rebonding), they brought in a mysterious umbrella like machine to curl the ends of my hair.

Apparently, this machine is used for setting perm; it heats up the hair more to achieve bigger, long lasting curls!

However, your hair needs to be of a certain length before the machine can be used.

As you can see, the machine will actually “hang up” your curled hair to achieve the desired results!

Setting Perm hangs up the hair

Big curls here I come!

As cool as this machine looks, it requires more skill from the hairstylist to know exactly how to partition my hair and how big the curls should be.

Soon, it was time to remove the tongs.

Remove the tongs

Lots of Curly Wurlys!

Lots of Curly Wurlys

Now that the shape is created, it is time to apply Neutralizer to fix the shape!

Apply Neutralizer

Just a little more blow drying…

A little more blow drying

And I’m done!

Completed Perm
Side View of Perm

How does it compare with my previous hairstyle?

Front Before After
Back Before and After

It’s a lot straighter and neater than the hair I came in with… yet its still soft and curly at the ends…


That’s why I always come back to Nicky… He always suggest hairstyles I never even thought of… and they would just look so good on me, even months after the hair service. In fact, I find that my hair looks even better 2 or 3 weeks after the hair service than on the day itself... amazing!


Once again, thank you Nicky and Vicky for an amazing job!

Because of you, I looked much more presentable for my graduation as well :)

For those looking to try out Nicky, Vicky or Zinc Korean Hair Salon, please do make an appointment in advance. His appointment book is usually full for the entire day so you are unlikely to try out his services if you just walked in!

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