5 MUST-DO Steps to maintain permed hair in hot and humid Singapore!

Published on Sep 09, 2014

So, you've just permed your hair?

I can assure you, it probably looks really pretty on the day of the perm!

Two weeks after

Hair permed at Zinc Korean Hair Salon.

Give it a week or so.


All the money you pour into your hair will go down the drain...

IF you don't take care of your hair properly!!!

Some ladies perm their hair, only to find themselves constantly plagued by dry frizzy hair that tangle ever so easily.

Sometimes, they blame the hairstylist for damaging their hair (and indeed, they might have to share the blame).

But really, YOU and YOUR daily hair routine is the best way to guard against excessively damaged hair!

Before you decide to perm your hair, ask yourself if you are willing to incorporate these 6 MUST-DO tips into your haircare routine before making the plunge!

#1 Opt for a pre-treatment and a post-treatment

Pre treatment

During the perm, hair bonds are destroyed and re-formed to give the desired shape. The perm itself can therefore be quite damaging to your hair!

Fortunately, good hair salons / hairstylists will know exactly how long the process should be to avoid excessive damage.

However it is a good idea to ask for pre-treatment and post-treatment options as immediate treatment before and after the perm helps minimize damage to the hair!

You might not see the difference immediately but those who go for such treatment tend to find that their perm is more resilient and lasts longer!

#2 Apply Hair Conditioner every day!

It may seem pretty basic but a lot of us in Singapore are so busy with work and studies that we zoom out of the house within half an hour of waking up. This means reduced time for hair, face and body maintenance. Soooo some of us forget to use conditioner on our hair!

For permed hair, this is a HUGE NO-NO!

Like your skin, your hair needs to be constantly moisturized to keep it healthy. Damaged hair, especially, needs special attention in hot Singapore; heat exposure causes your hair to lose important nutrients!

Conditioners contain some of these essential nutrients like protein, vitamins which penetrate the hair during conditioning to keep the hair strong, healthy and less prone to damage.

It is important not just to get the right product but also to know how to apply it properly.

Apply conditioner

Instead of using a huge amount of conditioner on your hair, use an appropriate amount - about 1 pump and apply it only to the hair ends (or after your ear). Squish that area of your hair with the conditioner and leave it for 3-5 minutes before washing it off!

#3 Blow dry your hair

Whether you have permed hair or not, blowdrying is ESSENTIAL to avoid oily scalp and other scalp issues that will eventually weaken your hair!

Plus... Blow drying helps with styling!

Blow dry

Even if you don't have time to blow dry your hair from root to hair ends, ensure that your hair roots (near the scalp) are adequately blown dry!

#4 Use a leave in conditioner

As the regular hair conditioning during your bath may not be sufficiently moisturizing, I would highly recommend a leave in conditioner that you can apply after blow drying.

It moisturizes your hair the whole day long, keeps the frizziness away and the best part is, most of these leave in conditioners smell great! (Like a more subtle perfume)

When we found L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil in the Middle East, we just can't stop raving about it.


Each big bottle cost less than 15 SGD, is very effective and has a fantastic smell!

#5 Avoid swimming in swimming pools or… try out our secret tip!

The cool waters may look inviting but try NOT to swim! Agent G did it done it the first time she had my perm and immediately regretted! The chlorine in the swimming pool damaged her hair, making it super dry and tangled! Even after a clarifying hair wash and intense conditioning, it was damaged so badly that it tangles super easily!

If however that you have to go swimming for some reason (e.g. accompany your children for swimming lessons, accompany your other half for swimming), don't fret!

We've discovered a special tip to minimize hair damage to your hair... and may even moisturize it!

All you need is

  1. a swimming cap
  2. Argan oil (yes the oil itself! Not cream derived from the argan oil!)
Argan oil

Before swimming, apply a generous amount of argan oil on the hair ends! Massage it into your hair to make sure that much of your hair is coated with argan oil.

Then wear your swimming cap and you are ready to go!

The Argan oil makes it more difficult for Chlorine to penetrate so the hair doesn't get damaged!

In fact, the argan oil moisturizes your hair while you are swimming... Killing two birds with one stone!

We hope you find the above 5 tips useful!

Leave us your comment below if you have more tips to share!

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